English Vs American Labradors

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Key Takeaways

  • English and American Labradors are part of the same dog breed, the Labrador Retriever.
  • English Labradors tend to have bigger heads and a stockier frame with a thicker coat.
  • American Labradors are more athletic, having compact bodies and longer muzzles.
  • Both types of Labrador are suitable for families.
  • English and American Labradors are susceptible to the same health issues.

Do you know the difference between an English and an American Labrador? Learn about the history, temperament, and physical differences between these two Labs.

English Labradors have calmer personalities and larger heads than American Labradors. American Labradors tend to be more energetic and have smaller heads. Over the years, breeding and selective genetics have made English and American Labrador Retrievers distinct.

Our team has years of collective experience working with Labradors and various pure breeds. Backed by both our practical knowledge and up-to-date info from qualified experts, you can rest assured that our advice is accurate and reliable.

In this article

What's the Difference Between American and English Labs?

The American Lab and the English Lab were developed in separate countries, but both share a common bond as part of the beloved breed, the Labrador Retriever.

American and English labs are different in their physical characteristics and temperament.

What Are American Labradors?

With their eager temperaments and athletic builds, American Labrador Retrievers top the list for perfect canine companions - making them ideal partners for trainers and families of all experience levels.

Not to be mistaken with English Labradors, these distinguished dogs possess longer legs and a distinctive elongated muzzle that serves as one of many features differentiating them.

US-bred Labradors are desired as high-energy dogs and improved muscular build, making them ideal candidates as hunting dogs and for physical activities like long runs, frequent play, and field sports.

They often require more exercise than the British variants of these popular dogs.

What Are English Labradors?

English Labradors, originally bred in the UK, are known for their temperaments of patience and composure - making them a perfect choice for anyone looking to train a lovable yet relaxed Lab.

Sporting a thicker and sturdy build, along with a short snout and shorter legs compared to their American counterparts, the English Labrador Retriever has an unmistakable, more stocky appearance.

Are English Labs Bigger Than American Labs?

The physical difference between American and English Labradors is slight, but the head size of an English Labrador tends to be larger than that of an American Labrador.

In reality, American Labs are often bigger by weight due to their more athletic build and increased muscle mass.

English Labradors generally have thicker bodies, while American Labradors tend to be leaner in overall appearance.

Ultimately, the size of an individual Labrador Retriever is determined by a complex combination of their parents' genetics, lifestyle, and diet.

English Lab vs. American Training Differences

The temperament of English Labradors makes them the ideal choice for anyone looking for a mellow and obedient Labrador.

English Labs typically respond better to training than American labs, making them a great fit for novice trainers or those looking to train delicate breeds.

As American Labs remain renowned for their energetic personality, they are the perfect pick if you are looking for a canine partner with an active lifestyle.

Though American Labs can be trained and often show better results than their English counterparts, they require a more experienced trainer to fully bring out their potential in obedience and agility training.

Don't let this slight difference deter you from an American Lab. Like the other differences between English and American Labs; it's not very extreme.

Training any dog, regardless of breed and origin, requires dedication to ensure success.

Do American Labs Ever Calm Down?

American Labs do indeed calm down. However, this usually doesn't happen until the Lab matures and reaches adulthood, around 2-3 years old.

At that point, they tend to settle in and become less active than when they were younger.

With proper training and consistency, you can help speed up the process of calming down any Labrador Retriever.

This is a very commonly asked question among new Lab owners.

But don't forget: American and English Labs are not two totally distinct breeds - they only have slight distinctions.

English Labradors can also be full of energy during their early life stages!

English Vs. American Labrador Retriever Grooming Needs

Both American and English Labrador Retrievers have about the same grooming needs.

Both require frequent brushing, once or twice weekly, to maintain a healthy double coat, as well as monthly to bi-monthly bathing to keep them clean and free from parasites and dirt.

English Labs have slightly thicker coats than American Labs, so they may require more frequent brushing.

But in our real-world experience, the difference is negligible as far as grooming routines are concerned.

It is also important that their nails are trimmed regularly to prevent overgrowth and discomfort for your Labrador Retriever.

English Vs. American Labrador Health Problems

In terms of health, both the American and English Labrador have similar lifespans and are generally healthy as part of the Labrador Retriever breed line.

Are Labrador Retrievers Healthy Dogs?

Yes! Labradors are one of the healthiest dogs out there. Thousands of dog owners choose both the English and their American cousins each year.

They tend to have fewer genetic issues compared to most other pure breeds, and they often live long, active lives filled with lots of love and affection.

That being said, all Labradors can be prone to certain diseases or conditions, such as hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia.

Skin allergies are also common.

With regular vet visits, proper nutrition, and exercise, your Labrador can remain healthy for a very long time regardless of their status as an English or American Lab.

Which Type of Lab Makes a Better Pet?

Either an American Lab or an English Lab will make an excellent pet.

While there are some general characteristics that may distinguish the two types, each individual dog can have a unique personality and temperament - making them wonderfully diverse companions!

Remember that English and American Labs are still members of the same popular dog breed, the Labrador Retriever.

The American Kennel Club treats both types of Labs as the same breed, despite the specialized breeding practices.

Keep in mind that some official kennel clubs may have different standards, but we consider the AKC the gold standard.

When selecting the perfect Labrador for your home, focus on finding an individual dog that fits well into your lifestyle or as a family dog – don't worry about its breed type.

Knowing what characteristics make any Lab suitable for you is key in determining which will be best suited for years of companionship.

Are English Labs More Expensive Than American?

In general, yes, English Labs are more expensive than American.

The cost of an English Lab is generally higher than its American counterpart due to the increased demand for the "English look" and tighter breed standard.

However, many good Labrador breeders will charge the same price regardless of country of origin.

Price should not be a major factor when selecting a Labrador, as it is important to find a breeder you trust and invest in a healthy dog that will become a member of your family for over a decade.

Which Type of Labrador Is Best? (English Vs. American Labradors)

The answer to this question really depends on the individual needs and preferences of each family. Even then, individual Labs from both types frequently break their breed expectations.

Both American and English Labs make wonderful pets for those with active or slower lifestyles, as both breeds are eager to please and enjoy participating in affectionate quality time and physical activity.

When you are looking for a puppy to bring home, it is important to find a good breeder. A good breeder will have healthy puppies and be able to tell you about the personality of each one. Choose carefully!

How Do You Pick a Labrador Puppy From a Litter?

  1. Research the breeder: Make sure that you have researched the reputation of the breeder and confirmed their credentials.
  2. Meet the puppies: If possible, arrange to meet all of the puppies in person and observe their behaviors before making your decision.
  3. Consider temperaments: Pay attention to each Lab's individual temperament with their litter-mates; this can have an impact on how it will fit into your life once it comes home with you.
  4. Ask questions about health history: Ask about any potential medical issues or vaccinations that may be necessary for each puppy’s health care plan prior to bringing them home.
  5. Look at physical characteristics: Evaluate things like coat color, size, facial structure, eye color, ear shape, etc., which are important considerations when selecting a Labrador, specifically from its breed type - English VS American Labs.
  6. Spend time with each pup individually: Take some time alone with each pup separately so you can better assess how they interact when given one-on-one human attention.
  7. Get ready for commitment: Be prepared for a long-term commitment, not only financially but emotionally too – choose wisely!

No matter which type of Labrador Retriever you choose, American or English, it is important to do your research and select a puppy that comes from a reputable breeder with forethought and intent.