SpotOn vs Halo: Uncovering the Better GPS Dog Collar Fence

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Key Takeaways

  • SpotOn and Halo are popular GPS dog collar fence brands with varying features.
  • Technical specifications should be considered when choosing between these devices.
  • Comparing the pros and cons of each brand will help you make an informed decision.

In the quest for the ideal GPS dog collar fence, you should compare SpotOn and Halo to explore which truly leads the pack.

SpotOn offers high accuracy and flexible boundary settings, which are ideal for dynamic environments but costly. Halo, while more affordable, has less precise GPS tracking and limited fence customization, which is suitable for simpler needs.

As a dog lover who has extensively tested both SpotOn dog collar and Halo dog collar, I've seen firsthand how these GPS collars operate in real-world scenarios. If precision and flexibility are your top priorities, SpotOn is unmatched. However, for those on a budget seeking basic tracking, Halo does the job. Each has its strengths, and I'm here to guide you to the best fit for your furry friend's needs.

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Halo Collar vs Spot-On Collar: The Ultimate GPS Dog Collar Fence Comparison

With today's technology, GPS dog collar fences have become a popular solution for preventing your dog from wandering off. Two leading brands in the market are SpotOn and Halo, known for their cutting-edge features and designs.

While both SpotOn and Halo offer reliable GPS-based virtual fencing solutions, they differ in several aspects, such as technical specifications, features, subscription plans, and user experience.

Here's a detailed comparison between SpotOn and Halo GPS Dog Collar Fences:

Features SpotOn GPS Dog Collar Fence Halo GPS Dog Collar Fence
GPS Technology & Satellites Utilizes True Location™ technology with access to 128 satellites for boundary accuracy Uses PrecisionGPS™ harnessing 6 satellite networks (127 satellites)
Virtual Fence Creation Up to 20 GPS fences without a subscription, created using a smartphone Up to 20 virtual GPS fences created in the app
Fence Size Range From ½ acre to 1K+ acres Not specified, but fences are stored in the collar and work everywhere
Boundary Accuracy Accurate to three feet under open sky and ten feet under heavy tree cover or near buildings It is not explicitly stated but it utilizes multiple satellite networks for precision
Setup and Management Simple setup and management using a smartphone Managed using Halo app; includes video tutorials and expert training
Feedback Mechanism Alert tones, optional static correction or vibration; no correction for returning to the fence Customizable audio, vibration, and static feedback; includes Cesar Millan's training program
Battery Life Up to 22 hours containment, 14 hours tracking; 1-hour full charge Up to 24+ hours on a single charge; recommended to charge overnight
Waterproof Rating IP67 waterproof rating for swimming and playing in the rain IP67 waterproof rating includes magnetic charging port
Connectivity Verizon or AT&T LTE-M, high-sensitivity GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/Beidou receiver LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth; global, multi-carrier connectivity
Subscription Services Optional for additional features like real-time tracking and night visibility Not explicitly mentioned, but app features suggest some level of subscription
Additional Features Forest Mode for improved accuracy in heavy tree cover, Boundary Boost™ for real-time tracking and recall Activity tracking, return whistle, safety alerts, beacons for keep-away areas
Design and Assembly Designed and assembled in the USA Not specified
Special Features GPS perimeter to disable feedback indoors, no hardware installation required Customizable feedback types including Cesar Millan's voice commands and sounds

SpotOn Features

The SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence is a state-of-the-art GPS dog collar fence that offers unparalleled precision and flexibility in creating customizable boundaries for your pet. It combines advanced technology with user-friendly features, making it an ideal solution for pet owners looking for a reliable and adaptable way to keep their dogs safely contained.

Precision GPS Fencing and Integrated Training Solutions

The SpotOn GPS fence is known for its high accuracy in creating virtual boundaries using GPS signals. Users can create and switch between multiple GPS fences easily. The system includes features for real-time tracking of the dog's location and allows for the creation of custom-shaped boundary lines, providing flexibility in defining safe areas for pets.

Battery Life

SpotOn's collar is equipped with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, which offers up to 22 hours of containment and 14 hours of tracking. It can be fully charged in about 1 hour, ensuring minimal downtime and consistent tracking capability.

Subscription Mode

The device allows the creation and use of up to 20 fences without a subscription, making it versatile for different user needs. However, optional subscription services are available for those who require additional features like enhanced night visibility and real-time tracking.

