embark dna kit

Dog DNA Tests for Labs and Mixes: Embark dog DNA kit info and review

One of the most difficult things about owning a Labrador mix, or any crossbreed for that matter, is the inability to predict traits and characteristics. So if you’re a crossbreed owner like me, you have been left guessing at the true makeup of your pup. However, the introduction of mainstream, at-home dog DNA tests has … Read more

goldador up close

Goldador: The Complete Labrador Golden Retriever Mix Guide

Retriever dogs are some of the most loyal, friendly canines around, so unsurprisingly, Retriever crossbreeds like the Goldador exist. You may have set your sights on a Goldador, but before you proceed, you’ll want to learn more about this breed’s personality, appearance, and care needs. Goldadors are a mix of Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers. … Read more


Pomeranian Labrador Mix: The Ultimate Pomador Resource Guide

Pomeranians are quirky little canines. They often carry a level of sass, and walk around with a fearlessness about them. Labradors are friendly dogs who love to work, play, and accompany their owners. When bred together, these breeds give birth to the Pomador (a more common name for the Pomeranian Labrador mix) – an unlikely … Read more

jackador laying down

Jack Russell Lab Mix (Jackador): The Ultimate Breed Guide

Crossbreeds are increasing in popularity as more and more people wish to have unique dogs in their homes. The Jack Russell Lab mix is one such incredible breed with very different parents. Before you bring this hybrid home, it’s essential to learn about its temperament and needs to avoid any unmanageable surprises later on. Jack … Read more

chihuahua lab mix

Chihuahua Lab Mix: The Ultimate Labrahuahua Guide

Designer dogs have become a trend these days, with every pet enthusiast wanting to own an unusual crossbreed. Although their attributes can be unpredictable, people have continued to make them a part of their family. One such beautiful hybrid, the Chihuahua-Lab Mix, is the topic of this article. The Chihuahua-Lab Mix, also known as Labrahuahua, … Read more

chihuahua and lab mix

Great Pyrenees Labrador Mix: The Ultimate Pyrador Guide

More and more people are adopting and buying crossbreeds as opposed to purebred dogs. Gorgeous designer dog breeds are seen everywhere now, as pet owners fall in love with their unique traits and personalities. One such intelligent crossbreed, the Great Pyrenees Labrador mix, is the topic of this article. The Great Pyrenees Lab Mix, also … Read more