Best Licking Mats For Dogs

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If you want to have an easy time grooming or calming your dog, you must have the best licking mat for dogs in your shopping cart.

When you buy a licking mat for your dog, some come with a scoop that helps spread the treat onto the mat. Most have a suction cup at the back to help stick the mat onto the wall for easy feeding and stability. After each feed, you must clean the mat and store it properly.

Hyper Pet IQ Treat Mat, Mighty Paw, Aquapaw, and Pet Snuffle mat are the best licking mats for dogs. The mats are soft and sturdy enough to prevent tears while ensuring your puppy has fun licking off treats. They promote your dog's health by increasing the production of endorphins.

The best licking mats for dogs are safe and harmless. They are made of BPA-free silicone. They are made of different designs, such that some are for easing anxiety, slow feeding, and entertainment. The best part is they are placed in a freezer or dishwasher.

You'd better get the best licking mat for dogs as they will help you when you need to hop onto a conference meeting at a moment's notice. They will also alleviate your dog's boredom and anxiety.

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Best Licking Mats for Dogs

There are various licking mats for dogs in the market, and you must be careful when buying. While most are best for your dog healthwise, ensure that you only purchase top-quality licking mats. They help safeguard your pet's health and help keep your dog busy.

The best licking mat for your dog must be soft, easy to clean, and able to hold their treats. It should have suction at the bottom to keep it steady against the wall or floor as your dog licks.

Keep in mind that the size of your licking mat must coincide with your dog's size; the smaller your pet, the smaller the mat, and vice versa. This is crucial as it determines when your dog will stay busy, either as you bathe, attend a conference call, or work to maintain a calm temperament. The shape should also permit access to the treats.

If you are in the market for a licking mat for your dog, consider the one discussed below.

1. Hyper Pet IQ Treat Mat- Best for Slow Feeding and Anxiety

Hyper Pet IQ Treat Mat
Hyper Pet IQ Treat Mat

Hyper Pet IQ Mat is a premium licking mat. The mat is made of non-toxic material; thus, you won't have to worry about your pet's health. You can place it in the freezer to harden the treat or in the microwave as it's made of FDA-grade TPE.

This licking mat is divided into four sections allowing you to place a different treat on each quadrant. It is best for dogs who tend to finish their treats fast as your dog will take longer to lick off all the food from the mat as compared to a bowl

This mat has plenty of health benefits for your dogs. The more your dog licks treats on this mat, the more endorphins are produced, which helps calm your dogs, thus, the best solution for anxiety in dogs. It also keeps your dog engaged, especially when bored or stressed.

It's beneficial for anxious dogs or conducting crate training. You can put the treats on the mat and place it in the crate, then leave your pet to enjoy. This will keep it busy so that you can go about your chores without having it follow you around.

Constant licking promotes oral health as it helps keep the tongue clean. Your dog will have improved digestion since it consumes food in small bits.

Hyper Pet IQ mat has the best warranty as it features a 90-day guarantee, but this doesn't permit you to use it as a chew toy. And a plus is that it's pretty easy to clean, and you can place it in the dishwasher.

This licking mat is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs. You can get an 8 by 8 inches mat for a small dog or 11by 11 inches for a medium-sized dog. Some foods you can place on this mat include peanut butter, baby food, and wet dog food. The only downside to this dog licking mat is that it doesn't have suction at the bottom, so that it won't be steady.

2. Mighty Paw Dog Lick Pad- Best for Boredom, Anxiety, and Distractions

Mighty Paw Dog Lick Pad
Mighty Paw Dog Lick Pad

Mighty Paw is a unique dog lick pad as it has four quadrants with different textures. Each of the four parts has varying purposes. The top-right section deals with anxiety and stress, and the top left is for keeping your dog busy when it's distracted. The bottom right section fights boredom and entertainment, and the bottom left is for quick rewards.

The mat is silicone-free, thus environmentally friendly. It also has a suction at the bottom to secure it to the floor to allow steady feeding during grooming. Mighty Paw is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean and sterilize between uses.

The mat is ideal for large dogs as it is reasonably sized at 9 inches long by 5 inches wide. It will take longer for your dog to finish licking the treat off the mat, giving enough time to bathe or finish the chores.

