Best Dog Steps

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If your dog has short legs or mobility issues, they may struggle to get on high surfaces. Such puppies need dog steps to make climbing easy.

Age-related issues like joint pain and loss of balance, anxiety, and a negative experience with climbing, such as falls, can make your dog reluctant to climb stairs. Injuries related to stairs and high surfaces can be life-threatening and affect your dog’s long-term health.

The best dog steps are Petsafe Solvit pup step, Yofit Doggy Steps, PetStudio Stair Dog Ramp, Zinus Easy Pet Stairs and Majestic Pet Portable Foam steps. These steps are made of durable material. They are also stable and affordable, making them ideal for your dog.

Dog steps come in many sizes and styles. When choosing the right steps for your dog, the key things to consider are the quality, number of steps, material, incline, and weight.

Considering the critical factors, we have compiled the best dog steps to help your dog access high surfaces without your assistance safely. The products meet most of the features such as height, durability and safety. We reviewed the dog steps based on expert opinion, research and users’ experiences.

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‍13 Best Dog Steps

1. Solvit Pup Step Plus Pet Stairs

Solvit Pup Step Plus Pet Stairs
Solvit Pup Step Plus Pet Stairs

The Solvit Pup Step Plus Pet Stairs is popular among most pet parents. A reliable manufacturer makes it, and the aesthetics are great.

The steps come in small and large sizes to cater to your dog’s climbing needs. The dimensions of the small and large steps in length, width, and height are 24 X 16 X 20 and 28 X 18 X 25, respectively.

The small steps can support a dog weighing up to 120 pounds, while the large steps can hold dogs weighing 200 pounds.

To keep the steps from moving and protect your dog from sliding. The steps, covered with fabric, provide grip and side rails to prevent accidents when your dogs climb up and down.

The steps are plastic, making them lightweight and portable; you can carry them when you travel. They are easy to store as you can fold them down flat. The price is also fair for the quality; you won’t need to replace it after a few use times.

2. Yofit Doggy Steps

Yofit Doggy Steps
Yofit Doggy Steps

The Yofit Doggy Steps are 18 x 14.1 x 12, supporting a maximum weight of about 70 pounds. The steps are suitable for small and middle-sized dogs because of the size of the treads.

It has three steps made with durable plastic. What stands out about the steps is that it is removable, has comfortable low sew steps, and has a washable cover.

You can install the steps firmly on your floor using suction cups at the bottom to prevent slips and falls. You can use the steps for sofas; unfortunately, due to the size, you may be unable to use them for your bed as it needs taller steps.

3. Pet Studio Stair Dog Ramp

Pet Studio Stair Dog Ramp
Pet Studio Stair Dog Ramp

Do you have an elderly dog, or does your dog have arthritis? The Pet Studio Stair Dog Ramp is an excellent choice. You can fold the steps flat if you want to store them.

They weigh 12.62 lbs and are great for dogs weighing 130 lbs. The steps measure 12 x 16. The best part is converting the steps into a ramp to make it even easier for your dog to access the sofa or bed.

They have quality and sturdy pine frames and easy-to-clean and non-slip carpeting. The steps also do not require assembly and give you excellent service for their price.

4. Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Steps

Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Steps
Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Steps

If you are looking for a product that can help your small or medium dog climb up a high bed, then the Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Steps would be great. The 18 x 15 x 13 inches and 2.5 pounds steps are handy in helping small and middle-sized dogs climb up and down furniture without your assistance.

The steps offer excellent stability thanks to the fabric-covered stairs and a non-slip bottom. They have high-quality foam that offers your dog reliable support and comfort.

If you are keen on aesthetics, there are over 17 fleece-fabric colors to choose from.

5. Zinus Easy Pet Stairs

Zinus Easy Pet Stairs
Zinus Easy Pet Stairs

Zinus Easy Pet Stairs is a great product to help your dog climb up your couch or favorite spot for cuddles without strain. The stairs, made with high-density foam, provide comfort and firm support for stepping.

The steps are soft, so you will not have to worry about your dog hurting their ankles when climbing. Most pet parents have also mentioned how great the stairs are; their dogs don’t have to heave themselves up as the stairs are short enough.

The 7-inch and 18 inches-high steps are ideal for medium-sized pets. They also have different sizing. The steps are portable and feature removable fabric that is easy to clean. They are lightweight, so there is zero worry of damage to your floor or carpet.

