14 Holiday Gift Ideas for Labrador Retrievers

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Your Labrador Retriever has been a really good boy or girl, and this holiday season, you want nothing more than to show them how much they mean to you by treating them to a nice gift. That said, you're struggling to come up with ideas. What are some great holiday gifts for Labs?

Here are 14 Holiday Gift ideas for Labs:

  • PetSport Plush Animal Toy
  • KONG Dog Toy
  • PLAYOLOGY Dri-Tech Rope Dog Toy
  • The Coldest Dog Bowl
  • Bonza Large Collapsible Dog Bowl
  • SIMPLY+ Raised Dog Food Bowl Stand
  • Rabbitgoo Dog Harness
  • TUG 360° Dog Leash
  • FurHaven Orthopedic CertiPUR-US Foam Bed
  • G-Baby Dog Boots
  • Kurgo North Country Dog Coat
  • Buddy's Best Dog Shampoo and Conditioner
  • EcoKind Pet Treats
  • BarkBox Monthly Subscription Box

Keep reading for lots of great information on each of these products, including materials, sizing, and specs. You'll soon be able to fill that spot under the Christmas tree for your Lab with lots of great gifts!

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PetSport Plush Animal Toy

PetSport Plush Animal Toy

Does Your Labrador Retriever rip up most toys the same day they get them? It could be they need a plush toy that's formulated for dogs of their size, such as the PetSport plush animal toy. You can select from a llama, a sloth, or a hedgehog.

Each oversized dog toy is built for durability. Colorlast features maintain the toy's color even if your Lab slobbers all over it (which, c'mon, they definitely will). Nontoxic certification gives you peace of mind as your Lab chews and plays for hours.

A squeaker buried in the plush toy will incentivize your Labrador to squeak, toss, and fetch!  

KONG Dog Toy

KONG dong toy

Maybe you're looking for a toy for your Labrador Retriever that's a bit more indestructible. In that case, you can't go wrong with KONG.

These classic rubber cylindrical dog toys feature a hollow core that you can fill with dog treats to make KONG even more irresistible. According to KONG, their toy mentally stimulates dogs and can quell their instinctual needs. If your Lab suffers from excessive barking, boredom, or separation anxiety, KONG toys might help here too.

KONG rubber dog toys come in all sizes, from XS to XXL, so there's certainly one out there that's sizable enough for your Labrador Retriever. After they eat all the treats out of it (or if they slobber on it too much), you can safely put the KONG dog toy in the dishwasher. 

PLAYOLOGY Dri-Tech Rope Dog Toy

PLAYOLOGY Dri-Tech Rope Dog Toy

Does your Lab fancy a game of tug-of-war? Of course, they do! The next time the urge to play strikes, it'll be time to reach for the PLAYOLOGY Dri-tech rope dog toy you bought your pup for Christmas. 

The Dri-Tech rope toy includes Encapsiscent technology that embeds more of the natural scent throughout the rope fibers. Yes, that's right, the rope is scented like food to get your dog off its butt and in the mood to play. As your Lab sniffs their rope toy, they'll be ready to tug for a treat.

The fibers that comprise the Dri-Tech rope toys are free of lead, phthalates, and BPAs, making the toy nontoxic. The fibers are tear-resistant, too, so your Lab can literally sink their teeth into the rope without shredding this toy in two days (or less). 

As the name Dri-Tech suggests, PLAYOLOGY's rope toy wicks away slobber, so the toy doesn't develop that unappealing spittle crust that every dog owner knows all too well. 

You can select from a variety of colors for the PLAYOLOGY Dri-Tech dog rope toy that correlate to scents. Yellow is chicken odor, red is beef, green is sweet potato, orange is cheddar cheese, and blue is peanut butter. 

The Coldest Dog Bowl

The Coldest Dog Bowl

Nothing tastes better than cold water, especially when you're parched. Often, after filling your Lab's water bowl, the water goes lukewarm after a couple of hours. Not anymore! 

The Coldest Dog Bowl is made from triple-walled insulated high-grade stainless steel that maintains the water temperature for longer. 

The bowl doesn't exclusively have to be used for water; when repurposed as a food bowl, The Coldest Dog Bowl can store five and a half cups of food. 

Non-slip rubber at the bottom of the bowl won't scratch up your floor. Plus, it's now harder for your Lab to tip their water or food bowl over, making a mess everywhere. Your kitchen will stay a lot cleaner. 

