Purebred Labs can have white markings making them mismarked.

Can Purebred Labs Have White Markings on Them?

There’s a common misconception among Labrador enthusiasts that purebred Labs have flawless coats. However, after looking through numerous photos of Labradors I found that it simply isn’t true. Some Labs have white markings on their chest, back, face, and other areas. Purebred Labs can have white markings on them due to a condition known as … Read more

Labrador play in snow with girl.

How Long Can a Lab Play in the Snow?

There’s no doubt that Labrador retrievers are well-adapted for cold climates – it’s in their DNA! You might have noticed how much they enjoy playing in the snow. This leads to an important question: how much time can your Lab spend playing in the snow? A Lab shouldn’t play in the snow for very long, … Read more