Golden Retrievers can play in snow, but not for extended periods of time.

Golden Retrievers and Winter: How Cold is Too Cold

Golden Retrievers have been bred to assist their owners in retrieving fish and other game. Their webbed toes and double coats enhanced their ability to thrive in frigid conditions. Even with these adaptations, Golden Retrievers are still susceptible to cold, but how cold is too cold? Golden Retrievers should not be taken outside in temperatures … Read more

Golden Retriever males and females cannot be bred too young or they may suffer health consequences.

Golden Retriever Breeding Age: Male and Female

As your dog grows and develops its own personality, you may begin to think about breeding them. It is well known that breeding a female dog before they are mature can cause health issues, but what about a male. What is the right breeding age for male and female Golden Retrievers? A male Golden Retriever … Read more