Best Dog Food Storage Containers

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As a dog owner, you need the right supplies at home to provide the best care for your furry friend. You must have the best dog food storage container among the top items you purchase.

When you buy dog food, it comes in a sealed bag. You have to open the bag to access the food inside. You can't reseal the bag in most cases, leaving the dog food exposed. At that point, you need a fitting storage container to store the extra dog food.

The Simplehuman 35-liter Pet Food Storage Can, IRIS Airtight Food Storage Container, and Gamma2 Airtight Food Storage Container are the best dog food storage containers. They all employ the crucial airtight sealing technology that ensures dog food remains fresh. Plus, they have enough capacity to hold more food for longer.

The best dog food storage containers are made using the best materials. Such containers prevent any contamination of the food and also keep pests away. The design of the containers also makes it easy to store in tight spaces and stack them.

It's better to get the best dog food storage container since it will have the airtight sealing technology. With that, the container prevents moisture and humidity from compromising the quality of the dog food

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‍Best Dog Food Storage Containers

Buying lots of dog food means you need safe places to store it. You have to invest in top-quality dog food storage containers. These ensure the food stays fresh for some time and have nifty features that help you along.

An ideal storage container for dog food must have an airtight seal that keeps the food fresh. In addition, it should be made using sturdy materials that prevent your dogs, other pets, and even pests from accessing the food inside.

Not to mention, you need dog food storage containers that can carry loads of food. The container's opening needs to be wide enough to permit easy access to the food inside. Plus, it should be a decent shape to allow you to store the container well. Consider the dog food storage container below when purchasing a new one.

Simplehuman 35-liter Pet Food Storage Can-Premium Quality

Simplehuman 35-liter Pet Food Storage Can
Simplehuman 35-liter Pet Food Storage Can

When seeking a premium dog food container, look out for the Simplehuman Pet Food Storage Can. It's a unique can made using top-quality stainless steel. The storage can weigh 18 lbs and can hold 35 liters of dog food at any one time.

Another top feature of this storage can is the ability to keep dog food fresh. The can comes with an airtight seal that clamps shut after you finish scooping the food. A silicon gasket on the lid area ensures air won't get in when you shut the container.

In addition, the Simplehuman storage can have a magnetic scoop mounted on the lid. The measuring scoop magnetically attaches itself under the lid of the storage can. That's crucial since it saves time scooping food for anxious dogs in your home.

There's also a large ergonomic handle on the top side of the storage can. Its purpose is to clump the lid shut with a simple and smooth motion. The handle locks the storage can's lid preventing the pets from opening it if they come across it.

The 35-liter storage can fit lots of bulk food items for your dogs. It has a slim and slick design that blends well with modern kitchens. Also, the can fits in a small space and has a (Bisphenol A) BPA-free inner bucket. It’s easy to move the can as it has wheels at the bottom.

IRIS Airtight Food Storage Container- Best Airtight

IRIS Airtight Food Storage Container
IRIS Airtight Food Storage Container

The IRIS USA Premium Food Storage Container is the best airtight can for keeping dog food. It's made using premium plastic material that's BPA free.

As a premium dog food container, it's airtight, keeping the contents fresh for some time. Place the dog food inside the container right after opening a fresh batch.

The container has an airtight seal and a snap lock. Having the two in place keeps humidity out, which can affect the freshness of the food. There are also latches that lock the dog food container preventing unwanted access by your pets or pests.

The storage container is tapered, making it easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe it down and add fresh food. Plus, this also makes it easier to scoop when feeding your dogs. The container can hold more than 12 lbs. of dry pet food.

At the bottom are four wheels at each corner for easier movement. The wheels help move the container from one corner to the next with ease. It has a narrow design, meaning you can store the container in a tight space.

Gamma2 Airtight Food Storage Container- Best Large Capacity

Gamma2 Airtight Food Storage Container
Gamma2 Airtight Food Storage Container

You may have loads of dog food to store at times and need a large-capacity container. The Gamma2 Airtight Food Storage Container fits the bill, given that it can hold 80 pounds of pet food. It's a pest-proof container that you can store in different areas without worrying about the contents.

The container's airtight seal keeps food fresh and moisture-free for a long time. Its design means you can stack several containers on top of each other to save on storage. There's a scoop in each container you purchase.

