The Best Halloween Costumes for Labradors: 14 Fun Ideas for Cheap!

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Halloween is coming up, and you're not thinking so much of your own costume as you are one for your Labrador Retriever. Every year, it's a tradition to dress them up as a spooky witch or ghost and parade them around town. This year, you want to up the ante. What are some great Halloween customs for Labs?

Here are 14 top Halloween costumes for Labs:

  • Formalwear
  • Bat
  • Lion
  • Dinosaur
  • Wonder Woman
  • Monarch butterfly
  • Delivery driver
  • Prisoner
  • Batman
  • Minion
  • Pizza
  • Cupcake
  • Ghostbuster
  • Skunk

There are lots of great options ahead, so if you're feeling torn between a few costume ideas for your Lab, you won't be by the time you're done reading. You won't want to miss it!

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14 Halloween Costumes for Your Labrador Retriever



Is your Lab a rambunctious bundle of energy that always makes a mess when inside or out? Halloween is the one day a year to try on a different personality, which is why you thought your Lab might wear a formal tuxedo for the spooky occasion.

The two-piece costume includes a tux and a necktie. Both parts of the costume have hook and loop closures so you can easily slip your Lab into the costume and quickly get it off them once they're tired of all the trick or treating.

With sizes available up to XXL, your Lab should be able to fit in this formal costume. If you get married and your dog is involved in the wedding (or you have a friend who's having a wedding), you can pull out this costume again.



If you're a big fan of the classics, you'll love this set of bat wings for your Lab's eerie costume then. The size large wings are 23.6 inches long, so they should fit a fully mature Lab. Size down for a puppy.

With a hook and loop closure and Velcro fasteners, the costume is simple to put on. We also love how unobstructed it is. If you haven't had good luck getting your Lab to wear full costumes on past Halloweens, this one could be just the costume you've been looking for!



Your Lab always acts like they're so big and mighty. Halloween is a good chance to prove it by dressing up as a lion. This is another very simple and comfy costume that your dog won't try to take off two minutes after you put them on their leash.

The mane secures around your Labrador's head. The faux ears make your dog look more feline. With its realistic mane-like texture and its status as an Amazon's Choice product, this lion's mane could be the go-to costume your Lab wears every Halloween going forward.



Who's king of the jungle? That's right, your Lab is king of the jungle. Your dog will have a chance to show off its grandest roar when wearing this comfy dinosaur costume. Slouchy, fleecy, and oh-so-warm, don't be surprised when your Lab doesn't want to take it off even after Christmas. 

The front of this prehistoric dinosaur onesie features clasps so no uncomfortable zippers are rubbing up against the front of your Lab's body. You can pull the hood up over your dog's head if Halloween is bone-chillingly cold or leave it down around their neck. The tiny dino tail emerging from the back of the costume is too cute.

You can select from sizes 3X through 6X, so even if yours is a rather large Lab, they can still wear this fun and plush dinosaur costume.

Wonder Woman

Wonder woman

Here's something for all the lady Labs out there, a Wonder Woman costume. With the way your Lab runs around sometimes, she sure seems like a superhero, so now she can dress the part. 

This costume is produced by esteemed costume brand Rubie's, which makes Halloween costumes for people and pets. The costume features a sleeveless red tank top with the classic Wonder Woman logo, a gold belt, and a loose-fitting blue skirt with white stars throughout. A gold tiara finishes the look.

A size large fits dogs with a 23-inch chest and an 18-inch neck who weigh up to 29 pounds. You can also buy the Wonder Woman costume in sizes XL, XXL, and XXXL, the latter size which is for dogs with a 38-inch chest and a 24-inch neck who weigh up to 85 pounds. 

Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly

Your Lab will be the most beautiful pup on the street when they strut their stuff dressed as a monarch butterfly. The polyester costume features lovely orange wings with details such as stripes and polka dots.

The wings are 19 inches long and secure around your Lab's body via stretchy straps. The costume also includes a headpiece with protruding black antennae. The headpiece has an elastic band as well that secures under your dog's chin.

Even if your Lab doesn't go for the hat, the wings are cute. The largest available size is a large, but since this isn't a costume so much as an accessory, that size should suffice for your Labrador. 

Delivery Driver

Delivery Driver

If your pup is like most dogs, then they have a complicated relationship with the mailperson. Now your Lab can become what they fear this Halloween in an adorable delivery driver costume

The two-piece set features the costume itself as well as a postman's hat. The outfit slips over the front half of your Lab's body. The plush arms are holding a small faux package, but that part of the costume is on your dog's chest.

Their front paws tuck into the pants of the costume so that when your Lab walks, it creates the illusion of a small, fuzzy mailperson delivering a package. No matter where you walk your Lab on Halloween night, they'll inspire smiles and laughs.

