When Do Labradors Get Grey Hair?

When humans age, our hair tends to turn grey over time. Like humans, Labradors also go through a natural aging process that results in going grey! On average, Labradors begin getting grey hair around the age of five. This is a result of aging, as the cells responsible for adding your Lab’s color stop producing. … Read more

molly lick paw

Why Do Labradors Bite Their Paws?

While I’ve been pretty fortunate with Molly, one recurring issue that we deal with is her allergies. I first noticed the symptoms just before she turned a year old. She would constantly lick or chew around her paws, and I spent hours researching the likely causes. During my research I found that there were various … Read more


Do Labradors Overheat? Tips to Keep Them Cool

Living in the southern part of the United States, I’ve become all too familiar with how unbearable summers can be. When I’d think about how hard it is for us humans, it seemed unimaginable how tough it must be on our dogs. I started wondering if maybe they had a greater tolerance than we do. … Read more


How Often Should You Bathe Your Lab?

Labs have a thick, water repellent coat that tends to be on the oily side. This coat is designed to keep the Labrador warm and dry even in fridged water conditions. Too frequent bathing can strip the oil from the coat, robbing it of its water-repellent qualities and drying out the skin. So, how often … Read more


Just How Much Exercise Does a Lab Need?

Whether you’re a new or seasoned Lab owner, one of the most important parts of keeping your pup healthy is regular exercise. Because a Labrador Retriever is a working dog, these dogs need even more exercise than most types of dogs. No matter the age or size of your dog, daily exercise of some kind … Read more

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Best Dog Foods for Labradors

Owning a Labrador means paying close attention to the health and happiness of your dog. A big part of comprehensive care for dogs is ensuring they have a well-balanced diet. It’s hard to know which type of food to purchase with all the options out there, and differing opinions exist on whether to feed your … Read more


Getting Your Lab Spayed or Neutered

A common question among owners is “When is it too late to neuter or spay?”, as improper timing can certainly have unintended consequences to the long term health of your furry companion. You also may be wondering if you should even bother getting your new lab puppy spayed or neutered at all. We wanted to … Read more