When your dog empties out the bowl, The Coldest Dog Bowl can go in the dishwasher without scratching. You can also wash it by hand if you wish. 

Bonza Large Collapsible Dog Bowl

Bonza Large Collapsible Dog Bowl

Are you on the go a lot and always bring your Lab with you? When they become parched or hungry, you tend to have to call your adventures short, so you can get your pup home for a good meal. 

This holiday season, treat your Labrador Retriever to the Bonza large collapsible dog bowl, which is an Amazon's Choice product.

The large-sized bowl is 55 ounces for dogs who weigh more than 100 pounds. Bonza's bowl is three inches tall when open and .75 inches when collapsed, so this bowl can squish down quite a lot! Its diameter is seven inches.

Made of eco-friendly, phthalate-free materials, the Bonza collapsible dog bowl is non-slip too. Included with your purchase is an aluminum aircraft-grade carabiner clip for attaching a water bottle so you can quickly fill up the bowl when your Lab starts panting.

When you and your Lab are back home after a fun but exhausting day of adventuring, just toss the Bonza bowl in the dishwasher. 

SIMPLY+ Raised Dog Food Bowl Stand

SIMPLY+ Raised Dog Food Bowl Stand

Does your Lab bend his or her head down to eat? Doing so allows gas and undigested food to remain in their stomach, which may raise stomach pressure and lead to issues like stomach ruptures in a worst-case scenario.

Your dog should eat with their head up, and with the SIMPLY+ raised dog food bowl stand, they can. The farm-style dog food stand is made of wood with a surface coating for waterproofing. Each leg of the stand has non-slip pads underneath.

Do you want to customize your dog food bowl stand? You can! SIMPLY+ adds in an oil-based pen for decorating the wooden surface as you see fit. You also get stainless steel food and water bowls with your purchase. Of course, feel free to swap those out for your own bowls if you'd rather.

For dogs over 15 inches long such as your Lab, SIMPLY+ recommends a food bowl stand size that's 21 inches long by 11.5 inches wide and 11 inches high. 

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

When you hook a leash to your Lab's collar, and they pull and pull, you could end up accidentally choking your dog. A harness will spare their neck and throat, so walking them is easy and painless.

The Rabbitgoo harness is an Amazon's Choice product and is highly rated. It's lined with mesh for breathability and padding. The exterior Oxford material resists stains and weather damage. 

To use the harness, relax the neck-straps and open the chest straps, which buckle closed. Put the neck loop around your Lab's head and then adjust any of the four straps for a customized fit that's always comfortable for your dog.

The D-ring around the back is where you hook the leash. A no-pull front ring is another connection point that's supposed to lessen pulling. Side buckles keep your dog in their harness, and a top handle lets you stop your Lab before they run off. 

Reflective strips throughout are great for early-morning or post-dusk walks when visibility isn't the best. 

You can select from a rainbow of colors for the Rabbitgoo dog harness as well as four sizes: small, medium, large, and XL. You'll need a large or XL for your Labrador Retriever. 

TUG 360° Dog Leash

TUG 360° Dog Leash

If you're treating your Lab to a new harness then why not a brand-new leash as well? The TUG 360° leash is another Amazon's Choice product, so you know it's high-quality.

The TUG 360° has a quick-lock and brake system you can use simply by shifting the main button into one of four positions. Retraction opening prevents tangles, so no matter which direction your Lab wants to go, the leash is ready to go in that direction too.

The anti-slip handle grip will help you remain in control of your dog on your walks. The leash itself is made of durable nylon.

The large size leash is 5.7 inches tall, 1.8 inches thick, and 8.2 inches wide. It's recommended for dogs who weigh less than 110 pounds. You can shop the TUG 360° dog leash in colors like white, black, blue, olive green, gray, and red. 

FurHaven Orthopedic CertiPUR-US Foam Bed

FurHaven Orthopedic CertiPUR-US Foam Bed

The ultimate present for your Lab this Christmas is a new dog bed, especially one as luxe as the FurHaven orthopedic CertiPUR-US foam bed

The foam that comprises this Amazon's Choice bed passes the CertiPUR-US program standards for quality and a low carbon footprint. That foam is egg-crate style to support muscles and joints for less pain and to relieve pressure point discomfort. The egg-crate design also maximizes airflow, so the bed stinks less.