Technical Specifications

The SpotOn Collar offers real-time location tracking through GPS. It is designed to be durable and water-resistant, suitable for outdoor activities. Available in three sizes (Small, Medium, and Large), the collar caters to a wide range of dog breeds and sizes. Its design focuses on functionality, with an adjustable strap for a comfortable fit.

Customization and Flexibility

SpotOn stands out for its ability to create highly customizable and precise GPS fences. Users can draw virtually any shape of boundary, adapting to the unique contours of their property. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for owners with irregularly shaped yards or specific areas they want to designate as off-limits.

The collar allows for storage and easy switching between multiple fence configurations. This is convenient for users who may need different containment areas for different situations, such as at home, vacation spots, or a relative's house.

Communication and Alerts

SpotOn provides immediate notifications if the dog breaches a boundary. This rapid communication allows owners to quickly respond to potential escape situations, enhancing the safety of the pet.

The system includes features to monitor the dog’s activity, which can be crucial for understanding their behavior patterns and ensuring they are getting enough exercise.

Durability and Comfort

Designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, the SpotOn collar is durable and water-resistant. This makes it suitable for dogs that are active outdoors, ensuring the device's longevity even in challenging conditions.

The collar's adjustable design ensures a comfortable fit for different dog sizes. This attention to comfort is crucial, as a well-fitting collar is less likely to be a nuisance to the dog, ensuring consistent wear.


  • SpotOn collar is subscription-free, offering a cost-effective choice
  • SpotOn GPS fence allows overlapping virtual boundaries for greater control
  • SpotOn GPS dog fence features a long battery life, minimizing recharge needs
  • Water-resistant and durable, it's perfect for active or swimming dogs


  • SpotOn's higher upfront cost may concern budget-conscious owners
  • Less comprehensive training program

Halo Features

Halo is an innovative GPS dog collar that integrates smart fencing, training, and health monitoring into one comprehensive system. Designed in collaboration with dog behavior experts, it offers a unique combination of safety, training, and activity tracking to ensure the well-being and security of your pet.

Precision GPS Fencing and Integrated Training Solutions

Halo combines GPS-based fencing with an integrated training program. Using advanced GPS location services, it establishes an invisible fence, which can be customized using the Halo app. This integration of fencing and training aids significantly in managing and training pets effectively.

Battery Life

The Halo collar boasts an all-day battery life, offering over 24 hours of performance, although the actual duration can vary based on usage. To ensure continuous operation, it is recommended to charge the collar overnight, making it ready for daily use.

Subscription Mode

Unlike SpotOn, Halo operates on a subscription-based model. This model is essential to fully utilize the device's capabilities, offering various plans to suit different budgets and needs. The subscription includes access to the app for boundary customization and safety alerts, which are crucial for the collar's full functionality.

Technical Specifications

Halo's collar includes advanced technology for real-time location tracking, accessible through the Halo app. The rechargeable battery can last between 2-3 days, depending on usage. Like SpotOn, it is water-resistant and comes in two sizes (Medium and Large). An additional feature is an LED light for extra visibility, especially useful during nighttime activities.

Customization and Flexibility

Halo offers boundary customization through its app, providing a user-friendly interface for setting up and adjusting fences. While it may not have the same level of precise boundary drawing as SpotOn, it offers sufficient flexibility for most standard yard shapes.

Halo's emphasis on integration with a training program adds an extra layer of utility. This feature aids in teaching the dog to recognize and respect boundaries, potentially reducing the likelihood of the dog testing fence limits.

Communication and Alerts

In addition to alerting the owner when a dog breaches a boundary, Halo offers preventive feedback. This feedback gently guides the dog back to safety before they even cross the boundary, reducing the risk of escape.

Halo's focus on health tracking provides owners with valuable insights into their dog’s movement patterns and rest periods, assisting in managing their overall well-being.

Durability and Comfort

Halo collars are also built to be durable and water-resistant, capable of enduring outdoor elements like rain and splashing. This durability is essential for maintaining the collar's functionality over time.

With two size options (Medium and Large), the Halo collar caters to a range of dog sizes. The correct sizing is key to ensuring the collar is comfortable and effective, preventing it from being too loose or too tight.