The steps are pocket-friendly, and the main drawback is they are ideal for small and medium-sized dogs.

6. Pet Loader Collapsible Platform Steps

Pet Loader Collapsible Platform Steps
Pet Loader Collapsible Platform Steps

If you have limited storage space, go for the Pet Loader Collapsible Platform Steps. The product features shallow steps that you can use to help your dog into and out of a car. Depending on your dog’s climbing needs, you can choose between the three and four-steps stairs.

The primary material used to make the product is heavy-duty and strong enough to support a dog weighing 150 pounds.

The key highlights of the steps include the shallow inclines that make things easy for reluctant dogs. If you have limited space in your house or even car, you are lucky as the product is collapsible, saving you space.

The limitation is the weight of the steps, which makes it challenging to move around.

7. Majestic Pet Portable Foam Pet Stairs

Majestic Pet Portable Foam Pet Stairs
Majestic Pet Portable Foam Pet Stairs

The 24 x 16 x 20 inches and 7 pounds pet stairs are ideal for providing extra cushion for dogs of any age when getting on sofas, beds, and chairs, among other high surfaces. If your dog is recovering, you can reduce the risk of injury by using Majestic Pet Portable Foam Pet Stairs to get around.

The product has sturdy foam inserts to reduce the risk of injury even when your dog bumps into it. The removal and machine washable upholstery fabric are easy to maintain. There are also over 20 patterns and colors to choose the washable cover from.

The steps are ideal for dogs weighing up to 25 pounds, and you can choose the 3-step and 4-step stairs depending on how raised your furniture is.

To prevent the steps from sliding and moving on the ground, place a mat underneath them to support it.

8. Petsfit 3- Steps Dog Stairs

Petsfit 3- Steps Dog Stairs
Petsfit 3- Steps Dog Stairs

The Petsfit 3-Steps Dog Stairs are excellent for aging or injured dogs with long bodies and short legs. THE 23.5 pounds dog steps can support dogs weighing up to 130 pounds. The steps come with pre-drilled holes to make assembly easy.

It also has rubber at the bottom to increase grip on the floor to keep the steps in place and safe for climbing. The treads have carpets and are non-slip, giving your dog excellent traction and improving their safety when climbing up and down.

The wooden aesthetics of the steps are great and will easily blend into your home décor. If you have limited storage space, the steps are very functional as they provide the much-needed extra space to store your dog’s toys and other supplies.

While they may be costly, they are an excellent choice if you look for something that will give you service for years before replacing it.

9. Pet Gear Easy Step Deluxe Soft Step

Pet Gear Easy Step Deluxe Soft Step
Pet Gear Easy Step Deluxe Soft Step

The Pet Gear Easy Step Deluxe Soft Step dog stairs are excellent for pet owners looking for steps to provide their small dogs with a broad and deep stair landing.

The inclines are deep and wide to give your pet a reassuring and comfortable landing on your bed and furniture by reducing the effort your dog needs to climb the steps. The bottoms have rubber pads to increase grip on the floor to prevent movement that can potentially cause falls.

The steps have removable carpeting for easy cleaning. You don’t need specialized tools to install them. They can support dogs weighing up to 150 pounds and are not limited when it comes to height.

Depending on your needs, there are various choices to pick from two, three, and four steps.

10. Pet Easy Step II Extra Wide Stairs

Pet Easy Step II Extra Wide Stairs
Pet Easy Step II Extra Wide Stairs

The 22 x 20 x 16 inches steps can support up to 200 lbs. They have high-quality polyester, plastic, and rubber. Pet Gear Step II Extra Wide dog steps are ideal for all dog sizes, small, medium, and large.

It is one of the highly ranked dog steps that provide various 2-steps stairs for all your dogs’ needs. Thanks to their generous width and height, they are particularly loved for the bed. They have added space in the step giving even your big dogs the confidence to use it to climb up beds and furniture.

Something else that stands out about the steps is the sloped tread on each step to increase elevation without straining the user. The non-slip carpet landing steps give the pet owners confidence that their pets will not slide on the stairs.

The rubber grips at the bottom create stability of the steps by preventing involuntary movements. The rugs on the carpeted steps are removable and washable for increased hygiene.