Gamma2 containers are made using High-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. It's BPA-free and good quality such that it won't crack or shatter when you drop it. As a result, you can store the food container in the garage, basement, or other storage spaces in the house.

It's made in the USA by GAMMA2 Inc. The company designed and patented the airtight container in 1989. It's committed to manufacturing in the country and offers solutions to keeping pet food fresh for longer. The heavy-duty design provides a quality that lasts longer.

The Gamma2 containers have an ergonomic handle that you use to hold the container. The container is white and blends well with the interior décor in your home. You can place the food bag inside, making cleaning the container easier.

TIOVERY Dog Food Storage Container- Best Small Container

TIOVERY Dog Food Storage Container
TIOVERY Dog Food Storage Container

Having a small portable container like the TIOVERY Dog Food Container makes it easier to travel with your pets. It's small enough to fit in your luggage or other items that you use to pack pet contents. The container only carries 3.5 lbs. of food.

The clear container makes it easier to gauge how much food remains. It has an airtight seal with buckles. The four buckles hold the lead down, preventing humidity exposure or pests from gaining access to the content.

The next great feature is the unique spout at the top of the lid. You can use this to pour the food onto a feeding tray without opening the whole container. Also, it comes with a measuring scoop which you can use to measure the food for your pets. There's a portable handle that makes the container easier to carry.

The small storage can is made using BPA-free plastic material. While it stores pet food, you can also use it to store human food safely. The plastic has no smell and is safe for proper food storage. It has a tapered shape that makes the container easier to clean.

Van Ness Pet Food Container- Best Container on Wheels

Van Ness Pet Food Container
Van Ness Pet Food Container

The Van Ness Pet Food Container can hold 25 pounds of food and has wheels at the bottom. The wheels on the container are inlaid, offering more stability when the container is full of food.

The storage container has a simple design and uses food-grade plastic. Accessing the food requires unsnapping the top and lifting the lid upwards. There is a wide space at the top and inside, making scooping food simpler. You can fetch lots of food at once.

The dog food container is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved. The airtight technology and seal keep the food fresh. No dust, pests, or humidity will damage the food inside the container when sealed.

It's a see-through container that ensures a pet owner knows when to purchase more food. The sturdy quality and narrow design make it easy to store in tight spaces. The food-grade container can also store human food like grains and flour, apart from pet food.

BUDDEEZ Dog Food Plastic Container- Best for Dry Food

BUDDEEZ Dog Food Plastic Container
BUDDEEZ Dog Food Plastic Container

The BUDDEEZ dog food container is one of the best for keeping dog food dry and fresh. It has a bag-in feature which means it's possible to store food in a bag inside the container.

The storage container can hold 80 Quart of food. It's transparent, making it simpler to assess the amount of food left. The container uses BPA-free plastic material, ensuring food is free of contaminants.

At the top, there's an airtight lid with a seal that prevents the food from losing its freshness. At one end of the lid is a flap that pulls outward when it's time to fill the food bowls. The storage container comes with one scoop and wheels for easier movement.

The storage container has a slim design that's easy to handle when pouring food. Also, it stores well in small spaces. It's a sturdy container that dogs and other pets or pests won't damage easily to access the food inside.

Stone-N-Feed Adjustable Dog Food Storage Container with Dog Bowls- Best with Food Bowls

Stone-N-Feed Adjustable Dog Food Storage Container with Dog Bowls
Stone-N-Feed Adjustable Dog Food Storage Container with Dog Bowls

When purchasing a dog food storage container, there's no need to search for other food bowls when you get the Stone-N-Feed Adjustable Food Storage. It’s a convenient storage container with two stainless steel dog bowls.

You can safely store 15 lbs. of dog food in the storage compartment. The design of the entire setup is narrow, making it easy to store away once the dogs are done feeding. The dog bowls are on top of the storage container in an elevated position, ideal for dogs with weak joints or illnesses like arthritis.

The raised dog feeder's elevated position is adjustable and gives dogs easy access to the food. For one dog, one bowl can hold the food while the other holds water to keep it hydrated.

The stainless-steel bowls are easy to clean, hold two scoops of food, and won't rust. The material keeps the food fresh and free of contaminants. There is a unique self-watering feature on the storage container.

