Dog Training Apps: Most Downloaded & Best To Use

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Training your dog is not easy, but with the best dog training apps, you can help your furry friend learn amazing tricks and be on their best behavior.

With the best dog training app, such as Pup to Date and Train Away, you can teach your dog to sit, stay, stop, walk, and much more, all with your mobile phone. The apps consist of training videos, progress journals, and built-in clicker and sounds to teach your dog strong recalls within a few weeks.

Dog trainers can be costly, and if your dog is not comfortable with strangers, it is best to train yourself. Dog training can be a long and challenging process depending on the age, size, and breed of your dog, but with the right tools and best dog training apps, you can learn new techniques to properly and easily train your dog.

In this article, we will discuss the best dog training app for your mobile phones, but first, let’s discuss the importance of training dogs in the first place.

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‍Why is Dog Training Important?

Making sure your dog is properly trained is good for their well-being, as well as yours. A properly trained dog will be social, free from stress, and will be able to get along with your family, friends, and other dogs.

Not training your dog can have big consequences and lead to challenges in the future. Thus, start training your dogs as soon as possible; the age between 6 to 16 weeks is their development stage and ideal for training and teaching behavioral skills and new tricks. Let’s discuss the importance of dog training in detail.

Helps Alleviates Stress

Not everyone is comfortable around dogs. Thus properly training your dog will ensure that it doesn’t accidentally harm someone because it got too excited.

A trained dog is calm and composed and can gently interact with humans and other dogs. But if your dog is not trained, they will probably be scared of others and act aggressive and could end up harming you, others, or themselves.

Train your dog to be gentle and be aware of its surroundings. If interaction with strangers is something that gets them anxious, separate them and put your dog in another room.

Makes Dogs Sociable

A properly trained dog can conduct itself well in social situations by not acting aggressively or too excited. A sociable dog is easy to take for walks or play dates and can hang out with other dogs and humans without causing a scene. The more positive interactions your dog will have, the more well-behaved they will be.

Helps Dogs Behave Better Alone

Many dogs feel separation anxiety, and this could be devastating for your dog’s health if not taken care of properly. You can’t stay with your dog the whole time, and you have to leave them now and again. By training and preparing your dog to behave properly when alone, you can greatly reduce their stress and anxiety levels.

Instead of barking and howling the whole time you are gone, your dog can engage in other activities or wait around for you patiently.

Makes them Feel Safer

Dogs are innocent animals and just want to play around all day, but too much excitement can lead to harm. If your dog does not follow your commands like sit, stop, or stay, they can end up harming or injuring themselves when out on a walk.

Make sure your dog is properly trained for their own safety so that they can conduct themselves nicely when they are out in public spaces.

Solidifies Dog and Owner Relationship

Training is not about teaching commands only; it’s about getting to know your dog, their limit, what makes them happy, and their boundaries. Instead of getting a professional dog trainer, you should train your dog yourself. Why? Because this will help strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Your dog will be more than happy to follow your commands if you have a good and solid relationship.

So, instead of trying every tip and trick available on the internet to teach your dog manners and end up making them anxious, use the best dog training app to get the job done.

10 Best Dog Training App For Your Mobile Phones

Pup to Date

Pup to Date, the best dog training app, follows a strict schedule to teach your dog new tricks and manners. Dogs are habitual animals, and an extensive routine and activity-filled day are great for their physical and mental health. The Pup to Date app helps you train your dog by organizing the whole day and using positive methods.

With the Pup to Date training app, you can track events throughout the day, such as when did you take your dog out to the bathroom, when did you feed them, etc. You can also set recurring reminders for each day, for example, their meds, mealtime, etc., so you never lose track of anything.

Additional Features

  • Add multiple logs for multiple dogs.
  • You can add photos of each event.
  • Get a calendar view to track events across multiple days.

Train Away

If you want to desensitize your dog from various sounds such as a doorbell, vacuum, fireworks, and thunder, you can do it all with the best dog training app – Train Away. Train Away encourages positive behavior in dogs by conditioning them to sounds using your mobile phone and speaker system. The app works even when you are not around; just pick a setting, set the sound level, and leave your phone behind.

You can work on separation anxiety, door aggression, and fear of thunder simply with predefined sounds played at random intervals and turn bad behavior into positive behavior like sleeping in their own bed.

Additional Features

  • The TrainAway Pro system connects to the Gen3 PetTutor treat dispenser.
  • Can easily teach recall commands.


GoodPup is an effective dog training app that uses one-on-one video chats with certified dog trainers to get your dog the best training available. With this app, you can set daily training goals, get weekly video chats with professional trainers, and text them if you have any questions.

The app uses positive reinforcement training methods and takes help from professionals to get the job done. You can easily train your dog at home without any distractions and strangers, increasing the attention span of your dog and providing a safe environment for training.

