Best Dogs For Couch Potatoes

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‍If you want a dog that is as big of a couch potato as you are, then you’re in luck, as there are plenty of breeds out there that enjoy relaxing at home.

The best dogs for couch potatoes are Bulldogs, Basset Hounds, Shih Tzus, Great Danes, Pugs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Pugs, and the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Not all humans are meant to be athletes and dogs will second that motion. While dogs often have the reputation of being active and energetic pets, there are actually a lot of breeds that are low energy and enjoy chilling and relaxing more than anything else. So, if you are a couch potato by nature and want someone to share the experience with, getting the right dog into the house is going to be the way to go. Much like humans, dogs vary in their personality traits - with some being intelligent, playful, physically active, or just plain lazy. The key thing for you to keep in mind is to choose a breed that fits your lifestyle and your personality. To help you pick the right breed to hang out with at home, we are going to take you through the best dogs for couch potatoes.

After decades of working as a professional dog trainer, I have had years of experience dealing with dogs of all personality types. My experience has taught me that the best dogs for couch potatoes are those that are lower in energy and are less hyperactive.

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‍Couch Potato Dogs

If there is one thing that is truly remarkable about dogs, it’s the ability that they have to reciprocate an owner’s personality. These animals will stand by their owner through thick and thin - regardless of whether that means protecting the house or lounging at home while watching TV - which is why they have rightfully earned the title ‘man’s best friend’.

Dogs have formed a deep bond with humans over the thousands of years that we have been living with one another. This sort of long-standing relationship has led humans and dogs to influence each other’s personalities greatly, which is why see so many different types of breeds these days. It is amazing to think that at one point all of the breeds at some point originated from their wolf ancestor - especially when you consider the couch potato dogs that many of us have laying around the house.

This is great news for all dog lovers, as you are able to truly find a pup that fits your personality. With that being said, while breeds do have a tendency to follow certain personality traits, there are exceptions to this. Some breeds can have contrasting personalities to what one might expect, which can either be a natural occurrence or an influence from the owner’s behavior, which is why training is important - regardless of being a couch potato or not.

Ultimately, finding a dog that is a couch potato is not going to be too challenging, as just about any breed has the capacity to be lazy. Ideally, you should focus on a breed that is lazy by nature, as they will be much more in their element when chilling around the house and enjoying the comforts of home. With that being said, let’s dive right into the best dogs for couch potatoes.



When it comes to lazy dogs, there are few breeds that compete with the bulldog. This breed is a natural-born couch potato to the core, as they are low-energy dogs that prefer to spend the majority of their time lounging, sleeping - or both!

Bulldogs are socky, bulky, and pretty slow when it comes to movement, which means that you are going to have a hard time getting this dog off of the couch - let alone running a marathon. They love to chill out around the house and are more than happy to spend each and every day relaxing at home with their owner. In fact, Bulldogs actually need to spend a lot of their time at home (especially in hot climates), as they do not respond very well to heat. So, keep the air conditioning or a fan within reach while hanging out with your Bulldog.

With that being said, what Bulldogs lack in energy level, they make up for in their capacity to be loving and caring pets. These droopy-faced animals love to show their owners affection and will likely want to snuggle up regularly - so, you should expect to get a big slobbery kiss from time to time. In addition, Bulldogs are also fantastic family pets and get along great with kids, strangers, and even other pets.

While Bulldogs are certainly couch potatoes by nature, they are also quite flexible and adaptable when it comes to getting moderate exercise. If you are the kind of person that enjoys spending most of their time at home, while at the same time venturing out for casual strolls or even small hikes, your Bulldog would be delighted to give you some company - just don’t raise the bar too high, as anything past 30 minutes of exercise may be asking a little too much. However, if you want to spend as much time on the couch as humanly possible, your Bulldog will have no issues with that, as this is one breed that thrives on relaxation.