  • Halo offers customizable virtual fences for varied areas, simplifying boundary setup
  • The Halo app features easy fence creation, tracking, and training tools
  • Halo's free program includes training videos and live Zoom sessions with trainers
  • Track your dog's location, activity, and rest with the wellness insights


  • Halo collar necessitates a monthly subscription of $5.99 to $9.99
  • Battery life is shorter, requiring more frequent recharges

Final Verdict: Choosing Between SpotOn and Halo Collars

It's time to make your final decision on which GPS dog collar fence is best suited for you furry friend.

Here's a table summarizing who should consider the SpotOn and Halo collars, based on their respective features:

Aspect Halo Collar SpotOn Collar
Best Suited For Tech-savvy and training-focused owners; comfortable with regular subscriptions Budget-conscious owners; prefer a one-time purchase with no subscription
Training and Management Comprehensive training program with easy fence creation and tracking Simplified GPS fence management with overlapping boundaries
Subscription Model Requires a monthly subscription of $5.99 to $9.99 for full functionality No subscription required; cost-effective choice
Battery Life Shorter battery life; requires more frequent recharges Longer battery life; minimizes recharge needs
Durability and Use Not specified Water-resistant and durable; ideal for active or swimming dogs
Initial Cost Not specified Higher upfront cost which may concern budget-conscious owners
Training Program Includes training videos and live Zoom sessions Less comprehensive training program

Who Should Consider the Halo Collar

The Halo collar is your best choice if you are a dog owner who falls into any of these areas.

  • Ideal for Tech-Savvy and Training-Focused Owners

The Halo collar's strength lies in its comprehensive training program, making it an excellent choice for owners who prioritize training alongside containment.

Its customizable virtual fences and detailed wellness insights cater to those who value in-depth tracking and boundary management.

  • For Regular Subscribers

Ideal for individuals comfortable with a monthly subscription model, as the collar's full functionality hinges on an ongoing subscription.

  • Frequent Recharge Acceptance

Suitable for owners who don't mind more frequent recharging of the device.

Who Should Consider the SpotOn Collar

If you fall under these categories, then the SpotOn Collar can be your preferred choice.

  • For Budget-Conscious Owners Preferring No Subscription

The SpotOn collar is a one-time investment with no mandatory subscription, appealing to those who prefer a cost-effective, long-term solution.

  • Overlapping Boundary Needs

This collar is perfect for owners who need overlapping virtual boundaries for intricate containment strategies.

  • Active or Swimming Dogs

The water-resistant and durable nature of the SpotOn collar makes it ideal for active dogs or those who swim.

  • Consideration for Upfront Cost

Despite its higher initial cost, it's a worthy investment for those who prefer a comprehensive, one-time purchase over regular subscription fees.

Role of User Experience in Choosing Dog’s Collar Fence

When choosing the perfect GPS dog collar for your furry friend, user experience plays a crucial role in determining the best product.

Setting Up and Usage

Both Halo and SpotOn collars utilize advanced technology to create virtual fences, ensuring your dog's safety and giving pet owners peace of mind. Setting up the Halo Collar is relatively straightforward, with a user-friendly Halo app to guide you through fence creation and training.

On the other hand, the SpotOn GPS Fence offers comparable ease of use and convenience when it comes to Spoton dog fence creation and tracking features. The SpotOn app provides step-by-step instructions, making it easy for dog lovers to set up their SpotOn virtual fence and monitor their dog's location.

Customer Support and Warranty

When investing in a GPS dog collar, it's essential to evaluate the customer support and warranty offered by the respective companies. Halo offers a free training program that includes live Zoom sessions, training videos, and a satisfaction guarantee. This comprehensive support system eases the adoption process for both dog owners and their pets.

SpotOn's customer support system is equally commendable, with responsive SpotOn tech support and a dedicated training program. The SpotOn collar features a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing pet owners to test the device and ensure it meets their unique needs.

Performance and Reliability

Dog owners expect their GPS dog collars to be reliable and efficient, providing accurate location tracking and battery life. The Halo collar boasts impressive battery life and reliable GPS tracking, with additional features such as Forest Mode for enhanced performance in dense areas.

Similarly, the SpotOn GPS dog collar delivers reliable performance, ensuring accurate location tracking and the ability to set up multiple GPS dog fences. Its high-quality GPS antenna and battery life allow dog owners to have confidence in their pet's safety within the SpotOn virtual fence.