Best Car Hammocks For Dogs

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Riding with a dog can be an exciting experience full of exciting moments. Both owner and dog can have fun from the start to the destination.

However, it’s not uncommon for dogs to leave the back seat looking messy. They shed and leave scratches, mud, and dirt on the car seats. That is why you need a dog hammock car. They protect your car seats while leaving your dog feeling comfortable. But, which is the best brand for you?

These are some of the best dog car hammocks you can buy:

  1. Active Pets Dog Back Seat Cover
  2. Lassie Dog Car Seat Covers
  3. URPOWER Dog Car Seat Cover
  4. PETICON Car Seat Cover
  5. Vailge Dog Car Seat Cover

Dogs need car seat covers because they tend to get into the car. Also, they can leave saliva and hair all over. Having the dog hammock covering the entire back seat gives you peace of mind. Plus, it’s so easy to clean—use a damp cloth, soap, and water to wash it. Or, you can use a vacuum.

Check out the dog car hammocks in this guide before making a choice. These can fit into different vehicles, including small cars, trucks, and SUVs.

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‍8 Best Dog Car Hammocks

1. Active Pets Dog Back Seat Cover

Active Pets Dog Back Seat Cover
Active Pets Dog Back Seat Cover

The Active Pets Dog Back Seat Cover oozes quality and style. It’s a durable option for cars and isn’t prone to easy damage because of dog claws. This is the best car hammock you can get to keep your backseat clean.

You can use the car seat cover on numerous vehicles because it has a universal fit. Dog breeds of all sizes and shapes can enjoy a lovely ride while lying on it. It’s an ideal seat protector that has some padding for maximum comfort.

Many dog owners worry about cleaning seat covers. Thankfully, this car hammock is simple to clean, whether it’s dog hair, mud or anything else on the car seat. The 600D Oxford material is waterproof and simple to wash with soap and water or a vacuum cleaner.

There are 4 headrest anchors on the hammock. These are heavy-duty and have 2 additional seat anchors to keep the cover in position. There won’t be any sliding off or slipping if the car ride gets rough and bumpy. This cover has 4 color options and 3 different sizes.

2. Lassie Dog Car Seat Covers

Lassie Dog Car Seat Covers
Lassie Dog Car Seat Covers

Let your lovely dog rest easy on the Lassie Dog Seat Covers when going for a ride. This is a top-tier dog hammock that comes with 2 side flaps. It’s a waterproof design that’s also resistant to any biting or scratching from your dogs.

2 seat belts come with the seat cover, and it has a convertible design. This dog hammock is 100% waterproof and easy to clean even when your dog brings in lots of mud. There are 2 layers of waterproof materials with an addition of 600D Oxford cotton fabric. The manufacturer works with a no-needle heat-pressing technology to prevent any holes.

As an ideal seat cover for dogs, it has a non-slip capacity, and you can use seat belts to secure your pet. 4 headrest straps keep the seat cover secure throughout the car ride. Seat anchors and rubber backing on the underside prevent any slipping issues.

It’s a durable and quality seat cover with ample padding to keep your dog feeling comfortable. Installing this can take about 60 seconds to complete. Buckle the straps to the headrest and tuck in the seat anchors. Follow the instructions on the manual that comes with the dog hammock.

3. URPOWER Dog Car Seat Cover

URPOWER Dog Car Seat Cover
URPOWER Dog Car Seat Cover

Color variety is what you get with the URPOWER Dog Car Seat Cover. It’s available in 6 different colors and 2 sizes (standard and large).

There are 2 side flaps on it with up-down zippers for easier use in your car. These are essential for protecting the car door from any damage due to scratching.

It’s wide enough to cover the back seat of many vehicles. That offers maximum protection of the seats. It fits small cars, trucks, and SUVs and comes with a manual to guide you with installation.

This is a quality dog hammock that’s 100% waterproof preventing any moisture damage to the car seats. It’s made up of 4 layers of fabric that prevent mud, urine, sweat and saliva from reaching the seats. Apart from being waterproof, the seat cover is also non-slip, keeping your pet secure.

There are 4 protection levels that you can enjoy with this dog hammock. First, you have the non-slip backing. Next are 4 headrest anchors. The third is seat anchors. And finally, you have 2 seat belts for better positioning of the seat cover.

