Labrador laying in leaves on the ground.

Why Are Labradors More Popular Than Golden Retrievers?

For decades, it has been widely known Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog in America. However, what many don’t realize is that the Golden Retriever has always been close behind. So why is the Labrador ever so slightly more popular? Labradors are more popular than Golden Retrievers because the breed has existed longer, Labs’ … Read more

f1 or f2 labradoodle_small

Is F1 or F2 Labradoodle Better? Why Generational Differences Matter

I remember looking into getting a Labradoodle as a potential companion for Molly. Researching them was overwhelming! I was bombarded with different types of Labradoodles – F1 and F2 being the most common. What I found was that if you’re choosing between the two, it’s important to know which will make the better pet. I … Read more