Best Dog Swimming Pools

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Just like you, your dog would appreciate a pet’s pool for a splash or dip during the hot summer days as they spend their time outdoors.

As temperatures outdoors increase, your dogs face the risk of overheating. When dogs overheat, they can suffer from heatstroke and heat exhaustion. During summer, you should stay on top of things to provide your dog with relief from the heat and keep them healthy and happy.

The best dog swimming pools include Jasowell foldable pool, Petsfit, ALL FOR PAWS, Petmaker, and Intex rectangular frame above-ground pool. The right pool will allow your dog to spend time in the water comfortably and healthily. A pet pool also provides better space to lounge and wade.

The best dog pools are made of durable PVC material, are easy to set up, safe, and can fit the available space outdoors. The dimensions of the pool should be comfortable and able to accommodate the size of your dog and their level of activity.

Read on for a review, honest opinion, and feedback from pet parents on the best pet pools to help your dog have a happy summer outdoors.

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‍10 Best Dog Swimming Pools

If your dog is active and spends a lot of time outdoors, it is best to buy them a pool if you prefer to have your space in the regular pool. Dog pools are not deep, providing a safer alternative for your dog to take a dip.

Most dogs love contact with water; the pool will add to their list of toys and help them regulate their temperatures on hot days. Dog pools are collapsible, and you can carry them if you plan to go camping or travel with your dog.

1. Jasonwell Foldable Pet Pool

Jasonwell Foldable Pet Pool
Jasonwell Foldable Pet Pool

If you are looking for an easy-to-fold do pool you can carry anywhere, the Jasonwell Foldable Pet Pool is the best pick. The pool is available in five sizes, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. It is easy to set up and requires no inflation; the pool also features a bottom/side drain making it easy to drain and add fresh water.

The extra rigid and environmentally friendly PVC and fiberboard material used to construct the pool adds to its durability and non-slip nature. Users should fill the pool with water to prevent collapsing and keep their dog’s nails trimmed.

Pet owners love the pool and get value for their money. Its durability, ease of use, and safety standards make it an excellent choice for its cost. The texture on the pool's floor makes it non-slip, preventing accidents.

The pool comes with a hose connector where you can attach your house. This saves time and adds convenience as you don’t have to stand and wait until the pool fills. Jasonwell's foldable pet pool has a low design that allows your dog to get in and out easily.

2. Petsfit Foldable Dog Pool

Petsfit Foldable Dog Pool
Petsfit Foldable Dog Pool

Petsfit Foldable Dog Pool provides various applications, from a dog bath to an outdoor pool. It weighs 3.7 pounds with dimensions of 40.94 x 40.94 x 12.01 inches.

The pool has a solid structural design with a wireframe ring at the top to keep it upright and in shape to prevent collapsing even when not filled with water. The dimensions also provide enough space for your pet’s size and movement while at the same time keeping it solid.

It is foldable, portable, and convenient to move around, and your dog can use it anywhere; it also requires very little space for storage. You don’t need to inflate the pool, and to drain water, all you have to do is push down one of the panels.

The pool walls have puncture-resistant nylon and Oxford fabric, which your dog’s scratches cannot damage.

Petsfit Foldable Dog Pool is a good option for pet parents who want a safe space to beat the heat and stay active during the summer days. You can add a few toys in the pool for your dog to play with to add to the fun.

To prevent bacteria and algae growth and protect your pet's health, keep the water in the pool clean and regularly drain it. You could also clean the pool with an antibacterial cleaner occasionally.

3. ALL FOR PAWS Dog Swimming Pool

ALL FOR PAWS Dog Swimming Pool
ALL FOR PAWS Dog Swimming Pool

The ALL FOR PAWS dog swimming pool will be a good choice if you have big dogs. The pool comes in two sizes, large and extra-large.

The pool is easy to set up as it does not require assembly. It has durable PVC material with an MDF board inside, supporting dogs' and owners' long-lasting use.

The anti-skid inner layer makes it safe to use.

The pool does not require inflation; fill it with water, and it’s ready to use. To drain the water, open the sealed drain. It is easy to fold and occupies very minimal storage space.