Additional Features

  • Dogs can learn basic commands, potty training, etc.
  • Prevents barking, howling, bad behavior towards other animals and humans.
  • Text check-ins with professional trainers.


Dogo is one of the best and most downloaded dog training apps. Through this app, you can create personalized training programs for your furry babies and teach them new tricks and appropriate manners. The personalized training programs are approved by professional dog trainers and veterinarians. You can also send a video of your dog to the app’s dog trainers and receive feedback and suggestions.

It also has a built-in clicker to reduce training time. The training videos provide you with step-by-step instructions for every technique, trick, and command.

Additional Features

  •  It has 100+ dog training courses.
  • You can participate in weekly photo challenges.
  • You can set reminders for recurring tasks like meals, bathroom time, etc.

Social Puppy

Social Puppy – the best dog training app is on a mission to help you teach your dog positive behavior to ensure they behave well in front of others. The app provides a dog training journal to keep track of your dog’s medicine, diet, and other daily reminders. It also provides a personalized guide with weekly challenges to teach your dog everything it needs to know in 12 weeks only.

You can also join their community and share your dog’s progress with professional dog trainers and dog parents.

Additional Features

  • Add multiple logs for up to 5 dogs.
  • Desensitize your dog and enforce positive behavior.
  • Weekly challenges to teach tricks and commands.

Pupford – Dog and Puppy Training

With the Pupford video training courses, you can teach your dog many tricks and commands and control its bad behavior. Raising a dog is challenging, but with the app, you have access to the right tools and courses to give your dog the best training possible.

The videos use positive reinforcement techniques to teach your dog commands, tricks, and more. You can also join their Facebook community and seek help from professionals and other pup parents.

Additional Features

  •  You can track your dog’s daily performance.
  • They also have dog treats, chews, leashes, and other tools.
  • Pupford Academy is fully equipped with hundreds of training for teaching basic commands, potty training, etc.

Puppr Dog Training App

Sara Carson and The Super Collies are here with the Puppr app to teach your dog basic and advanced commands through step-by-step video instructions. The videos have easy-to-follow instructions and over 100+ lessons to teach your dog everything possible.

You can also track your dog’s performance and live chat with professional dog trainers to get a performance report. Moreover, you can track logs for multiple dogs in one app. Sara also provides hand-picked product recommendations for effective training sessions.

Additional Features

  • Built-in clicker to reduce training time.
  • App hosts photo challenges.
  • Collect badges as you and your dog progress.

iTrainer Dog Whistle and Clicker App

The iTrainer dog app uses whistle and clicker training to teach your dog new tricks, positive behavior, and recalls. The app has a built-in clicker and whistle available and uses your phone’s speaker system to play squeaky sounds. It carries 50+ animal sounds to teach specific behavior.

You can customize the frequency of the sounds and teach recalls to work dogs. The sound can easily travel large distances. Similarly, the clicker training method uses the positive reinforcement behavior technique to teach your dogs new tricks and basic commands.

Additional Features

  •  5 different clicker sounds.
  • 50+ squeaky sounds.
  • You can also record your own sounds.

Pocket Puppy School

Pocket Puppy School – the best dog training app is available for free and has no hidden costs or subscriptions that you need to pay for. All dog training information is available for free and divided into daily tasks, videos, and images. In under a few minutes, you can teach your dog basic commands like sit, stop, etc. and everyday tasks like potty training, biting, and more.

The app is easy to use and filled with features. You can join their community, post pictures and progress of your dog, and connect with other dog parents.

Additional Features

  • Create a dog profile and track progress.
  • Unlock new titles as you progress.
  •  Provides links to puppy-related products.

Doggy Time

If you want to track your dog’s training progress, everyday tasks, and health, Doggy Time is the app for you. The app’s interface makes it easy to log in daily activities of your dog, such as bathroom time, mealtime, medicines, and other everyday tasks. Moreover, you can also set reminders and create training schedules for an organized approach.

You can create multiple dog profiles in one app and share the progress with other dog parents or your vet. You can add photos, track progress every day, and more.

Additional Features

  • You do not require internet to access it
  • Track your dog’s medications, vaccination, etc.
  • Help in outdoor activities like potty training, playtime, and walking.

With the help of the best dog training app., you can teach your dog basic and advanced commands, strong recalls, outdoor activities, and much more to make them the best companion you could have asked for.

Training your dog is crucial to teach them acceptable social behavior, reduce their anxiety, and work on negative habits like separation anxiety, biting, scratching, etc. These apps provide multiple features and educational content to easily teach your dog new tricks. You can also track your dog’s performance, get in touch with professional dog trainers, and join the pet parent community. We hope this read enables you to provide the best training to your dog.