Best Dog Brushes For Grooming & Shedding

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Having a dog in your home means you have to find ways to deal with loose hair. It's better to brush them often if you don't want hair everywhere.

The best tool to use on your dog's top and the undercoat is a good brush or a deshedding tool. Its sole purpose is to penetrate deep into the coats to remove all the loose hair. The right brush will have safe bristles or teeth that remove the hair but don't scratch your dog's skin.

The best dog brushes for dog grooming and shedding are MaxPowerPlanet Pet Grooming Brush, GM Pets Self-cleaning Grooming Brush, Hertzko Self-cleaning Slicker brush. These brushes are of the highest quality. The retractable bristles make it easier to clean the brush after grooming.

Apart from that, these top brushes are ergonomic with anti-slip handles. The handles are made using quality materials that permit a firm grip without worrying about brush breaking. Plus, some have a hole at one end of the handle that you can use to hang the brush.

The ideal pet grooming and shedding brushes last longer and make work easier. You can use them to easily remove tangles, mats, dirt, and debris from the dog's hair. The design makes the brushes easy to use on your pets.

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Best Dog Brushes for Grooming and Shedding

We have reviewed 11 of the best dog brushes for grooming and shedding to help you give your fluffy friend the best care possible.

The brushes meet all our criteria, from safety to usability, to ensure you and your puppy enjoy grooming sessions. We have also covered factors that will help you choose the right brush for your dog.

1. MaxPowerPlanet Pet Grooming Brush

MaxPowerPlanet Pet Grooming Brush
MaxPowerPlanet Pet Grooming Brush

Durability is essential in a grooming brush, and the MaxPowerPlanet Pet Grooming Brush fits the bill. This pet grooming brush has dual sides with 9 teeth and 17 teeth. Grooming starts with the 9 teeth side to loosen any tangles on your dog's hair. After that, you can work on it with the 17 teeth side for deshedding and thinning the hair.

The design of this grooming brush ensures your dog's skin is safe. Though the teeth are sharp, all are round, allowing easy sliding on the hair to remove tangles and mats. The teeth won't nip your dog's skin, and it's best to use on pets with thick fur that requires extra care.

The brush is lightweight and easy to handle when working with a fussy pet. It has an ergonomic non-slip rubber handle. It's comfortable to hold and work with for some time, even on the most stubborn mats and tangles. It leaves the fur smooth, shiny, and healthy.

2. GM Pets Self-Cleaning Grooming Brush

GM Pets Self-Cleaning Grooming Brush
GM Pets Self-Cleaning Grooming Brush

Pets that shed often need the GM Pets Self-cleaning Grooming Brush. It's a 2-in-1 pet brush that can work on dog and pet fur for grooming purposes. The design of this pet brush ensures it slides over the pet fur with minimal hindrance.

After using the brush on your dog, you have to click a button, and the fur comes off. This self-cleaning brush works for all types of coats, even wool. The brush doesn't require spending time removing fur that's stuck on the bristles before you can resume grooming.

It has an ergonomic handle that's comfortable to hold for long periods. The handle has an anti-slip grip and an area to rest your thumb for maximum comfort. It’s a strong brush with smooth bristles that don't prick your pet's skin.

The bristles work on the mat and tangles on your dog's fur. It’s also a chance to give them a massage and help them feel comfortable.

3. Hertzko Self-cleaning Slicker Brush

Hertzko Self-cleaning Slicker Brush
Hertzko Self-cleaning Slicker Brush

The Hertzko Self-cleaning Slicker Brush is another fine example of a quality brush for pets. The brush is a strong slicker to work on tangles on your dog's hair. It's suitable for pets with different types of coats.

The brush has bristles made using a fine wire bent to create the slicker effect. It permits the brush bristles to penetrate deep into thick coats when grooming. Though the bristles are made using wire, they won't damage the dog's skin.

Dogs love how the brush feels while working on their coats, given the quality design. It is a solid and durable brush that self-cleans once it's full of loose dog hair. Press the button on it to retract the bristles, and the fur will come off. Then you can resume grooming.

Apart from quality, this is also an affordable dog brush that works if you have a minimal budget.

4. Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush

Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush
Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush

The Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush works on eliminating the majority of the loose hair on your dog. It's an easy tool to use, given its strong structure and stainless-steel blade. The closeness of the teeth ensures you can remove the majority of the loose hair from your pets.

It's a tool made to last with a 100mm stainless-steel blade. The blade has cover protection that keeps your hand safe as you work.