If your dogs have outgrown a smaller pool, you could replace it with this one. It offers a space large enough for two dogs to play with; t your dog will love it. If you want smaller dogs to use it, you can fill the pool halfway to prevent drowning; the walls are sturdy enough, so they will not collapse if not filled to the top.

4. Petmaker Foldable Pet Pool

Petmaker Foldable Pet Pool
Petmaker Foldable Pet Pool

The Petmaker Foldable Pet Pool will give you value for your money if your dog loves water. The 30.5 x 30.5 x 12 inches and 40 pounds dog pool is ideal for almost all dog sizes.

It is made of sturdy PVC material, has a collapsible design, and comes with a handled carrier bag. It is easy to fold and convenient to carry anywhere you go.

Petmaker Foldable Pet Pool is a multipurpose pool that your pet can use to wade, play, and relax under the hot sun. You can also use it for bathing your pet.

The wide mouth drain makes filling and draining the pool easy and fast. Cleaning a pet pool is essential to prevent the overgrowth of bacteria and algae, and with Petmaker Foldable Pet Pool, it is easy. You need soap and a soft cloth to clean and rinse it with clean water afterward. Occasionally, you can wipe down the pool with an antibacterial cleaner.

The design and colors are also beautiful, and the large size is flexible for use by big dogs weighing up to 80 pounds.

5. Intex Rectangular Frame Above Ground Pool

Intex Rectangular Frame Above Ground Pool
Intex Rectangular Frame Above Ground Pool

If you are a big dog parent looking for a large wading pool for your babies, the Intex Rectangular Frame Above Ground Pool is your best bet.

The pool’s dimensions are 86.61 x 59.06 x 23.62 inches, and it weighs 14.78 kilograms, large enough to accommodate over four dogs. The rating on sturdiness, durability, ease of use, and value for money is excellent.

Due to the large pool size, you may need to find a way to help your dogs in and out of it; you could consider setting up a ramp. If you have enough space in your yard, it is an ideal choice for maximum fun.

A common worry of most pet parents when buying dog pools is their dogs’ nails puncturing the pool. The Intex Rectangular Frame Above Ground pool features a strong lining material that doesn’t puncture easily. The frame comprises powder-coated solid steel that holds the pool firmly for use.

The set-up is uncomplicated, and you can have the pool up and running in thirty minutes. The set-up features a large drain plug that you can attach to a hosepipe, allowing convenient draining.

For the size and structure of the pool, its price makes it a steal. The pool is perfect if you have a giant breed family, thanks to the size, price, durability, strength, and ease of assembly. The drawbacks of the pool are the size can be limiting if you don’t have adequate yard space, and it is not portable.

6. FrontPet Foldable Dog Pool

FrontPet Foldable Dog Pool
FrontPet Foldable Dog Pool

The foldable FrontPet Dog Pool is ideal for your dog to enjoy a paddle on a hot day. The pool is available in small and extra-large sizes to accommodate small, medium, and large dogs. Its versatility in size is an advantage as it is usually hard to find a sizable above-ground dog pool.

The construction comprises rigid PVC with high-density fiberboards making it durable. The pool is built to last and will do the job for several summers. The set-up will not give you a headache as it is easy to get it up and functional.

To fill water, unfold it and screw in the drain plug, fill it with water with a hose, and throw in a few dog toys to complete the set-up. Draining the pool is also a breeze; unscrew the drain plug, and the water will flow out.

The pool is portable, and you can bring it to the park, camping, and other outdoor adventures away from home.

7. Alvantor Pet Swimming Pool

Alvantor Pet Swimming Pool
Alvantor Pet Swimming Pool

The above-average reviews of the Alvantor Pet Swimming Pool speak volumes of the suitability of the pool for your pet.

The 42 x 42 x 12 inches and 3.7 pounds pools are suitable for small and middle-sized dogs. The materials comprise an alloy steel frame and PVC backing that gives it stability and durability. The durable PVC prevents tearing and leaks.

It is effortless to set up and drain; it does not require inflation, and you can drain it by a push on its edge. The  Alvantor pet swimming pool is versatile, and your dogs can use it for wading and bathing; you can also use it as a mini-tub for your babies.

It is lighter compared to most products in the market and performs well. When folded, it is very compact, making it easy to store and carry around if you love an outdoors lifestyle. For the quality and functionality, the price is very fair.