Installation is fast when you want to attach the seat cover. It’s just as easy to take it off when it’s time to clean. Fetch a damp cloth when you want to clean this dog hammock or use a vacuum cleaner.

4. PETICON Car Seat Cover

PETICON Car Seat Cover
PETICON Car Seat Cover

Black dog hammocks like the PETICON Car Seat Cover are appealing. This is a 100% waterproof dog hammock suitable for a comfortable ride in the back seat. Since it’s waterproof, it prevents water or other liquids from ruining those leather car seats. Hot pressing prevents the car seat from having holes that can leak, unlike quilting.

On either side of the car, you can place a flap for maximum protection. Each flap fits well, protecting the door from scratching. Also, the car seat has some window mesh that allows the back area to have ample airflow. Also, this is the best way to prevent anxiety in your dog since they can see you as you drive.

The dog hammock is a perfect fit for multiple automobiles when you want to keep your dog comfortable. The side flaps have a zipper that you can turn down when you want to let your dog out. Padding on the dog hammock offers a cushion to make the journey pleasant.

The hair, mud, and other dirt remain on the dog seat cover. When you arrive at your destination, you can detach the seat and clean it. The dog hammock has 2 adjustable door side straps and 2 anchors.

5. Vailge Dog Car Seat Cover

Vailge Dog Car Seat Cover
Vailge Dog Car Seat Cover

Small, medium and large dogs can enjoy laying on the Vailge Dog Car Seat Cover. This leather dog hammock comes in a standard and large size. It has dual use, meaning you can convert it into a standard seat cover or a full car hammock for your dog.

The dog seat cover fills the entire back seat area for maximum protection. The waterproof leather material ensures your car seats remain dry and clean. However, your dog won’t feel lonely since a window mesh lets them see into the front seats.

Side flaps on this dog hammock protect the doors from scratches or moisture. You can hang them up using the straps on either side of the car seat cover. As a whole, the dog hammock is made using quality 600D Oxford cotton material. It’s durable and can withstand constant dog scratching and biting.

4 head straps hold the seat cover in position. There’s non-slip backing, and you can secure it to the seat using dog seat belts. They give you a free dog seat belt and a user manual to help with easy installation.

6. Honest Luxury Dog Car Seat

Honest Luxury Dog Car Seat
Honest Luxury Dog Car Seat

The Honest Luxury Dog Car Seat comes in black or gray. You can get the standard or large fit to fit the rear of your vehicle. This seat cover uses quality 600D oxford cotton and polyvinyl chloride material. It covers the entire back seat area of many vehicles.

This dog hammock is 100% moisture-proof and has 4 protective layers. It’s strong and durable, offering ample protection from scratches and moisture in your back seats. Installing the dog seat cover is easy to do, plus there’s a guide that you can follow.

Cleaning time doesn’t bring any difficulty when you get this dog seat cover. The oxford fabric requires soap and water only to remove mud, saliva and dirt. However, you can also use a vacuum to remove dog hair and dander. On the cover are simple pockets where you can store some dog toys or treats to use on the way.

Soft cushioning ensures your dog feels comfortable throughout the ride. There are 2 side flaps that you can secure to prevent any damage or dirt on the car door sides. The seat cover interior is safe for pets, and the material is durable.

7. Plush Paws Rear Car Seat Protector

Plush Paws Rear Car Seat Protector
Plush Paws Rear Car Seat Protector

Plush Paws Rear Car Seat Protectors come in small, standard and extra-large sizes. This is an expertly designed rear seat cover with double-stitching. The heavy-duty diamond-stitched covers fit numerous cars' rear seats, including SUVs and Trucks.

It’s made using top-quality 600D Oxford fabric. This is comfortable, safe, breathable and easy to clean. The material is also non-porous so that no moisture can leak to the car seats. It protects your car interior from dog scratching and keeps saliva, urine, or water on the cover.

Installation doesn’t take too long, and there’s a guide you can follow. The larger sides of the car seat cover are easy to secure on the headrests. 2 side flaps protect your doors from scratches and damage by your dog.

Use the buckles to secure the car seat cover in position. The bottom side contains an anti-slip design that keeps your dog secure even on bumpy roads. This is an adjustable car seat cover whose harness can move up or down for a better fit.