If you want to slow down your dog's feeding time to prevent indigestion and bloating, Aquapaw should do the trick. It's also the best solution for dogs that suffer from anxiety as the constant licking increases the production of endorphins, promoting happiness and thus alleviating stress.

The mat also promotes oral and dental health as the constant licking also stimulates saliva production, which helps keep your dog's mouth clean. Aquapaw is eco-friendly as it's produced using 100% BPA-free silicone. And it's chew-proof, so no matter how much your puppy chews on it, it won't tear. This lick mat is dishwasher safe.

3. Aquapaw Slow Treater- Best for Grooming

Aquapaw Slow Treater
Aquapaw Slow Treater

Aquapaw Slow Treater is the best mat to use when grooming or bathing your dog as it keeps it busy. It comes in two triangular shapes measuring 6.7 inches on all sides or a square shape, measuring 9 inches. It has a three wings design with a suction cup which allows you to stick to the shower walls and easily remove it when you are done.

Although it's a bit smaller, its depth challenges your puppy as it has to reach in to lick all the treats. This prolongs the feeding time, giving you enough time to finish the grooming session.

If your puppy doesn't like bath time, this Aquapaw lick mat is your best friend. This mat has soft and well-textured nubs that keep your dog busy and happy, allowing you to trim the nails or brush the fur.

The best foods to put on a licking mat include soft foods like peanut butter, yogurt, mashed banana, or wet dog food on the mat. The upside of using this mat is that you can place it in the freezer to prolong your dog's time to lick all the food. And if you want to administer medication, you can put it on the mat amidst the food.

4. Lick Lick Pad- Best for Oral Health

Lick Lick Pad
Lick Lick Pad

Lick Lick Pad from Perfect Curve Store is another lick mat perfect for use when grooming and training your puppy. It provides a great distraction, especially if your dog is afraid of water, making it easy for you to clean and groom your pet.

Although it doesn't have a suction cup, it can stick on any surface, such as the sink, bathtubs, or walls. Lick lick mat is 100% BPA-free silicone, ensuring your pet's safety as it does not contain any toxic materials like lead, PBA, or BPS.

You don't need any experience to use a Lick Lick pad, as you need to spread the treat on the mat and then stick it on the floor or the wall. And the best part is it can be used by all dogs irrespective of size.

This mat has won the Global Innovation Award for its design for two consecutive years, a testament that many pet lovers love it. And it comes in two colors, blue and red.

Many pet lovers love the Lick Lick pad for its durability, ease of cleaning, and sturdiness.

5. Pet Snuffle Mat- Best for Entertainment

Pet Snuffle Mat
Pet Snuffle Mat

It’s a cotton-clothed mat that is ideal for keeping your dog busy and having fun. The Pet Snuffle Mat is meant to spice up your puppy's life as it's made of a sunflower-like cup that allows you to place treats inside. This mat will enable you to set different treats in the flower and outer ring, which keeps your puppy busy as it forages to find all the goodies. And since this snuffle mat has several rings, it will take quite a while before your dog can eat all the food, which helps in slow feeding. Thus, promoting digestion and alleviating bloating.

This snuffle mat is made of high-quality oxford cloth and polar fleece, which is non-toxic and safe for your puppy as it won't choke on it. The material is highly durable as it does not tear easily and is odorless, thus does not put your puppy off from feeding.

The Pet Snuffle Mat has an anti skid bottom that prevents the mat from slipping, thus allowing your dog to feet and play on the mat without slippage. It is ideal for all dogs as it comes in a 50' by 50  and 19.68' by 19.68 inches.

6. Lickimat Tuff- Best for Heavy Chewers

Lickimat Tuff
Lickimat Tuff

LickiMatt Tuff is best suited for dogs who like to chew on stuff and leave items shredded. This mat is popular among dog owners for its durability as it can withstand constant chewing from your dog.

LickiMatt Tuff is made with human-grade rubber and covered with a tough polypropylene casing. Thus lasts longer than other mats. This mat is non-toxic, but it's advisable to watch your dog eat treats as aggressive feeders can snap off some rubber nubs. Therefore, always check the mat carefully after every feed to ensure no missing nubs or some about to snap.