Thanks to the quality of the material, you don’t have to trim or file your dogs’ nails every time they need to use it.

8. Cool Pup Splash About Dog Pool

Cool Pup Splash About Dog Pool
Cool Pup Splash About Dog Pool

The Cool Pup Splash About Dog Pool is perfect if you are looking for a convenient way to keep your puppies cool during summer as they connect with nature outdoors. It provides a safe and comfortable place for active dogs to play and splash.

The pools come in medium and large sizes giving you flexibility; a pet pool can never be too large for your dogs. The Cool Pup pool features a convenient collapsible design that does not require assembly. It is portable, giving you the freedom to carry it anywhere you go with your dog.

The design is easily foldable and will take up the least space in your storage.

The pool has a long-lasting build, featuring strong PVC material resilient to use by dogs of all breeds. The product is easy to fill and drain and does not require inflation. It is also effortless to clean; after use, wash it down with a hose and dry thoroughly before storage.

After buying the product, inspect it for potential defects before use.

9. KOPEKS Outdoor Rectangular Swimming Pool

KOPEKS Outdoor Rectangular Swimming Pool
KOPEKS Outdoor Rectangular Swimming Pool

If you are looking for a small pool that will fit the available space for your puppy to soak, the KOPEKS Outdoor Rectangular Swimming Pool will do the job.

The pool does not need inflation and is easy to use; the set-up is complete in a few minutes. Draining is also a breeze; twist the drain cap, and the pool is clear of the water in no time.

The design is also sturdy, with the pool’s walls constructed with industrial-strength heavy-duty PVC; it can handle regular wading and playing with your dog. It is collapsible, and you can fold it into a compact package that you can easily carry anywhere you go.

10. Tonahutu PVC Foldable Dog Pool

Tonahutu PVC Foldable Dog Pool
Tonahutu PVC Foldable Dog Pool

The Tonahutu PVC Foldable Dog Pool is excellent for pet owners looking for a versatile collapsible pool.

It comes in large and extra-large sizes to provide your dogs with a relaxing pool to keep themselves cool and play during the holidays.

The pool’s long-lasting PVC material provides a durable and extra rigid wall. The joints are well sealed to prevent leaks, and the covered edges increase safety and prevent wear and tear. The pool also comprises a built-in fiberboard to keep it in shape.

The collapsible design makes storage convenient as you can fold the pool to a compact size which you can easily store and carry around wherever you go. It does not require inflation, making set-up easy; draining is as easy as opening the drain hole.

The pool is versatile; you can use it as an outdoor pool, as a bathe for your pet, and your kids can also dip in and play with your dog. Children should not be left unattended when using the pool. Always place it on a hard, even, and smooth surface to prevent damage. Remember to always trim your dog’s nails before use.

How to Select a Dog Pool

To get the right pool, consider the following factors:

Dog Size and Pool Dimensions

If your dog is small, a small pool will work. If you have a giant breed, go for an XL-size pool. The level of activity of your dog will determine the space.

Measure your dog’s length from the nose to the hide flank and height to get the right pool size.

Active dogs will appreciate a larger pool. Select a pool size that your dog fits comfortably and fits in the available outdoor space.


Pet pools that are easy to set up and put down are the best. Most dog pools don’t require inflation; you only fill them with water using a hose and drain them after use. A foldable pool also offers convenient storage and portability.


Materials used to construct a dog pool determine its durability. Invest in a pool with solid PVC material that cannot be punctured easily by your dog’s nails.

A strong steel frame will also keep it up and prevent it from collapsing even when it is not filled with water.

Benefits of Buying the Best Dog Swimming Pool

A dip in cold water would provide tremendous relief for your dog on a hot day. Having a pet pool for your dogs to play and wade in outdoors will keep them active, happy, and healthy.

The best dog pool does not only fit the size of your dog but also fits in the available space in your yard or outdoors. To purchase a comfortable pool that can serve you several summers, consider the material, design, size, and ease of set-up.

Choose a pool with durable PVC material with a sturdy design that does not collapse. The dimensions should accommodate the size of your dog. A pool that doesn’t require inflation is easy to set up and gives you an easy time.

A collapsible and foldable pool is easy to store and carry when traveling with your dog.