The grooming brush also has an easy-to-grip handle that keeps your hand steady while grooming. The ergonomic handle is eco-friendly and made using hypoallergenic plastics. It has a snug fit that keeps your hand relaxed while grooming.

The stainless-steel blade is self-releasing. You press a button when you want to remove the hair, then resume grooming.

5. FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool

FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool
FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool

An ideal deshedding tool for big dogs is the FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool. The design of this deshedding tool is effective for dogs that are over 50 pounds and have long hair.

This deshedding tool penetrates the topcoat to reach deep within the hairs. Once in that position, you can work on removing all the loose hair. The teeth of the deshedding tool are sharp enough to cause the loose hair to come off without damaging the dog's sensitive skin.

The edge of the FURminator tool is made using stainless steel that's durable and rustproof. It works on the topcoat safely, leaving it mat free, shiny, and healthy. The edge has a curve that allows the tool to follow your dog's natural shape.

It’s a durable tool that you can use on big dogs for some time without needing a replacement.

It has a comfortable ergonomic handle that permits a firm grip while working on the undercoat. There's a FUREJECOR button on the deshedding tool that you press to eliminate the loose hairs.

6. BV 2-in-1 Dog Brush

BV 2-in-1 Dog Brush
BV 2-in-1 Dog Brush

Dogs can enjoy the BV 2-in-1 Dog Brush that suits all breeds and sizes. The brush is a game-changer for removing tangles and mats from pet hair. After use, the hair is smooth, soft, and shiny.

The dog brush is oval-shaped with two sides that you can work with. One is the side with the pins that remove loose hair while giving your dog a relaxing massage.

The other side is the one with bristles that works on mats, tangles, dirt and anything else caught on the hair. Both have round tips that protect the skin and distribute natural oils.

It has an ergonomic handle that's good for your hands. The brush gives you extra comfort while maintaining a firm grip. It's an anti-slip handle.

There's a ventilation hole on the brush which permits the bristles and pins to flex and contour your dog.

7. Poodlie Round Bristle Pet Brush

Poodlie Round Bristle Pet Brush
Poodlie Round Bristle Pet Brush

The Poodlie Round Bristle Pet Brush is made using strong plastic material. It's a lightweight tool that brushes the topcoat to remove any tangles or mats on the hair. There's rubber on the sides of the brush that makes it comfortable to hold while brushing.

The pet brush is simple to use, and the handle has an anti-slip design. The rounded brush area is wide enough to work on the dog. It has bristles with rounded tips to better protect the dog's skin. In addition, these bristles are sturdy and won't scratch your dog.

There's a hole at the end of the handle, which you can use to hang the brush after grooming. There's a small dent on the other end of the brush where you rest your thumb while brushing.

8. BarxBuddy Slicker Dog Brush

BarxBuddy Slicker Dog Brush
BarxBuddy Slicker Dog Brush

A slicker dog brush like the BarxBuddy Slicker Dog Brush suits a dog with short hair. The brush works for dogs with short shedding hair. You can use it for shedding or grooming your pets at home.

The slicker dog brush has a self-cleaning feature. The handle's edge is a button you press when the brush is full. It retracts the bristles, and you can easily scoop the shed hair. The retractable feature also works when you want to clean the brush.

It has soft bristles that are close to one another for effective grooming. These bristles are strong for better coat penetration. However, the soft edges slide off the skin without causing any scratches. The bristles also effectively spread natural oils all over the dog's skin.

The brush has an ergonomic handle for a firmer grip. The sides of the handle are rubber which ensures your hand is comfortable. This brush is made using quality plastic material that's strong and durable.

9. Glendan Slicker Grooming Brush

Glendan Slicker Grooming Brush
Glendan Slicker Grooming Brush

A good combination of metal and rubber is the Glendan Slicker Grooming Brush. It's an ideal brush to use when pet hair has dander, dirt, and tangles. After use, it's easy to clean with hair sliding off the bristles.

The simple design of the grooming brush permits better removal of loose hair. The comb part is wide enough to cover a bigger part of your dog's topcoat. The bristles have round tips that permit better penetration but won't nip the skin with each stroke.

The pet brush has an anti-slip handle that's small enough for a firm grip. Plus, the handle is made using quality plastic material. It's strong and durable, meaning you can use the brush for some time before needing a replacement.

There's a convenient eyelet at the tip of the handle that you can use to hang it after use. Also, the comb part has a ventilation hole that permits the pins to flex while brushing your dog's hair. It's an ideal brush for dogs with long and thick hair.

