labrador preparing to eat

Will Labrador Retrievers Eat Themselves to Death?

Labradors are a large, active breed with gluttony to match. This may scare new owners into thinking they’ll harm themselves by overeating. Labrador retrievers will rarely eat themselves to death. While they tend to have an insatiable appetite, it is more likely that a Labrador would eat to the point of nausea rather than death. … Read more

embark dna kit

Dog DNA Tests for Labs and Mixes: Embark dog DNA kit info and review

One of the most difficult things about owning a Labrador mix, or any crossbreed for that matter, is the inability to predict traits and characteristics. So if you’re a crossbreed owner like me, you have been left guessing at the true makeup of your pup. However, the introduction of mainstream, at-home dog DNA tests has … Read more


When Do Labradors Get Grey Hair?

When humans age, our hair tends to turn grey over time. Like humans, Labradors also go through a natural aging process that results in going grey! On average, Labradors begin getting grey hair around the age of five. This is a result of aging, as the cells responsible for adding your Lab’s color stop producing. … Read more

molly lick paw

Why Do Labradors Bite Their Paws?

While I’ve been pretty fortunate with Molly, one recurring issue that we deal with is her allergies. I first noticed the symptoms just before she turned a year old. She would constantly lick or chew around her paws, and I spent hours researching the likely causes. During my research I found that there were various … Read more