Top 12 Best Labrador Breeders in Florida

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The great state of Florida is home to many Labrador breeders with dogs eager to find their furrever homes. Adopting a Lab from a certified breeder can ensure the health, quality, and pedigree of the dog for many happy years together. What are Florida’s top Labrador breeders?

The 12 best Labrador breeders across Florida are:

  • Tru-Heart Labradors
  • Enchante Labradors
  • Remedy Labradors
  • Lab Country
  • Tealbrook Kennels
  • Bluewater Labradors
  • Invictund
  • The Reed’s English Labradors
  • Coastal Creek Retrievers
  • VJL Silver Labradors
  • Spirit Oaks Labrador Retrievers
  • RSJ Labradors

In this extensive guide, we’ll discuss each breeder in detail, including their years active, their available services, what kinds of dogs they have, and how much money it may cost for you to bring home a sweet, friendly Labrador in Florida!

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Best Florida Lab Breeders

Tru-Heart Labradors – Middleburg

Let’s start with a personal local favorite, Tru-Heart Labradors in Middleburg. In business for more than 20 years, the staff at Tru-Heart have a combined experience of over 60 years. They don’t breed dogs just to do it, but to make their breeding program one of the leading programs in the area.

Their Labradors are bred for their personality, temperament, and health. Whether you want a Lab for fieldwork, rallying, agility, obedience, service, or just as a family companion, Tru-Heart has the dog for you. They have several sires and dames used for breeding so one dog doesn’t get tired out. You can also adopt an adult female, as Tru-Heart retires their Labs from breeding after five years.

If you’re serious about adopting a Labrador from Tru-Heart, you need to fill out an application. Then you’ll be scheduled for a phone interview and can put down a deposit. The payments are cash only and the deposit counts towards the overall fee for the dog.

P.O. Box 160, Middleburg, Florida, 32050-0160 | 904-318-5315

Enchante Labradors – South Florida

The founders of South Florida’s Enchante Labradors are a married couple that are passionate about adopting out their high-quality Labradors. Their Labs undergo training and health testing before they’re available for adoption. The dogs are on a strict diet of premium dog food as well.

Their beautiful dark Labs are all adoptable, and you can begin the process by filling out an online questionnaire on their website. Then someone at Enchante will contact you for a phone interview. | 954-275-5063

Remedy Labradors – Palm City

Palm City’s own Remedy Labradors started in 1993 through Jim and Sarah Wonnell. The married couple had already been a part of the Labrador Retriever Parent Club for three years prior, so they decided to start breeding Labs. Today, Remedy Labradors is a Breeder of Merit in the United States through the American Kennel Club.

Their dogs have become all the rage across the country, with showings in California, Maine, and Alaska as well as Florida. Remedy Labradors has even brought their Labs to New York for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. One of their dogs named Gator received the Junior Hunter Title as well as the Best in Specialty Show and Best in Show prizes.

You can learn more about the family trees of the sire and dames through Remedy’s website, which can help you make a more informed decision about which puppy you might want to adopt.

6795 Southwest Gator Trail, Palm City, Florida 34990 | 772-288-1254

Lab Country – Chipley

John and Kim Blythe of Lab Country in Chipley have owned a Labrador for most of the nearly 30 years they’ve spent together. That inspired them to begin breeding this wonderful dog and Lab Country was soon born.

Lab Country specializes in Silver, Champagne, Yellow, Chocolate, and Fox Red Labradors. They have four sires and three dames. Their puppies first have their dew claws removed at about five days old. John and Kim will also take care of deworming and microchipping the puppy. Their Lab puppies are all registered through the AKC.

For Fox Red or Champagne Labradors, limited registration costs $1,200 and full registration is $1,500. Charcoal and Silver Labs are available for the same prices. A Black, Yellow, or Chocolate Lab costs $1,050 for limited registration and $1,250 for full registration. Non-factored dogs of the same colors are $900 for limited registration and $1,100 for full registration. You must put down a deposit of $200, which is non-refundable.

2590 Schmidt Lane, Chipley, Florida 32428 | or | 850-415-6750 or 727-234-3790

Tealbrook Kennels – Monticello

For gun Labs in the Monticello area, try Tealbrook Kennels. Their dogs are adept at hunting, gathering, fieldwork, and being great companions. Tealbrook offers Chocolate, Yellow, and Black Labs from puppyhood onward. From the information on their website, it appears that Tealbrook once offered dog training services, although it’s unclear if they still do today.

614 Turney Anderson Road, Monticello, Florida 32344 | | 850-997-5844

Bluewater Labradors – Tarpon Springs

Founded in 2006, Bluewater Labradors in Tarpon Springs started breeding Labs for, in their own words, “the betterment of the breed.” Their Lab puppies meet AKC standards in areas like structural soundness, conformation, and temperament.

Their sires (of which there are four) and dames (three) have each taken home their own AKC Championships, so you know these dogs are bred for excellence. All puppies undergo a vet checkup before you bring them home, and they’re microchipped as well. The puppies will also receive their first vaccinations and be dewormed at two weeks, three weeks, four weeks, six weeks, and eight weeks.