Basset Hound

Picture of a Basset Hound

Despite their reputation as being one of the best hunting dogs in the world, Basset Hounds are some of the laziest pups out there. These adorable, droopy dogs will become at one with your couch and will give any proclaimed lazy breed a run for its money.

Basset Hounds are inherently relaxed and calm dogs that love to hang out and enjoy some quality chilling time with their owners. They are used to going out and sniffing out prey with their owners, which is always followed by a well-deserved long session of relaxation at home. Now that Basset Hounds rarely perform the laborious duty of hunting, they have no problem enjoying the bulk of their time in a permanent state of relaxation.

This breed can spend days on end at home without a single thought of exercise entering its mind. So, if you are looking for someone who is the opposite of a gym buddy, your Basset Hound has got you covered.

With that being said, Basset Hounds have a lot of amazing qualities aside from being couch potatoes. They are incredibly affectionate, friendly, and well-tempered. They are great for families, as well as single-member households, and are more than happy to spend as much time indoors as they are outside. What you should keep in mind is that Basset Hounds do have a long history of serving as hunting dogs and while they are more than happy to skip the hunt, they can benefit from having some light to moderate exercise on a daily basis.

To keep your Basset Hound happy and healthy, we highly advise that you take them out for a casual stroll at least once a day for 30 minutes or so. This will help them avoid many health issues in their life and it will also encourage positive mood behavior.

Shih Tzu

Picture of a Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is widely considered to be the ultimate lap dog, as that is where they will prefer to spend the majority of their time - your lap! This Tibetan toy dog has got plenty of fur and is as small as it is cute. They love to hang out around the house and spend as much time with their owners as possible.

Shih Tzus are perfect for couch potatoes, as they are quite low-energy dogs and are great for indoor environments. In fact, this breed is one of the best dogs for homes and apartments that lack access to the outdoors, as they are quite content spending the majority of their time inside.

However, Shih Tzus can actually be quite playful and enjoy some physical engagement. This could include anything from a light tug of war session or some casual fetch around the house. The point is that you can take care of most of your Shih Tzu’s physical activity without getting up from the couch. Once your pup has had its energy needs met, it will be more than happy to join on the couch to binge-watch a show or climb up on your lap for a cuddle, as they truly love giving affection and receiving it right back.

With that being said, while Shih Tzus are amazing dogs for couch potatoes, you can expect these pups to have an upbeat personality. They are relatively low-energy but they have a playful and lively attitude about them. If you get up from the couch to go to the fridge, you can expect your Shih Tzu to leap up with enthusiasm to accompany you. And if a stranger comes knocking on the door, you better believe that they will bark with the utmost confidence at the mere thought of intruders.

So, if you want a couch potato dog that is adorable, cute, and has the liveliness to get up when needed, a Shih Tzu is a great option.

Great Dane

Picture of a Great Dane

Many dog owners are surprised to find that Great Danes are actually diehard couch potatoes. Despite their enormous size, these dogs don’t like to get out too much. They are calm, collected, and love to spend time at home with their owner.

A typical male Great Dane can weigh anywhere from 150 to 200 lbs. So, if you want to share your couch with this pup, make sure that you have enough room to hangle their size - and weight, as you will have more dog to cuddle than you will know what to do with.

Great Danes are very loving and friendly dogs by nature. Strangers are easily intimidated by these huge K9s due to how big they are, but in fact, they are some of the kindest dogs out there and are gentle giants at heart.

They can be quite reserved when outside of the house but they are not anti-social and tend to be respectful to everyone around them. They are not ones to take advantage of their size to bully other dogs - or you for that matter. You will be amazed by how devoted and loving this couch potato of dog is towards its owner, which is why they are perfect pups for people that want a dog to relax with at home.

However, this state of relaxation does often come a little bit later in life for Great Danes, as they have got quite a bit more energy during their puppy years, which is expected with just about every breed. During the first few years of your Great Dane’s life, you should be sure to meet the energy needs of your pup. This will ensure that they develop good personality traits and are happy mentally, and healthy physically.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Picture of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an incredibly adorable breed that will fit into just about any household. They are one of the most adaptable breeds in the world and will reciprocate the personality and lifestyle of their owners - regardless of whether you are a fitness freak or a couch potato.

