Best Indoor Dog Houses

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Dogs are denning creatures who instinctively seek shelter for themselves. So it's high time you bought your furry friend an indoor dog house.

Indoor dog houses are fun and functional additions to your dogs’ routine as they offer the best rest place for them anytime they feel uncomfortable. A good quality indoor dog houses play an essential role in providing a sense of security and comfort to dogs. Choosing the best indoor home for your dog comes down to your dog's needs and preferences.

The best indoor dog houses are:

  • PETSFIT Insulated Wood
  • Fitchoice Elevated
  • Unipaws
  • Parkland Pet portable

Indoor dog houses play an essential role in a dog's life, and you should choose them correctly to meet the dog's particular needs. The right dog house should have the correct dimensions according to your dog's size and have specific features suitable for various breeds.

Easy assembly and affordability are essential features that one should look out for when purchasing an indoor dog house. Although the best indoor dog houses are a bit pricier, the quality of craftsmanship is to go for any day.

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8 Best Indoor Dog Houses

Dogs need indoor houses for several reasons. Good indoor dog houses provide a feeling of safety for dogs and satisfy their urge to hideaway. Dogs are not 100% den animals, but they love dens where they can hide from time to time.

Providing dogs with a good quality indoor house gives them a more well-rounded life. Typically, housing your canine friend increases their desirable traits. Below are the best indoor houses for your dog.

1. PETSFIT Insulated Wood Indoor Dog House

The Petsfit insulated wood indoor dog house comes in a collapsible design that makes it easily portable. Thankfully, this indoor dog house is suitable for small, medium-sized, and large dogs because they vary in size.

This indoor dog house is made using premium materials; hence it has high durability. The Petsfit Indoor dog house features a cottage furniture style as it possesses high craftsmanship using solid fir wood with an environmentally friendly paint coating. The coating is safe for both humans and your fur friends.

Excellent ventilation is another feature that makes the Petsfit indoor house suitable. This indoor dog house elevates proper air circulation, protecting your dog from moisture and keeping them dry and warm. This house's roof is capable of opening to provide good ventilation and ease of cleaning.

Although the Petsfit indoor dog house is suitable for small dogs, it can also take in medium-sized and large dogs as there are different sizes and dimensions. This gives your adequate pet space to stretch out comfortably.

Other considerate features of this indoor dog house are:

  • It’s easy to assemble with pre-drilled holes
  • The floor is detachable for easy cleaning
  • Features an insulated design
  • The houses come in a variety of colors. Therefore you can choose one suitable for you.
  • The house features a lockable wire door.
  • It features a versatile design, and you can use it as a side table

2. Fit Choice Elevated Dog House

Fit Choice elevated indoor dog house offers more than just basic features. You can take it anywhere you want because it's ultra-portable and lightweight and comes with a travel bag. This elevated dog house gives you maximum indoor convenience and great outdoor leisure.

The Fit Choice indoor dog house is suitable for small-sized and miniature dog breeds, and it gives them a great sense of security. It provides a roomy space for puppies that love playing and embraces them well to avoid separation anxiety in your absence. Some more features of the Fit Choice elevated dog house are:

  • Easy to clean
  • Highly hygienic
  • It's waterproof
  • Warm and luxurious
  • Easy to clean

This dog house has a good ventilation effect that is suitable for puppies. It also features a large front opening that grants puppies easy access to the house. The house is made of waterproof Textilene made of tightly woven polyester. This material is highly durable and withstands wear and tear from puppies.

The Fit Choice indoor dog house has a 600D PVC and steel metal frame structure to enhance its durability. The structure has anti-skid feet, making it sturdy and safe for pets to stay in and sleep.

3. ECOFLEX Indoor Dog House

The ECOFLEX dog house is the perfect indoor shelter for your dog. This house is insulated to keep your dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Most importantly, this indoor dog house is 100% non-toxic. This is because it has a propriety formula that incorporates reclaimed wood and plastic and does not absorb moisture.

This indoor dog house is available in sizes suitable for medium-sized dogs and giant dogs up to 140lbs. The quality of craftsmanship of the ECOFLEX indoor dog house is superb, making it durable. With a 10-year limited manufacturer warranty, you can always have it repaired if it's faulty.

Assembling the ECOFLEX dog house is quick, easy, and does not require any tools. The elevated floor of these houses allows easy cleaning and acts as extra ventilation. The ECOFLEX indoor dog house has a measurement guide that helps you choose the suitable house size for your pet.

ECOFLEX indoor dog houses come in colors that are not easy to get dirty but are easy to clean. You can easily disassemble these houses to clean them and reassemble them back. Initially, this bed is affordable and a great indoor choice for dogs.

4. Petsfit Indoor Dog House with Pet Stairs

Petsfit indoor dog house with stairs is a relatively independent choice of shelter for dogs. This fantastic house provides a two-story resting place for your dog. This excellent design integrates your dog's life and entertainment altogether.

This indoor dog house is a perfect choice because:

  • It's 100% natural solid wood
  • It is corrosion-proof
  • It is waterproof
  • It has a water-based painting that is non-toxic.

You can use the balcony as a feeding station or a perch from time to time. This is a dog house that is suitable for small dogs. The place is stable as its materials are of high-quality and guarantees your dog a safe home.

The Petsfit indoor dog house is made from 100% natural solid wood, treated with weatherproof paint. The stairs give dogs easy access up and down the house. This indoor dog house has pre-drilled holes, making it easy to assemble. Initially, this house's design makes your dog have more fun in it.

