White Labrador laying down on porch.

Why Are White Labradors So Expensive? Overview of the White Lab

Labradors are generally available in three distinct hues: black, yellow, and chocolate. After seeing a white Labrador, I thought the white color was absolutely gorgeous! I started researching them, only to find out how expensive they are, and began wondering why that is the case. White Labs are so expensive because they are uncommon and … Read more

Labrador running with tail in the air.

Why Does Your Labrador Have a Curly Tail?

Labradors are known for being versatile dogs and great companions. However, they have a distinctive look that is hard to miss. But why does your Labrador have a curly tail? Labradors can have curly tails due to genetic variations. This can come about through Labradors breeding with other dogs with curly tails as a standard … Read more

Most Labradors have double coats and not a single coat.

The Differences Between Double Coat and Single Coat Labs

Labradors are known for shedding quite a bit if they’re not appropriately groomed. While it’s pretty easy to create a brushing schedule, failure to do so can lead to them dropping hair everywhere. Labs with a double coat shed much more than those with a single coat, but how are you supposed to know which … Read more