8. BarksBar Pet Seat Cover

BarksBar Pet Seat Cover
BarksBar Pet Seat Cover

Standard cars, SUVs and trucks can use the BarksBar Pet Seat Cover to protect the rear area. This is an easy to convert hammock that also fits like a comfortable car seat cover for your dog. There are 2 side flaps on either end that protect the door areas from scratches and other types of damage.

This dog hammock is made using heavy-duty waterproof polyester material. It’s comfortable and durable, so it can withstand scratching and chewing by your dog. There are built-in Velcro openings on the hammock where you can secure the dog seat belts.

It comes with 2 pockets to use as extra storage space. The sides are easy to secure using the 4 straps on your vehicle's headrests. This car seat withstands excessive heat and has UV protection. It’s also easy to clean using a damp cloth, water, soap, or vacuum cleaner.

Do Dogs Like Car Hammocks?

Before buying a dog car seat cover, it’s good to know if dogs like them. Will your fur friend like laying on it, or not?

Well, you can breathe with ease because dogs like hammocks. They enjoy having a comfortable and clean space to lie at the back of the car. But, it’s always good to let them out once you arrive at your destination.

If this is your dog’s first time in a car hammock, they might need some time to adjust to it. This is where frequent training comes in handy to ease their anxiety. Start by turning down one of the flaps and get inside with them.

The minute your dog realizes you like being in the car seat, they can relax. Every time you leave to go somewhere, attach it to the back seat. Frequent use is vital so that your dog learns that this is how things will be.

A good car hammock keeps stains and scratches away from your car seat. But, it's worth noting that there aren’t many options for securing your dog. So, always keep an eye on them and ensure they’re safe.

How to Choose the Best Dog Car Hammock

Easy to Clean

The work of a dog seat cover is to prevent your pet from soiling the seats. So, if you have a muddy dog that you have to take home, they can ride on the car seat cover. This hammock’s material traps the mud, dog hair and saliva.

Afterward, you need a damp cloth to wipe it clean or a vacuum. If it’s too soiled, you can hose it down and leave it out to dry.


Check your budget before ordering a new dog car hammock. Prices vary depending on the manufacturer, material quality, and other features.

So, ensure you check out different prices and features before getting one for your vehicle.

Type of Material

Most dog car seats use the Oxford cotton material. But, manufacturers also use leather and other non-porous fabrics to make the dog hammocks. The type of material matters because you need one that’s durable and can withstand scratching or biting from your dog. It won’t wear out easily because of constant use.

Also, it’s crucial to note the type of material because you need it to be safe for your pet. The right dog seat covers won’t cause any allergic reaction and use pet-safe fabrics to make them.

Size and Number of Dogs

How many dogs do you have, and what are their sizes? The right dog car hammock must fit the back seat well and feel comfortable for your dog. There’s the standard universal fit, but larger options are available.

Bigger dog car hammocks can carry multiple or large dogs and make them comfortable. You can use the straps on the dog car hammock to adjust its size for a better fit.


A dog car hammock must be waterproof. The goal is to prevent moisture from ruining the seats of your car. Usually, it’s easier to clean mud, water, urine and other moisture from a hammock than from the car seat.

So, ensure you purchase a car seat cover that’s 100% waterproof. The best uses a heat-press technology instead of quilting to prevent any leaking. Layering also ensures that the car seat keeps the seats underneath clean.


Color matters if you want the car seat cover to match your vehicle's interior. Check if the car hammock you want comes in different colors. Some manufacturers have a single color for a car seat cover, while others offer customers variety.

Anti-slip Features

Your dog needs to be safe while lying on the car seat cover. Among the top features to look for is the anti-slip capacity. If the cover moves around, this might leave your dog feeling unsafe.

However, good dog car hammocks have an anti-slip bottom that prevents movement even on bumpy roads.

Mesh Window

The front and back cover rest on the headrests in your vehicle. This is important to protect the entire back area. But, being alone in the dog car hammock can leave your dog feeling nervous.

Go for one with a mesh window permitting a view of the front seat and the road ahead.

Side Flaps

How about the side of the doors? A good dog car seat cover will have side flaps that protect the door area. That way, your dog won’t soil these parts or scratch them.

Flaps come with straps that secure them and zippers that open and close.