This is a heavy-duty mat designed for teething puppies and heavy chewers. Thus, you don't have to fret too much. It's also best for fighting boredom, anxiety, and destructive temperament in dogs. You can also use it for slow feeding. Some of the food you can use with this mat include yogurt, peanut butter, and wet dog food.

This mat comes in three colors; orange, green, and turquoise, and it's a perfect square measuring 7.9 inches on all sides. It is made of soft non-slip rubber, making for an ideal licking mat for your dog. It's eco-friendly as it's made of silicon-free and recyclable human-grade rubber.

LickiMatt Tuff promotes oral health as the licking action keeps the tongue clean, teeth, and gums. So your dog will never spot lousy breath, the mat is dishwasher safe.

7. MoonGem Dog Lick Pad- Cost-Friendly

MoonGem Dog Lick Pad
MoonGem Dog Lick Pad

If you want to introduce your puppy to licking mats, you should start with the cheapest and upgrade afterwards. MoonGem Dog Lick Pad is circle-shaped and comes in three colors, blue, red, and yellow. It is environmentally friendly as it is made of 100% BPA-free silicone that is safe and harmless for your puppy.

MoonGem Dog Lick Pad is the best for anxiety as it grabs your puppy's attention while blocking all the distractions. This calms and makes your dog happy, allowing you to bathe and groom him. It also comes in handy during pet visits or when thunderstorms and fireworks.

You don't need a manual to use this licking mat, as you just need to spread your treats on the mat and stick it to the wall as it has a suction cup at the back. You can easily clean this licking mat by placing it in the dishwasher.

You will not have to worry about your puppy's oral and dental health as the constant licking ensures that the tongue stays clean. More so, there is increased saliva production that cleans the interior of your dog's mouth. Therefore, your puppy will never have a foul breath.

With that said, it's always advisable to supervise your puppy as it uses the licking mat, primarily if it's known as a heavy chewer. This will prevent choking incidences. This mat is small, thus best for small dogs.

Things to Consider when Buying Licking Mats for Dogs

Licking mats are essential if you want to have an easy time grooming your puppy or hop on a meeting. This is because they keep your dog busy, calm, and entertained.

There are numerous dog licking mats in the markets, and you must first determine your purpose for a lick mat. Then do indepth research to identify the best lick mat for your dog. If you want to enjoy the benefits of licking mats, consider the factors below when shopping for a licking mat for your dog.


When selecting a licking mat for your dog, you must consider the material it is made of. Ensure that it is made of soft and durable material that is soft enough for your puppy's tongue and teeth and hard enough not to tear after constant chewing.

Most lick mats manufacturers prefer to use BPA-free silicone, which is environmentally friendly and safe for dogs. You should also ensure that the material is easy to clean, and a plus if it is dishwasher safe.

It would be best to supervise your dogs as it licks treats off the mat because some dogs are too aggressive and may tear nubs or a chunk size of the lick mat. This would be detrimental to their health, leading to choking and even death.

Texture and Pattern

The texture and pattern of the licking mat also play a significant role in determining the time your pet will take to lick all the treats. Choosing a creative design that stimulates your puppy to lick the treats would be best.

You can choose a licking mat with four different sections if it's your first time. This will ensure that your pet has a chance to try out all the sections, and you can identify which pattern is more suited for slow feeding, calming, or grooming sessions. It will not only save you from buying several mats with different designs but also cash.

Having several patterns in one mat helps your dog get different stimulations best for your puppy's overall wellbeing.


You must first determine the size of your dog's tongue and what it likes most before settling for a licking mat. It's common knowledge that small dogs have small tongues and vice versa for big dogs.

So, if you have a small breed of a dog, it would be ideal to choose a small mat, as it will be more fun to lick treats. You will be feeding them a sizable treat according to their body. At the same time, big dogs won't have a challenge or fun licking delights from a small mat.

So, before purchasing any mat, think about how long you want the treat to last to allow you to finish bathing, grooming, and medicating.

Suctioning Back

To ensure that the licking does not move around as your dog feeds, purchase one with a suctioning back. Although this feature is not a must-have, it makes a massive difference as it keeps the dog steady enough for you to trim nails, bathe, and even feed medicines and injections.

Dishwasher Safe

A dishwasher safe and freezer friendly licking mat makes a huge difference. This is because you don't have to clean it manually, and if you want the treats to last longer, you just need to pop them in the freezer.