older black lab laying in grass

Can You Train An Older Labrador? Yes, But It’s Different

When we think about dog training, we often associate training with puppies. However, training is something that can (and should) be conducted throughout our dog’s entire lives. Fortunately, Labradors can learn new things at any age. In fact, adult Labradors can actually be easier to train than puppies! This is because an adult dog can … Read more

labrador train to do

What Can You Train a Labrador To Do?

Training your Labrador is highly recommended for your dog’s safety and well being, as well yours. I’ve found that while you can never start training too early, it is also never too late to begin! People often associate training with simple commands: sitting, rolling-over, housetraining, and crate training. However, there is much more you can … Read more

lab attack

Can You Train a Labrador to Attack?

According to the AKC, Labradors are the most popular breed for family pets. This is due to their loyal and friendly nature, making them a great family pet. Labradors are bred for hunting and not known to be an aggressive dog. They have a laid-back temperament and are highly dependent on their owners. So, the … Read more


Can You Train A Labrador To Be A Guard Dog?

As lovable as they are, one of the greatest indirect benefits of owning a large dog is the added security they bring. While it can be annoying every time a doorbell rings on the TV, or when a package is delivered, we should try to appreciate the created perception of what is behind our front … Read more