For ease of cleaning, the Petsfit indoor dog house has removable bottom panels that are easy to assemble. Assembling this entire house does not require any tools. For security purposes, this dog house has a lockable dog. This ensures that your dog can't escape and is safe from any harm.

This indoor dog house also features a side window that gives the house a good ventilation effect. You can close the window during cold weather and open it when it's hot. Having the window open or closed does not affect the thermal insulation effect of the dog house.

5. Unipaws Furniture Style Indoor Dog House

Unipaws Furniture style indoor dog house is made out of strong pressed wood and durable mesh and lasts for a long time. This bed comes with a cushion that gives your dog a soft and cozy spot to relax and rest. This house's material makes it offer excellent quality and look.

This indoor dog house is a nice piece of furniture that is elegant and multifunctional as it can also serve as a dog crate. The Unipaws indoor dog house also has an elegant side table, nightstand and end table. This house is suitable for medium and large dogs.

Additionally, this indoor dog house has a wide top that can hold a capacity of 200lbs. You can use this space to display your desired home décor. The bottom is also elegant as it has a removable plastic tray. This tray collects dirt, pee and hair to maintain a clean dog environment.

The ventilation of this indoor dog house is good and offers your dog a comfortable nap time. Security is guaranteed as the Unipaws indoor dog house comes with three locks and a magnet to close the door. The lock system is convenient as it is easy to lock and open.

Below are the features that make this dog bed outstanding:

  • The wide top makes it dual-purpose
  • An elegant lock system
  • Highly durable quality mesh
  • The cushion that provides dogs with extra comfort

6. Parkland Pet Portable Foldable Playpen

The Parkland pet indoor house is one of the simplest yet high-quality playhouses on the market. Although this playpen does not offer so much space, it is roomy for miniature dog breeds and puppies that are not more than 25 pounds. The reason why this playpen isn’t as large is so that it can fit indoors.

This indoor playpen, which can serve as shelter, is exceptionally lightweight and portable. This allows you to transport your dog wherever you want. It also comes with a zippered removable top. You can opt to place the removable top or leave it to act as a shade. This top comes in handy, especially for dogs that get anxious in closed spaces.

Another excellent feature of the Parkland indoor playpen is that it does not require assembling, and hence it's easy to set up. You can fold it after use and carry it around in a bag as it is also lightweight. This playpen folds back flat when not in service, and it guarantees ease of carrying and storage.

The Parkland pet portable playpen is suitable for:

  • Indoors
  • Outdoors
  • Traveling
  • Camping

This indoor playpen guarantees maximum safety for your dog because it has robust locking latches. It also grants your canine friend easy access through their front door, where they can walk in and out anytime. The durability of this playpen is excellent as it's made from high-quality Oxford coated 600-Denier material.

7. Pet Republic Medium Small Waterproof Dog House

The Pet Republic waterproof dog house is an indoor plastic puppy shed. This dog house is water-resistant because it features an elevated floor design that prevents water from flowing inside. Secondly, its waterproof material keeps the dog house from leakages, providing a convenient shelter for your dog.

The high-quality PP material used to make this indoor dog house guarantees users of longevity and durability. Dual ventilation in this house ensures fresh air circulation to keep your dog calm when it is hot.

Assembling this entire dog house is not a challenging task as it uses buckles and screws to assemble the structure. All the accessories you need for assembling are present in the package when purchasing this indoor dog house. Therefore, you can easily put it together. The Pet Republic Medium dog house is ideal for medium and small dogs.

The rooftop design of this house is another excellent feature that makes it a great choice. This realistic rooftop design gives your dogs a feeling of safety and protects them from harsh weather conditions like cold weather. Your dog can always have a peaceful rest, no matter how cold it is.

The Pet Republic dog house is a great indoor shelter for dogs. This dog house is a good choice because it is durable, stylish and crafted with your dog's comfort in mind. Made from durable UV-stabilized polypropylene plastic, it is rust-proof, fade-resistant and rot-proof.

8. Running Pet Dog House. Portable Folding Kennel

The Running pet dog house includes all the features that help provide a convenient, safe and secure shelter for your dog. This kennel consists of a divider panel that makes it easy to adjust the size as your dog grows bigger and older.

The material used to make this indoor dog house includes an ultra-soft sponge and micro plush fabric. This material offers your pet a cozy comfort and ensures they become refreshed, promoting better behavior throughout the day.

This folding kennel is suitable for dogs that are up to 44lb. The beauty of this dog indoor dog kennel is that you can assemble it by yourself. You can set up this house wherever you want. Be it your living room, your porch or balcony area. You can also take it with you while driving with your dog.

For convenience, the Running Pet dog house has a separate mat inside. This mat is easy to clean as it is machine washable.

The mat is also:

  • Waterproof
  • Filled with high-density foam for comfort
  • Has short floss
  • It has a soft liner
  • Easily foldable
  • It is anti-slide.

Your dog will always feel safe and secure in the Running Pet dog house as it is a particular shelter with unique features. This kennel provides 360 -degree coverage that dogs need whenever they take a nap.

This dog shelter has an open entrance designed to make dogs feel secure and safe. It also acts as an excellent hideaway to relax. Your dog can always enjoy their privacy and alone time with this particular kennel. This shelter helps your dog be at ease and boosts their well-being.