Eassy Hoo Dog Food Storage Container- Best Collapsible

Eassy Hoo Dog Food Storage Container
Eassy Hoo Dog Food Storage Container

An ideal storage container is the Eassy Hoo Collapsible Dog Food Container. It has the capacity told 5 to 15 lbs. of dry pet food. The foldable design is favorable when keeping the food fresh and storing the container neatly.

The dog food storage container is made using high-quality PP+TPR material. It's 100% BPA-free and food-grade. It's also ideal for storing human food, and the container is eco-friendly.

A sturdy handle at the tip makes it easier to move the container from one point to another. The lid of the storage container is airtight. It adopts a premium sealing mechanism with a silicone gasket. All it takes is one press to fit the lid into position and seal the food inside.

The container is easy to use with a wide opening to allow scooping of food. The durable plastic material means pests like ants and even pets won't access the food inside the container.

GreenJoy Dog Food Container with Attached Measuring Cup- Best Budget

GreenJoy Dog Food Container with Attached Measuring Cup
GreenJoy Dog Food Container with Attached Measuring Cup

The GreenJoy Dog Food Container works when on a tight budget. For a low price, you get three containers that you can use to store dry food for longer. The set also comes with a dish bowl and measuring cup.

Each storage container can hold 4 lbs. of dog food. When feeding the dog, use the measuring cup and collapsible bowl. All are made using durable plastic material and have airtight sealing capacity. The storage container has four upgrade seal buckles.

The container design has grooves. There's even a measuring scale that's easy to use, and it's possible to stack the containers on top of each other.

The quality plastic is BPA free and food grade in terms of the material. No odor seeps into the material, which can interfere with food quality. The container is safe to use, storing food meant for human consumption.

Sistema Food Storage Container- Best for Wet Food

Sistema Food Storage Container
Sistema Food Storage Container

A Sistema Food Storage Container is the best when you want to store wet dog food in the refrigerator. These containers have easy-locking clips and an extended skirt seal. Both help prevent leaks and keep the food inside fresh for longer.

The container has a modular design, and it's possible to stack one on top of the other. You can have 5 containers, each holding 2.4 liters of food and still save space by stacking them on top.

The dog food storage containers are made of BPA-free plastic. Not only are they safe to store dry food, but the quality material is also freezer-safe

Factors to Consider When Buying Dog Food Storage Containers

Dog food storage containers are essential for keeping the content fresh and moisture-free. In addition, an airtight container ensures pets and pests won't eat the food inside.

However, before purchasing a new container, consider a few factors. These will help you find the right container that will serve you and your pets for some time.


The best dog food storage containers must be made using top-quality materials. The majority in the list above use high-quality BPA-free plastic material. The containers last longer since they don't break easily, plus they're safe to store food without compromising health.

Always consider where you intend to store the containers in terms of the material. Also, ensure the containers are BPA-free. Those cans and containers with BPA leak contaminants into the dog food leading to illnesses.

Another good material for dog food storage containers is stainless steel. It's easy to clean, durable, and looks good.


How many pets do you have in your home? If it's a single dog, you can buy a small storage container to store the dog food.

But, if you have many, you might want to purchase a larger container. A large storage container makes it possible to buy lots of dog food and keep it fresh for as long as you need it.

Design and Dimensions

A good storage container needs to fit in different spaces, including tight ones. The ideal dog food storage container doesn't take up too much space. Some have a narrow design making them slip easily in small spaces.

Also, consider the design in terms of the opening at the top. If you get a large container, it should have a wide opening to permit easy scooping of the food. Smaller containers can have spouts that you use to dish out the content.

Airtight Seal

One of the most important features of the best dog food storage containers is the airtight technology. The ideal container contains an airtight seal which keeps the food inside fresh.

Dust, moisture, and other contaminants won't get in once you seal the container.

Capacity to Hold Bags

A good dog food storage container can hold the dog food bag. Keeping the food inside the bag and then placing it in the can makes it easier to clean.

Pick a wide and big enough container to store the dog food inside a bag. Keeping the dog food container clean is important for the health and wellness of your pets.


Pick a container that your dog won't gain easy access to. The best containers are sturdy, meaning they won't crack or shatter easily.

Dogs can be quite motivated to get to the food when you're not looking. So, pick a container that can withstand an assault from them—it should be 'dog-proof.'

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Inquire whether the dog food container is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Knowing this information is better to prevent issues like sun damage forcing you to purchase a new one.

The best containers can withstand exposure to the elements and still keep food fresh.