10. MAXIMILIAN Handmade Bristle Brush for Dogs

MAXIMILIAN Handmade Bristle Brush for Dogs
MAXIMILIAN Handmade Bristle Brush for Dogs

The MAXIMILIAN Handmade Bristle Brush for dogs is also ideal for other pets like cats and horses. The handmade brush's design suits a dog with long hair that you need to brush and then fluff. The bristles remove loose hair, dander, dirt, and anything caught in the dog's hair.

The brush is made using natural boar bristles that are firm and effective when grooming. The bristles are ideal when you want to exfoliate and soften the skin on dogs with short coats.

Its handle is made of quality wood and has a lovely oval shape. The brush fits in an adult's palm and permits a firm grip when brushing. There's a cotton strap above the wood that you slip your hand through to hold the brush better.

The brush's bristles are ideal when you want to massage a dog's skin. It ensures the best distribution of natural oils that protect the skin. It leaves your dog with a soft, shiny, and healthy coat.

11. Demail Self-cleaning Slicker Brush

Demail Self-cleaning Slicker Brush
Demail Self-cleaning Slicker Brush

A good brush for shedding and grooming is the Demail Self-cleaning Slicker Brush. It's ideal to use the undercoat to remove all loose hair and release tangles.

The humanized design of this slicker brush uses high-quality stainless-steel soft bristles. The soft and curved bristles are durable and have a safe-to-use curved nature. These are ideal for tangle and mat elimination from deep within the coat.

The slicker brush has a button that you click to remove all the hair before continuing shedding. The button causes the bristles to retract. You can wipe off the hair, dander, and anything else you eliminate from the coat.

On top of that, the grooming brush has an ergonomic handle that permits firmer gripping. You can hold the brush in position when working on mats without worrying about hurting your dog or yourself. The handle's design also ensures you won't suffer from wrist fatigue.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Dog Grooming and Shedding Brushes

When you have a dog that sheds a lot, it's crucial to find a way to remove all the excess hair. One of the best tools you can get is a durable brush or deshedding tool. It’s the right tool to eliminate all the lost hair and leave the dog feeling comfortable.

However, before you pick a brush and place an order, it's important to consider a few factors.

Ergonomic Handle

Brushing a dog takes time and effort, so you have to get a comfortable brush. When looking for a brush, ensure it has an ergonomic handle that allows for a firm grip.

In addition, the handle can have rubber sides that ensure your hand is comfortable during the grooming process.

Safe Bristles

Check the bristles of the brushes that you come across. Ensure that the one you pick has bristles with rounded tips.

These penetrate the dog hair to remove the excess and detangle it. But, the bristles won't scratch the skin, which can be uncomfortable for your dog.


When you get a deshedding tool, you have to ensure the metallic part is made using quality material. A good example of deshedding tool material is stainless steel.

The material is rustproof, which keeps the tool's durability and safety for your dog.


How heavy or light is the brush? It's better to work with a strong but lightweight brush, especially when working on more than one dog.

A heavy grooming brush can be hard to use and leave your hand feeling quite uncomfortable.

Double-sided or One-sided

Dog grooming brushes can be double-sided or one-sided. Most double-sided have pins on one side and thicker bristles on the other.

Such brushes permit better penetration of the topcoat to remove as much of the loose hair as possible. Consider the type you want before placing an order.

Anti-slip Handle

On top of the ergonomic handle, it also has to be anti-slip. Most dog brushes have grooves on the handle that ensures your grip is strong.

That way, your hand won't slip while you brush your dog. There are even some brushes with a thumb-resting area.

Self-cleaning Feature

When you brush lots of hair off the dog, you have to pose and remove this from the brush. But, with a self-cleaning brush, all you need is to press the button on it.

The button causes the bristles to retract, and you can wipe off the hairs before you resume work. There's no need to get a different tool to eliminate the hairs from the brush.

Type of Coat

Not all dog brushes are meant for the same type of coat. It's better to understand your dog's coat and get the right brush for the best results. Also, consider if you want to work on the top or undercoat. Different brushes range from rubber, pin, and slicker perfect for grooming.

But, you must consider if your dog has a short or long coat. Is the hair matted or slick? Does your dog have straight or curly fur? Also, keep in mind the level of shedding while purchasing a new brush to use on their coat.


The size of the brush matters, especially if you have a big or tiny dog. You have to get a bigger brush with more bristles for a big dog. A smaller dog requires a smaller brush with fewer bristles to avoid tugging the hair.

Pick the brush according to the size of your hand so you can work comfortably.


How much do you want to spend on a dog brush? Consider the budget you have for this item before placing an order.

There are costly brushes, budget-friendly brushes, and everything in between. It all depends on the amount of money you want to spend.