Soft bolsters throughout are supportive and lend the bed orthopedic ergonomics. Faux fur lining feels delicate, while the micro suede outer is upscale and appealing. 

The size large FurHaven dog bed is 36 inches by 27 inches by 6.5 inches, the jumbo is 44 inches by 35 inches by eight inches, and the jumbo plus size is 53 inches by 42 inches by 9.5 inches. One of those sizes should suit your Lab just fine. 

G-Baby Dog Boots

G-Baby Dog Boots

The holidays bring freezing cold winter, as do the months to follow. If you and your dog's adventures don't slow even in the winter, then spare your Lab's feet in a pair of dog boots like the G-Baby shoes.

The boots feature tough soles with wear resistance. G-Baby says their boots are suitable for dogs that enjoy running, hiking, climbing, and walking. The soles are also non-slip for walking in snow and on ice. 

Reflective strips across the G-Baby booties keep your dog visible as daylight vanishes early in the winter. The boots are waterproof as well, so your Lab's feet aren't soaking wet after traipsing through the snow. 

To put on the booties, all you have to do is release the dual straps. Once your Lab puts its paw in, secure the straps, and the boots are on. 

What size bootie is right for your Lab? You have to measure their paws to find out. G-Baby recommends putting your dog's paw on a piece of paper and making an outline. When determining the width of their paw, be sure to include their nails and toes. 

Your Lab's paw width will be smaller than the size of the boot, so make sure you size up a smidge! 

Kurgo North Country Dog Coat

Kurgo North Country Dog Coat

Do you know what goes really well with a new pair of winter booties? That's right! A winter jacket. 

The Kurgo North Country dog coat is made of ripstop 1,200-denier polyester, so it's ready for rain, snow, wind, and other weather. Inside the coat is a plush fleece liner that insulates your Lab. The coat is recommended for all three seasons but summer.

Reflective piping and an LED light strip enhance visibility, so you don't have to worry about losing your dog in the dark. Waterproofing makes the Kurgo North Country dog coat a wise choice for rainy-day walks too.

The available size range is XS through XL. You can choose from colors such as black, red, or blue. 

Buddy's Best Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

Buddy's Best Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

The shampoo and conditioner you choose to bathe your Lab with can go a long way towards keeping them healthy and happy. Cheap shampoo or bathing products that aren't formulated for dogs will make your Lab itchy. When they itch, they can lick obsessively, creating dry spots. They'll also shed more.

Buddy's Best dog shampoo and conditioner is a good product to have in your pantry. It's oatmeal-based for dogs with sensitive skin, and it's hypoallergenic too. All ingredients are vegan, so you can feel good about purchasing this product for your Lab.

Erase bad scents and leave your Lab's coat looking and feeling silky smooth each time you bathe your pup using Buddy's Best. You can buy this dog shampoo/conditioner combo in quantities of 16 fluid ounces, 32 fluid ounces, and even a gallon. 

If your Lab likes pleasing scents, your options are Ripe Melon, Citrus Fresh, Calming Lavender, and Coconut Vanilla Bean. You can also purchase Buddy's Best unscented.  

EcoKind Pet Treats

EcoKind Pet Treats

How about something edible for your Lab this Christmas? EcoKind pet treats are organic yak chews that are milk-based and free of chemicals, additives, and preservatives. Each treat is up to two inches wide and about eight inches long, so your Lab won't swallow them in two seconds flat. 

You can buy bags by the pound, with up to five-pound bags available. If you're looking for a tidier present that fits under the Christmas tree, you can always purchase a box of eight EcoKind sticks. They make a great stocking stuffer!

BarkBox Monthly Subscription Box 

Our last Christmas present suggestion for Labrador Retrievers is the gift that keeps on giving, a subscription to BarkBox.

Every month, your dog will receive a themed box that always includes one chew, two dog treat bags, and two toys. The toys run the gamut from plush toys to rope toys, squeakers, spiky balls, chew toys, and even interactive toys. 

There's no need to worry about what's in the treats, as BarkBox promises the treats they choose are always made soy, corn, and wheat-free. If your Lab has food allergies, you can even customize your box. 


This holiday season, cross off your Christmas shopping faster by purchasing your Labrador Retriever any of the 14 fabulous gifts on this list. Each one is something your dog needs, so go ahead and splurge a little!