100+ Indian Dog Names (List Of Ideas)

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Key Takeaways

  • The best Indian dog name ideas include Rocky, Simba, Tiger, Raj, Raja, Moti, Ruby, Rosie, Parth, and Kumar.
  • The best male Indian dog names include Amir, Arjun, Akash, Bhavin, Chinnu, Manish, Baloo, Hardik, Jihan, and Rana.
  • The best female Indian dog names include Ameya, Amisha, Bala, Chadna, Charvi, Sona, Hiya, Neha, Prama, Manu, and Zohra.

Naming a pet like a Labrador Retriever is always challenging. We can think of ideas but never make a final decision when choosing an Indian dog name.

There are hundreds of Indian dog names to consider. It’s difficult to decide what suits each dog best, so we created a list of some of our favorite Indian dog names.

  • Rocky
  • Simba
  • Tiger
  • Raj
  • Raja
  • Moti
  • Ruby
  • Rosie
  • Parth
  • Kumar

This guide will discuss a long list of Indian dog names and some ideas for what to name your dog. We have categorized these unique Indian dog names based on the dog’s gender, culture, etc. Keep reading to find your dog’s new Indian name today.

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100+ Indian Dog Names (List Of Ideas)

The country's culture and heritage usually influence Indian dog names. They are a popular way for dog owners to represent their country and culture, and an inclusive Indian dog name makes the animal feel more like a part of the family.

Indian dog names have a lot of depth and meaning behind them, which is why they are often used in the Hindu culture. Indian culture is one of the oldest in the world and has been around for thousands of years.

There are many name possibilities like different Indian languages, Indian species, etc. Some of the most popular Indian dog names include the following.

  • Rocky
  • Simba
  • Tiger
  • Raj
  • Raja
  • Moti
  • Ruby
  • Rosie
  • Parth
  • Kumar

We believe this is the perfect way to find a perfect pup’s name. What makes Indian dog names so unique? Let’s review some of the best Indian dog names below.

Best Male Indian Dog Names

An Indian male dog name is not just a name. It’s a way of life. It tells the world about the pup’s personality and what he means to the family.

This is especially true for male dogs. To help find the best name, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular male dog names to consider. This also includes their meaning and why these names are special.

Dog Name Meaning
Amir Prince, Prosperous, Rich, Ruler
Arjun Bright, Shining, White
Akash Space, Sky
Bhavin Beautiful, Blessing
Chinnu Sweet baby, little one
Manish The God of the Mind, Intellectual, Genius
Baloo Bear (The Jungle Book)
Hardik From the heart
Jihan The World
Rana King
Tiger Symbol of magnificence, power, and fierceness
Rahul Moon, Efficient
Himat Power
Samir Good friend, companion
Jivan Life, bringer of life
Tej Light, lustrous
Divit Heaven, reaching for the sky
Zain Beauty, grace
Yash Success
Shaan Peace, pride
Lal Darling
Atul Matchless, Uncomparable

Best Female Indian Dog Names

Female dog names are a reflection of the positive traits that these beautiful creatures possess. The name can also be related to the appearance of the dog or its personality.

For any dog owners lacking inspiration, we have compiled a list of these names that best suit beautiful female dogs. These Indian names represent what it means to be an Indian dog.

Dog Name Meaning
Ameya Boundless
Amisha Beautiful, Without Decept
Bala Young girl
Chadna Love
Charvi Beautiful, Intelligent
Sona Gold
Hiya Heart
Neha Love, Affection
Prama Knowing truth
Manu Ruler of Earth
Zohra Bright, Shining
Devi Goddess
Prapti Achievement, Discovery, Determination
Priti Love
Raina Queen, Rain
Rasna Ray of light
Safa Purity, Serenity
Saryu Wind, Holy river
Jasmine Gift from God
Riya Singer
Lalasa Love
Champak Flower, Tree

Best Cultural Indian Dog Names

Another way to name a dog is through culture. And we understand how crucial Indian culture is, so below, we have listed the best cultural Indian dog names worth considering.

Dog Name Meaning
Maya Illusion
Kali Black
Chandra Moon
Rani Queen
Rajah King
Dharma Virtue
Karma Fate
Jaya Victory
Sari Flowing garment
Asha Hope
Shanti Peace
Aarti Hindu ritual of worship
Ananda Joy
Gita Song
Mira Admirable
Om Sacred sound in Hinduism
Ravi Sun
Zara Princess
Tara Star
Veda Knowledge
Shakti Power
Ganesh Hindu God of wisdom and prosperity
Krishna Hindu God of love and compassion

Best Meaningful Indian Dog Names

It’s also a good idea to think of a meaningful name for a dog. For example, many people choose to name their dog Holi after the Spring Festival Celebration. But there are plenty of other ideas too.

This is a common approach to take. Our pets represent more than just an animal. They are a part of our family. Choosing a meaningful name is a special way to approach this process.

Dog Name Meaning
Aarav Peaceful
Aarya Noble
Advait Unique
Alok Bright
Arjun Bright and shining
Bhavya Grand
Chetan Perceptive
Daksha Efficient
Dev Divine
Eshaan Lord Shiva
Gaurav Honor
Hema Golden
Ishan Lord Shiva
Jyoti Light
Kavya Poem
Lakshya Aim or target
Manish Wise
Nirav Quiet
Omkar Om, the sacred sound in Hinduism
Pranav Sacred syllable "Om"
Rohit Red
Sagar Ocean
Siddharth One who has accomplished a goal
Trisha Wish or desire
Ved Sacred knowledge

Best Native American Dog Names

Many people also wonder about Native American Indian dog names. We also decided to include some of the best ones in this in-depth guide.

