labrador preparing to eat

Will Labrador Retrievers Eat Themselves to Death?

Labradors are a large, active breed with gluttony to match. This may scare new owners into thinking they’ll harm themselves by overeating. Labrador retrievers will rarely eat themselves to death. While they tend to have an insatiable appetite, it is more likely that a Labrador would eat to the point of nausea rather than death. … Read more

chocolate lab headshot

Chocolate Labradors – The Ultimate Guide on Chocolate Labs

Chocolate Labradors are known for their distinctive coloration and over time have become a desirable choice for prospective Lab owners. In fact, I’ve recently been considering adding a chocolate Lab to our family. Shhh! So, I’ve been researching quite a bit to see if there truly are differences beyond the coat color. Surprisingly, there seems … Read more

labrador vs golden retriever

Labrador Retrievers vs. Golden Retrievers: A Side by Side Comparison

Deciding to adopt a dog is the easy part, but choosing between a Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever is far more difficult. Although both breeds are Retriever dogs, they don’t share as much in common as you’d think. Labrador Retrievers have closer cropped coats and a different body shape than Golden Retrievers. Their coats also … Read more

labrador webbed foot

Do Labrador Retrievers Have Webbed Feet? Effects on Swimming

The Labrador Retriever, the most popular dog breed in America, loves and is loved by all. This breed is widely known for its great disposition, energetic attitude, and excellent doggy smarts. However, their great swimming ability and love for water is another trait that the breed is famous for. You’ve probably heard rumors that Labrador … Read more

labrador in the snow

Do Labradors Get Cold in Winter?

Being one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, Labradors live in various weather conditions around the globe. Many pet owners are concerned about how their Lab will handle winter. If you also want to know whether your Labrador needs to be safeguarded in winter, you’ve come to the right place. Labradors don’t … Read more