The steps have specially engineered plastic that makes them lightweight without compromising their strength. The best part is you don’t need to buy additional steps to ramp your car. These steps do the job perfectly and do not occupy too much space meaning you can take them with you where you are going.

11. Best Pet Supplies Foam Stairs

Best Pet Supplies Foam Stairs
Best Pet Supplies Foam Stairs

Best Pet Supplies Foam Stairs come in three sizes; 3, 4, and 5 steps. The primary material used for the steps is foam and can support dogs weighing up to 130 lbs. These steps are also among the most affordable you can find.

The rising of the treads provides even the small dogs with ease in climbing up and down the steps. The foam landing is also friendly to your dog’s paws; you won’t worry about injuries if your dog has mobility issues.

The main drawback of the steps is that they may not impress you if you are keen on aesthetics. However, many pet parents still enjoy the functionality provided by the steps. They also come in six different colors making it easy to find a product that can blend with your home’s palette.

The steps come with a removable coverslip which you can wash with a machine; maintaining hygiene is a breeze. If you want to go for a different look or need backup when cleaning, you can get covers made with suede and faux wool for replacement.

Lightweight is also the steps’ selling point as it is easy to move around when you are cleaning or when you want to use them in a different room.

12. Premier Pet Tall Raised Panel Dog Steps

Premier Pet Tall Raised Panel Dog Steps
Premier Pet Tall Raised Panel Dog Steps

The Premier Pet Tall Raised Panel Dog Steps are a great choice if you have a tall bed. The primary materials used for the steps are oak wood and carpeting. The steps also don’t require assembly.

Stability and sturdiness are some of the things that stand out about the steps. They also blend effortlessly with your furniture and the rest of your interior. The oak steps are perfect for big dogs due to their outstanding strength.

The treads have stain-resistant and non-slip carpets. If your dog has back pain, the steps will come in handy in helping your dog access high surfaces without trading the aesthetics. It also provides an excellent climb for small dogs.

Due to the outstanding craft, the steps can support dogs weighing up to 300 pounds. The only notable drawback of the steps is that they are not very portable because of the material used to make them. They are great if you want permanent stairs that you don’t look to move a lot.

13. Pet Loader Light Platform Steps

The steps come in three sizes; three steps, four steps, and five steps. If you want a dog ladder that you can use on your car and bed, this is an ideal choice.

Pet Loader Light Platform Steps have heavy-duty plastic and can support dogs weighing 250 lbs. The measurements and strength are perfect for most dog sizes. The carpeted non-slip steps provide your dog’s paw with a firm grip preventing sliding and falls.

While training dogs often takes some time, with a few times of practice, they will be able to use the Pet Loader Light Platform Steps with minimal or no assistance.

You can adjust the incline of the steps depending on the height of your bed, couch, or car. The primary drawback is that the steps may be heavy because of the heavy plastic materials used.

How to Choose the Correct Dog Steps

Consider the height, safety features, durability, and product price when looking for the best dog steps.


Ensure the steps reach your bed, couch, or car’s rear bumper. If your bed is high, choose a slightly shorter step, so the surface of your bed serves as the final step. The same applies to all other surfaces your dog wants to access.

Getting steps taller than your car, couch or bed will beat the purpose. Measure the distance between your floor and the surface top to get the right height. Ensure the steps are wide enough to accommodate your dog to prevent falls.

Safety Features

Unstable steps can cause falls, severe injuries, and long-term health issues. Avoid this by purchasing stable steps that can support your dog’s weight, carpeting cushions for your dog’s paws, and a rubber base that holds to the ground.


The durability of steps boils down to the quality of materials and craft used to construct them. Wooden stairs are more durable compared to others made with materials like plastic. Other features to look out for include removable covers, which you can wash and replace.

If you go for plastic steps, choose the ones constructed with heavy-duty plastic.


There are many affordable pet steps but do not trade price with quality.

Most pet stairs range between $20 and $200. Ensure you get value for your money and the highest quality product.

Buying the Best Dog Steps

Dog steps can give your dog independence when climbing high surfaces, mainly if limited by age and other mobility issues.

The best dog steps offer stability, easy access, durability, and safety features. While there are many options in the market, choose portable, high-quality dog steps that serve the purpose and fit your budget.

The guide above gives you insights into some of the best functional and quality dog steps available.