The list below is the best Native American dog names and their meanings. These symbolic names align with Indian tradition, culture, and history.

Dog Name Meaning
Ahanu He laughs (Algonquin)
Chaska Star (Sioux)
Cochise A famous Apache leader
Dakota A friend or ally (Sioux)
Geronimo A famous Apache leader
Koda Friend (Dakota)
Maska Strong (Cree)
Nokosi Bear (Seminole)
Sequoia A famous Cherokee leader
Shiloh Place of peace (Sioux)
Takoda Friend to everyone (Sioux)
Tala Wolf (Choctaw)
Tammany From Tamanend, a famous Lenape leader
Winona Firstborn daughter (Sioux)
Zaltana High mountain (Chippewa)

Best Indian Food Dog Names

If none of these names have stood out yet, consider an Indian food name for your dog. These are names after famous Indian cuisine that could also play well as cute pet names for a new dog or a female puppy.

It’s not the most traditional approach, but anything is possible. It’s an alternative to choosing a regular female dog name.

Name Meaning
Biryani A popular mixed rice dish
Butter From Butter Chicken, a popular Indian dish
Chaat A savory Indian snack
Chai Indian tea
Chutney A condiment used in Indian cuisine
Curry A spiced dish with a sauce
Ghee Clarified butter used in Indian cooking
Gulab From Gulab Jamun, a popular Indian sweet
Jalebi A sweet, spiral-shaped dessert
Kheer A sweet rice pudding
Ladoo A round, sweet Indian dessert
Masala A spice blend used in Indian cooking
Naan A type of Indian bread
Pakora A fried Indian snack
Papadum A thin, crispy Indian cracker
Raita A yogurt-based side dish
Samosa A triangular-shaped savory pastry
Tikka From Chicken Tikka, a popular Indian dish
Vada A deep-fried Indian snack

Best Punjabi Indian Dog Names

Punjabi is a language spoken in this region of the world. Many people would prefer a Punjabi name for their dog.

This language is spoken mostly in northwestern India and eastern Pakistan. These dog names should not be confused with a Hindi name. We have listed some ideas to consider below.

Name Meaning
Amrit Divine nectar
Bhangra A lively Punjabi folk dance
Chardi Kala Punjabi phrase meaning high spirits and optimism
Gagan Sky
Gidda A Punjabi folk dance performed by women
Gulab Rose
Jatt A Punjabi farmer or landowner
Jugaad A Punjabi word meaning a clever or resourceful solution to a problem
Kaur A Punjabi name meaning "princess" or "lioness"
Khalsa A community of Sikhs who have undergone the Amrit initiation ceremony
Lassi A popular Punjabi drink made with yogurt
Makhani From Butter Chicken Masala, a popular Punjabi dish
Pataka A Punjabi word meaning a firecracker or a stunningly beautiful person
Paranda A traditional Punjabi hair accessory
Rangla A Punjabi word meaning colorful or lively
Sarson Mustard, a common ingredient in Punjabi cuisine
Singh A Punjabi name meaning "lion" or "warrior"
Tandoor A clay oven used in Punjabi cooking
Virsa Heritage or tradition
Wagah A border town between India and Pakistan, known for its daily flag-lowering ceremony

How To Choose The Best Indian Dog Names

Choosing a name for my dog was not easy. I know the same is true for most people. So what are some steps to take to choose the best Indian dog name? Here are some tips.

Think About The Dog’s Upbringing

Selecting the perfect name for any dog is a personal and thoughtful decision. A crucial factor to consider is the breed and size of our dog, as the name we choose should complement and suit our furry friend.

Personality and temperament also play an important role in selecting a name that reflects their unique qualities. The meanings and symbolism behind the names can also help us find a name that resonates with us.

Ask Family Members

Ask family members to make suggestions too. We want something that is easy to pronounce and remember. It's also a good idea to avoid names that are too similar to common commands or the names of other family members.

Our dog's unique physical features or personality traits can also be used as inspiration for a name. Everybody in the family should have a different name recommendation to consider too.

Pick A Name You Love

Always pick a name that is pleasing and loved. This is the name we will associate with our dog forever, so it should be a name we love to use that suits our pet well.

Test Out A Few Names First

It’s alright to test out a few names before making a final decision. Young puppies will not immediately respond to a new name, so trying out a few different ones we like is a good way to choose.

Decide Based On Appearance

Research popular Indian dog names and their meanings for inspiration. Using this strategy can help us decide on a name while looking at our dog.

We prefer to name dogs based on their appearance. It’s a more natural naming process, and we feel that the name chosen fits the dog best.

Will My Dog Respond And Listen To An Indian Dog Name?

Whether you have a female dog or a male dog, the strategy should be the same. Pick a name that fits the dog in your own perspective and make it something they can respond positively to.

It takes time to train a dog, but eventually, they will respond and listen to their own Indian name too. Use their name regularly, so they get used to hearing it.

At an early age, it’s best to use the dog’s name during commands so they can associate good behavior responses with their name. This serves as a reminder later when they are well-trained and following instructions.


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