With your adoption, you get a puppy starter kit, the parent’s pedigree information, and the dog’s registration with the AKC. Outside of adoptions, Bluewater Labradors also offers stud services for $1,800. 

229 West Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Tarpon Springs, Florida 34689 | 727-944-3000

Invictund – Pinetta

Right as you cross the Florida/Georgia line is Invictund. Jessica Sanchez owns this kennel, and she has very high standards for her Labs. They must be sociable and able to get along with kids. The dogs should be mentally sound, easily trainable, yet workable as well with a medium to high drive. Jessica’s dogs might become obedience or service dogs, hunters, and even work for police departments.

Invictund has one sire and three dames. If you want a chance at adopting any of the kennel’s puppies first, you can pay $50 for an early notification ahead of any social media posts. All puppies cost $2,500 and up. They come with a puppy care package, microchipping, deworming, and their first round of vaccines.

Sanchez and her staff offer obedience training for dogs, and you can get 40 percent off the cost of training for your Lab puppy when you adopt. All adoptable puppies are at least eight weeks old.

Oak Hill Road, Pinetta, Florida 32350

The Reed’s English Labradors – Niceville

The English Labrador is a unique breed and one that the founders of the Reed’s English Labradors got to know firsthand during time spent living in London. When they came back to Niceville, they decided to breed English Labs so other people within the United States could become acquainted with this wonderful dog.

According to them, English Labs have a smaller muzzle, a rounder face, thick fur, a wide head, a barrel chest, a straight tail, and a heavier bone structure. Yet their legs are shorter and they grow to heights of 21.5 to 22.5 inches. They have a gentler temperament than even American Labs and a background as working dogs, so they’re very energetic.

The Lab puppies available cost $2,300. You must fill out an application and then you’ll be asked to pay a deposit of $500 to get on the waiting list. When your puppy is four weeks old, you can pick them up early for $800 extra or you can wait until the dog is eight weeks old and not pay a cent more.

1819 17th Street, Niceville, Florida 32578 | or

Coastal Creek Retrievers – New Smyrna Beach

In the middle of Florida on the Indian River Lagoon’s marshes is Coastal Creek Retrievers. This husband and wife team loves a good hunting dog, especially Labs. Their Labradors have undergone AKC and UKC hunting tests. The dogs are trained up to five days a week on a multi-acre field with technical ponds.

Their favorite dog is the Chocolate Lab, so expect to see plenty of rich-colored Lab puppies available for adoption. They have one stud named Rouxfus who himself is a Chocolate Lab. With his marking skills, speed, and agility, even though he’s an older dog, Rouxfus is an amazing field canine that produces some pretty incredible litters!

6322 River Road, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, 32169 | 407-716-1251

VJL Silver Labradors – Osteen

In 2013, inspired by their Labrador George, the founders of VJL Silver Labs decided to begin breeding more dogs like him. Their Labs are exceptionally healthy with a great temperament. George is one of their sires of two. VJL also has seven dames.

You can adopt Chocolate, White, Charcoal, Yellow, Black, Champagne, or Silver Labs here. For the Yellow, Chocolate, or Black labs, adoption is $1,500. All other colors are available for $2,000.

You’ll also receive a puppy folder, a puppy food sample, a two-year written guarantee, physical examination records, deworming at two to eight weeks, the first round of vaccinations already taken care of, microchipping, and a limited AKC registration.

435 Dickson Avenue, Osteen, Florida 32764 | 386-804-5935

Spirit Oaks Labrador Retrievers – Indiantown

Before relocating to Indiantown, Spirit Oaks began in 1980 in Cape May, New Jersey by Cathy Chavez. At the time, breeding Labs was just a hobby, but Cathy eventually grew her kennel and her reach to such states as Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

Her Labradors produce one to two litters annually, so there is some exclusivity at play here. The waiting list can get pretty long, so if you want to adopt, you’re better off not waiting to fill out a questionnaire on the Spirit Oaks website. 

Southwest 252nd Street, Indiantown, Florida 34956 | 772-341-5116

RSJ Labradors – Brooksville

Labrador lovers through and through, Brooksville’s RSJ Labradors raise their puppies with one key ingredient: love. With more than a decade of experience breeding Labs, RSJ has six breeding dogs, both sires and dames. One aspiring dame is in the works, a Chocolate Labrador named Gabriella.

To reserve a puppy, you must pay $400. The fee is nonrefundable. On top of that, you’ll be charged $200 as an administrative fee. The Lab puppies start at $2,250 and cost up to $2,500. All puppies are registered with the AKC and have an AKC Reunite microchip.

You’re provided NuVet supplement samples, Life’s Abundance treat and food samples, a blanket, and a toy for your new puppy. The Lab puppy will have received Embark Genetic testing, all deworming, a Neopar vaccine, and their first round of vaccines. Your pup comes with a clean Florida Health Certificate too.

28426 Ilamae Way, Brooksville, Florida 34602 | 407-949-1431


It doesn’t matter where in the state of Florida you call home, there’s a great Labrador breeder in your neck of the woods. We hope this guide has inspired you to adopt a sweet Lab puppy of your very own.