This loving breed is more than happy to spend each day relaxing at home, so long as it is with its owner. While they have a medium level of energy, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has an extremely high level of affection, which it will need to display to its owner. With that being said, you will also need to be able to meet the affection needs of your pup by giving it plenty of love regularly. So, if you want the ultimate cuddle buddy while chilling out at the house, no dog will get the job done better than a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

While they do enjoy being couch potatoes, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels also really enjoy playing. Don’t be surprised to find an enthusiastic pup hopping around wanting to have a casual play session inside or outside of the house. If you have a backyard, then you should not have an issue giving your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel all of the stimulation that it needs on most days.

With that being said, this breed will benefit greatly from being taken out of the house regularly. Aside from being playful dogs, they are also very social animals. Taking your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to the dog park every now and then will do wonders for its mental health and can ensure that it stays happy. This adorable breed can be a great ice breaker for meeting new people as well as new dogs, as their cuteness is irresistible to strangers.

What many owners love about their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is how well it adapts to different lifestyles. If you are the kind of person that wants to be a couch potato on one day and an athlete on the next, this pup will be happy to join you regardless - just be sure to give it plenty of attention, as they struggle without affection from their owners.


Picture of a Pug

The Pug is a classic couch potato! This quirky breed is as cute as it is lazy. They love to hang out at home and can do so for hours on end without getting bored, as they are naturally low-energy dogs that do not require a lot of physical activity in order to be happy.

Pugs are also very affectionate and social dogs. So, if you are ever having some friends over to chill out at home, your Pug will get along with your guests famously. In addition, they can be very playful dogs and are happy to play fetch with or entertain themselves with their toys all on their own.

However, pugs are not always the easiest dogs to train, as they are known for being a bit stubborn when it comes to discipline and obedience. This is not always a problem for couch potatoes, as most people that like to chill at home just want a companion to enjoy their time with. This can become an issue if you want to strike a balance between being a pup that is a couch potato and well behaved dog out in the real world, which is why you should be sure to give your Pug adequate training early on to prevent any behavioral issues from occuring.

Aside from that, Pugs are some of the best couch potatoes out there and will be more than happy to spend most days just chilling around the house and enjoying your company. They are, however, quite affectionate animals and will benefit greatly from getting plenty of love and attention from their owners. So, make sure that you do not leave these cute pups alone at home for too long, as they may get lonely with you around.

Bernese Mountain Dog


The Bernese Mountain Dog is a fantastic breed for a couch potato that likes to stand up here and there. They are the kind of pups that enjoy their time outside as they do being on the couch.

This breed has a history of being a hardworking field dog that enjoys getting out and about at least once a day for some moderate activity. However, when the workday is done, you can forget about any more manual labor, as this pup is ready to chill. The Bernese Mountain Dog loves to hang out at home and spend some quality R&R time with its owner.

They have very calm and relaxed personalities and are quite large in size. So, make sure you have plenty of space at home to accommodate this big dog, which is why they are not recommended for apartments or small households.

One of the best qualities of the Bernese Mountain Dog is how loyal this breed is to its owner. This breed is the perfect example of a companion, as they love to be close to their owner- regardless of whether they are going out for a run or spending the entire day relaxing on the couch. In addition, they are also very affectionate animals and will display their love for their owner regularly. Furthermore, they are very loyal animals and take genuine pride in standing by their owner.

However, you want to approach training your Bernese Mountain Dog with some consideration. These pups are hardworking dogs by nature and enjoy hanging out as much as anything else, but if you want to keep these personality traits balanced, you need to exercise them semi-regularly and train them properly early on. Otherwise, they have a tendency to get too lazy - even for some couch potatoes. However, if you want the laziest pup possible, you can skip some aspects of the exercise routine.