The extra-large size is for dogs measuring 24 inches with a chest that's 28 to 32 inches and a neck that's 20 to 24 inches. That size should fit your Lab comfortably. 



Is your Lab always tearing up your slippers or ripping the couch cushions? As a testament to their status as a bad pup, why not dress your canine companion as a prisoner for Halloween?

This lighthearted but realistic costume features a shirt that slips over your dog's upper half. The shirt, of course, is white with black horizontal stripes and a series of prison numbers and letters on the back. To complete the look, the costume comes with a hat that reads prisoner, just so there's no confusion. 

The pullover shirt won't leave your Lab fighting to get it off as soon as you put it on. The shirt has no buttons or clasps so there's nothing uncomfortable on your dog's chest all night, which is great. Even better, you can buy the costume in sizes up to XXL. 



Maybe your Lab fancies itself more as a superhero. Since we reviewed a Wonder Woman costume earlier, it's only fair to share this one of DC Comics' beloved icon Batman. Yes, that's right, your Lab can be the Dark Knight himself in this Rubie's costume.

The darling costume features a short-sleeved gray shirt with black trim that looks like a classic Batman suit. On the center of the chest is a yellow and black Batman emblem. The cape is black on the outside and blue on the inside and is detachable from the shirt. To hide your Lab's identity, don't forget to put on their bat-eared headpiece!

Rubie's says that an XL is for dogs weighing 30 to 45 pounds with a 27-inch chest and a 20-inch neck. If your Lab is on the bigger side, then put them in an XXL. That costume size is for dogs weighing 45 to 71 pounds with a 22-inch neck and a 35-inch chest. 



Does your dog always happily watch Despicable Me on the couch with you? Can you not get enough of the hilarious hijinks of the Minions? Then you've found the perfect costume for your Labrador Retriever this Halloween, which is none other than a Minion.

This is yet another Rubie's costume, and it's officially licensed for canines. The soft costume features the blue overalls of the Minions as well as their yellow undershirt. The costume is a pullover style for easy wear. Your Lab can also wear the headpiece, which fits over their noggin (with openings for the ears) and features Minion eyes and goggles.

The sizing of the Rubie's Minions costume is not the same as the other costumes we've covered. This time, an XL is for dogs weighing 30 to 45 pounds with a 27-inch chest and a 20-inch neck. Your Lab will likely need an XXL, which is for dogs weighing 45 to 71 pounds with a 35-inch chest and a 22-inch neck. An XXXL size is also available. 

Now you just need a Gru costume!


Pizza costume

Your Lab loves pizza night even more than you do because they're always mooching off your meals. Now they can have a whole pizza to themselves in the form of this realistic yet soft pizza costume.

The jumpsuit features a large slice of pizza attached to it with all the fixings, including pepperoni, olives, and mushrooms. With no headpiece, your Lab won't mind lugging a foam piece of pizza around on their back for hours. 

An XL fits dogs that are 28 inches long, an XXL is for dogs that are 36 inches long, and an XXXL fits dogs that measure 38 inches from their neck to their tail. 


Cupcake costume

For the Labs that are so sweet they're almost good enough to eat, this cupcake costume takes the cake. It's no wonder it's an Amazon's Choice pick!

Made of soft polyester, the costume will make anyone feel festive. A one-piece outfit that's simple for your Lab to wear, the costume boasts pink icing ruffles, a brown cupcake base, and a white collar complete with sprinkles. On your Lab's head, they'd wear a mini plush cupcake hat complete with a cherry on top.

The hat features an elastic strap with a plastic cincher so the hat won't topple off your Lab's head and become their next chew toy. 


Ghostbuster costume

Your Lab isn't scared of ghosts, and now they can show their world in their very own officially licensed Ghostbuster costume from Rubie's. The trademark tan jumpsuit secures in the front so your Lab won't have to deal with uncomfortable straps.

On their back is a soft, faux leather backpack because what Ghostbuster leaves home without one? The Ghostbuster emblems on the jumpsuit make this costume even more authentic. 

This is the perfect outfit for you and your Lab to go twinning on Halloween! 



For comedic effect, you might decide that your Lab's Halloween costume this year is a skunk. The outfit choice will certainly ensure that everyone steers clear of the Halloween candy just in case your dog releases an odorous plume!

The polyester onesie includes a fuzzy hood with faux ears for lending the costume more realism. The bottom of the costume is open around your Lab's feet so they can walk without tripping themselves. An XL is for dogs measuring 24 inches long, so your Lab should just squeak by.


Halloween can be a fun occasion for pets just as it is for us people. Whether you're having a costume party at home or going trick-or-treating, now your Lab can dress up, much to the delight of Halloween lovers everywhere!