3 Must-Have Items to Conquer Labrador Shedding

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Labradors are one of the most lovable companion dogs for families or the elderly. They're friendly, loyal, easy-going, and consistent, which is why they're one of the most popular breeds across the country. Labs are also great hunting dogs, as they are extremely strong and muscular and can retrieve prey on demand. They're easy to train and have lots of energy.

But, Labs are also known to be one of the worst shedding dog breeds. Vet Street polled 249 vet professionals about the breeds that shed the most, and number three on the list was the Labrador, behind only the Alaskan Malamute and the Alaskan Husky.

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Why do Labs shed so much?

Labs shed a lot because their shiny coat is actually a double coat. That extra layer helps them stay warm in very cold and wet conditions, which makes them great hunting companions, as they can go out in all kinds of weather and even fetch prey from mud and water. Because of this double coat, Labs have to shed regularly.

Lab puppies will typically start to shed within six months after birth, and after that Labs will shed every biannual molting season, which takes place right after summer and right after winter. This shedding process allows the dogs to get rid of that thicker winter coat for the warm summer months.

However necessary this process is for Labs, owners can face challenges cleaning up all that unwanted dog hair each season. Whether on carpet, chairs, couches, wood floors, blankets, or car seats, Labs can leave their hair all over your furniture and home furnishings. It can be even more noticeable if you have a yellow Lab with dark furniture or a black Lab with white rugs.

A good dog brush is a great place to start, which can dig into the Lab's coat and get a lot of that fur out before it ends up on your stuff. These brushes dig into the coat layers and clean out the fur completely.

But which cleaning supplies are the best at getting rid of all that hair once it's in your home? Here are three of the best products out there so your furniture and floors will be hair-free in no time.  

1. Robotic vacuum cleaners

ILIFE V9e Pro Robotic Vacuum
ILIFE V9e Pro Robotic Vacuum

Especially if you have hard floors or low-pile carpets, Lab hair can build up fast and is very noticeable. You may see it gathering in corners or under furniture just within a day or two of sweeping or vacuuming. It's hard to stay on top of cleaning the floors when it may be required every other day.

New robotic vacuum cleaners may be the best choice for your home. These advanced devices can clean automatically on timers, allowing you to come home from work each day to a hair-free floor. They're very low to the ground and can thus fit under a variety of furniture.

The ILIFE V9e Pro Robotic Vacuum is a standout product that's designed specifically to pick up unwanted pet hair around the house. This automatic vacuum can work while you're gone, and can get under the bed or sofa places where you may avoid cleaning for dog hair.

Other benefits of this vacuum and similar models are that they:

  • are self-charging
  • are programmable/have auto-clean settings
  • have sensors to avoid crashing into furniture or equipment
  • come with remote control
  • can work on hard floors or carpet

The cleanup with this product is easy: you just empty the full dust box and clean the filter after each use. The ILIFE brand recommends that you replace the filter every month or so.

Consider a robotic vacuum that will do the work for you, keeping your floors and home free of the inevitable Lab hair buildup. This is great option if you don't have the time to spend sweeping or vacuuming multiple times a week.

2. Handheld vacuums

Shark Cordless Pet Perfect Lithium-Ion (LV801) Handheld Vacuum
Shark Cordless Pet Perfect Lithium-Ion (LV801) Handheld Vacuum

Another must-have product to conquer Lab shedding is a good handheld vacuum cleaner. These are great because you can use them on furniture or in small crevices that a big vacuum can't reach. They usually come with several attachments as well so that you can adapt their use to multiple area of the home.

One great product is the Shark Cordless Pet Perfect Lithium-Ion (LV801) Handheld Vacuum. This versatile product has an easy-to-grip handle and different attachments depending on the type of area you need to clean, including a crevice tool that can fit in lots of small places, like hard-to-reach corners or crevices between the wall and furniture. It features a lithium-ion battery and is cordless, so you can carry it around the house without worry that the power will die quickly.

This item also includes a detachable motorized pet brush for exceptional hair removal. The brush can get deep into your upholstery and carpets to remove hair that's been embedded there for a while.

When the dust cup is full, just empty it into the trash and rinse out the filter before the next use. This vacuum is around two and a half pounds, so it's easy to take out to the car or wherever you may need to cleanup dog hair.

Handheld vacuums may not solve every cleanup problem in your home since they're smaller devices, but for dog hair, they work wonders on a variety of surfaces and materials, from dog beds to car seats.

3. Cordless full-power vacuums

Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

To make the hair cleanup process even easier, try investing in a full-power vacuum cleaner that's cordless. This way, you won't get caught up in the lengthy cords and will be able to get under furniture with ease.

These vacuums can also make it easy to reach the ceiling and other hard-to-reach high places as well. We all know that dog hair can build up around vents, so this is a great option to be able to vacuum those troublesome high places.

The Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is a great option if you have hard floors or carpets with lots of Lab hair buildup. It's lightweight and cordless, and can be used on a variety of surfaces throughout the home. And, it's just as powerful as bigger vacuum cleaners with its powerful interior motor, and it only weighs five pounds.

This vacuum can last for up to 30 minutes without needing a recharge, and the head swivels for added flexibility throughout your home. If you have rugs and carpet, it comes with a direct-drive cleaner head that digs deep into carpet to pick up extra hair and dirt. The soft roller cleaner is specifically designed for hard floors to remove all the dust, while picking up debris and hair.

This lightweight, powerful vacuum cleaner might as well be a handheld vacuum because it's so easy to use, though its long shaft allows you to reach many high spots in the home. While Dyson has at this point released a V11, we find the current pricing on the V7 to be a great bargain.


Cleaning up Lab hair doesn't have to be daunting. Remember to start the process with a good coat brush, like the FURminator Undercoat deShedding tool, which digs into the Labs second coat to remove all the loose hair. Then, consider these vacuum products to keep your furniture and floors free and clear of unwanted dog hair.

Labs shed more than many other dog breeds because of their thick double coat, which is crucial for their survival in warm and cold temperatures. These tools make it fast and easy to get the hair under control in your home. Try out these brands for handheld devices, robotic vacuums, and cordless machines, and you'll have a convenient, efficient system in place for dealing with dog hair in no time.