Champagne Vs Yellow Labradors: (Differences Explained)

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Champagne Labs can look quite similar to yellow Labs in pictures because they can’t capture the glimmer, but there are many differences between these Lab coat colors.

Champagne Labs have a light silver tone to their coat, whereas yellow Labs look much more blonde and golden. They also have lighter noses than yellow Labradors. While different in appearance, the American Kennel Club recognizes champagne Labs as yellow Labs.

Throughout this article, you’ll also learn the details about champagne Labs, yellow Labs and how they differ from each other. We’ll also discuss how they’re similar to comparison and contrast these beautiful beloved breeds.

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Why Are Champagne Labs Different From Yellow Labs?

Champagne Labs are much rarer than yellow Labs, but these beautiful dogs are becoming increasingly popular. Their undeniable shimmer makes them stunning in appearance while maintaining the fun, energetic attitude specific to the breed. If you want a unique dog without sacrificing these traits, you’re in luck!

Here’s a list of reasons champagne Labs are unique:

  • The AKC doesn’t classify champagne Labs as their own coat color. Champagne Labs are considered yellow Labs in the eyes of many professional opinions. However, they’re much different when it comes to their coat shade and shine. Champagne Labs maintain a beautiful silvery look from the moment they’re born.
  • They’re a genetic mutation shade: Champagne, silver, and charcoal Labradors. Hargrove Heaven Farm explains this coat color comes from genetic mutations that make the Labs look different. Some breeders do their best to keep the gene alive, increasing these dogs’ population.
  • These Labs typically have a lighter nose than other Labradors. Champagne Labs have genetic dilution. In simple terms, everything about their appearance is slightly lighter than their yellow Lab ancestors. From their noses to their coat color, they have a slightly less saturated shade.
  • Champagne Labs can overheat quicker than yellow Labs (in most cases). The glimmer invites sunlight to penetrate their topcoat, making them susceptible to heat exhaustion. Much like black Labs, champagne Labs can get hot in lower temperatures than yellow Labs.
  • Some champagne, silver, and charcoal Labs include other breeds. If you’re buying the dog from a reputable breeder, you shouldn’t have to worry about this issue. However, it’s always worth looking into their ancestry to know the truth. Cross-breeds tend to have more health problems as they get older.

Champagne Labs might be similar to yellow Labs in many ways, but there’s no doubt they’re a unique breed. This coat color is one-of-a-kind. Unfortunately, many professional competitions dislike the shade because it’s not one of the classic three shades that Labradors are known for, including black, chocolate, and yellow.

If you want to know how yellow Labs are different than champagne Labradors, read on!

How Are Yellow Labs Unique Compared to Champagne Labs?

Yellow Labs are seen all over the world for countless reasons. This breed is excellent when it comes to hunting, assisting its owners, and more. If you want a top-notch competition breed, look no further. Regardless of why you’re interested in yellow Labs and their differences from their champagne-colored relatives, you’ll learn everything you need to know below.

  • Unlike champagne Labs, yellow Labradors are some of the most popular Labs in the world. Yellow Labs have been one of America’s top dogs for decades.
  • They’re known for being show dogs, guides for blind people, and anxiety-relieving companions. Yellow Labs are reliable pups in all circles of life. They love serving their owners, they’re strong, and they aren’t afraid to take on a challenge. They’re truly the definition of man’s best friend!
  • Yellow Labs don’t have the glimmer or shine of a champagne Lab. Champagne Labs have the previously mentioned shimmering coat that’s not found in most dog breeds. If you desire the unique look, you’ll have to lean toward a champagne pup. Yellow Labs are quite bright (cosmetically and intellectually!)
  • Their noses are usually solid black until they lighten with age. Unlike champagne Labs, a yellow Lab isn’t born with genetic dilution. Their coats are solid yellow (or light yellow to white), their noses are as dark as it gets, and their eyes are typically quite dark brown. This trait is another reason they’re championed as competition dogs.
  • Yellow Labradors are significantly more common than champagne Labradors. Since champagne dogs exist due genetic alterations, it’s understandable that they wouldn’t be as common as yellow, black, and chocolate Labs. Thus, many breeders sell them for a bit more than the other breeds.

Yellow Labs are different from most other breeds, including champagne Labs. However, there are many more similarities between these dogs’ characteristics than you might think. Just because they look quite dissimilar doesn’t mean they act, think, or age differently. In the following section, I’ll show you why champagne and yellow Labs aren’t too distant after all.


Are There Similarities Between Yellow and Champagne Labs?

Contrary to popular belief, champagne Labs and yellow Labs are very similar. In fact, their personalities are practically identical. Standing a light-coated champagne Lab next to a yellow Lab will look quite the same in a photograph. You’d have to see them in person to notice anything different unless the champagne Lab had strong dilution or a darker coat.

So, how are these different Labradors similar?

Champagne Labs Are a Type of Yellow Lab

Go Pup claims champagne Labs are one genetic alteration away from yellow Labs. Whether you’re looking at the science behind the different coat colors or professional competition opinions, yellow Labs and champagne Labs are technically the same types of dogs. This fact can make it a bit confusing to distinguish them on paper.

Yellow and Champagne Labradors Have Similar Mannerisms

Since they’re the same type of dog, you can expect these pups to act the same. Champagne Labs will be just as brave, friendly, and loving as yellow Labs. Sadly, they aren’t respected as much as yellow Labs because they don’t have their prized coat color. Nevertheless, their mannerisms shouldn’t be part of the decision-making process if you adopt one of them.

These Breeds Can Both Have the Same Offspring Coats

A yellow Lab and a champagne Lab can have a yellow or champagne-colored Lab puppy litter. As I explained above, the only difference is a genetic mutation, which can be bred out if you have these dogs as parents. These similarities make it difficult for breeders to maintain the unique variations of champagne, silver, and charcoal-colored Labs.

While they look a bit different, champagne Labs and yellow Labs are the same pups on the inside. They’ll love to go with you whenever you’re on the move, do their best to please you, and stay social with other dogs and people if you train them while they’re young.


There are many differences and similarities between champagne and yellow Labradors, but it’s important to realize that the vast majority of dissimilarities are cosmetic. Champagne Labs might be rare, but they’re the same loving, loyal breed you know and love. The only behavioral change they might experience is when they’re in direct sunlight (a darker coat makes the Lab hotter).