How To Know Your Labrador Loves And Adores You

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Key Takeaways

  • Labs love to show affection to their family.
  • Your Labrador will use physical contact and eye contact to show their love and affection.
  • When you are down, you can count on your dog to try to cheer you up.
  • Playing is one way that you and your Labrador retriever can show you love each other.

There is nothing greater than Labrador love! It is understandable that you want to make sure your Lab loves you. How do you know if your dog loves you?

There are so many ways that Labradors express affection to owners. Some of the most common ways are:

  • Making eye contact
  • Licking your hands and face
  • Wagging their tail
  • Following you everywhere
  • Sleeping with you

As a lifelong dog owner, I have seen the many ways that a dog shows affection and love. It is a good thing to remember that Labradors love unconditionally, so if you are taking care of them and showing love to them, they are sure to return that affection to you.

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How to Know Your Labrador Loves and Adores You

Labrador retrievers are one of the most loving animals around. That is one of the things that make Labs one of the most popular dogs for dog owners.

The Labrador is an expert at showing affection. Let’s look at all the adorable ways a dog's love is shown through its body language.

Eye Contact to Show Love

For a dog, making eye contact is sometimes considered a challenge or an act of aggression. If your Labrador is making eye contact with you, it shows they trust you.

A dog’s eye contact is a great way to tell that they love and adore you. If your Lab is nervous around you, they will look away and avoid eye contact.

Licking to Show Affection

One popular way that Labradors show affection is by licking. Most dogs love showering their owners with kisses, but the Lab can’t wait to give their favorite people a slobbery bath.

While your dog’s wet kisses may annoy you sometimes, it is good to let them enjoy it every now and then. Licking is a form of communication that has been passed to Labrador Retrievers from their ancestors.

Dog’s Tail Wagging for Love

A dog’s tail is used to show all sorts of emotions. If your Labrador is wagging slowly with a stiff tail, that might mean they are nervous or angry. However, if your Lab’s tail is loose and floppy, that is just their way of showing that they adore you.

I think we can all tell the lazy, goofy tail wagging of a happy dog. If your Labrador retriever is approaching you with dog smiles and a relaxed demeanor, then they feel pretty good about seeing you.

Labradors Show Affection by Following You

You can tell that your dog loves you by the amount of time they want to spend with you. Labrador retrievers love following their owners around. They can’t stand to be parted even for the time it takes you to go to the bathroom!

When your Lab has to be everywhere you are, that is a surefire way to know your dog adores you. Don’t be down if your dog doesn’t follow you. Some dogs are loners, but they will show their affection in other ways.

Dogs Love to Sleep with Dog Owners

One of the greatest ways that Labs show deep affection is by sleeping with you. For a dog, sleeping next to someone is a sign of great trust. During sleep is when they are most vulnerable, but they trust you to take care of them.

There are many reasons to have your Lab sleep in its own bed. If your pet sleeps in its own bed, don’t worry! There are many other ways that you and your dog can show love and affection.

Labs Want to Help You Feel Better

One of the best ways a Labrador has of expressing affection is by trying to comfort their owners. If you are sad and down, you may notice that your dog will come to be near you.

Dogs can sense our emotions and show empathy. They may lay next to you, whine a little, nuzzle your hand, or lean their head on you. Just like you try to help them feel better, Labs will try to help you feel better because they love you.

Labradors Show Affection by Jumping

While you should break your dog of this habit, Labs naturally show affection by jumping on you when they see you. They just can’t contain the excitement of having you near.

While Labs love to jump when they are excited, it is important to teach your dog manners. There are lots of other ways you and your Lab can show that you adore each other.

The Famous Labrador Lean

Labradors are very affectionate creatures. These dogs will take any opportunity to show you that they love and adore you - even if it just means leaning on you.

Labs take the phrase “lean on me” literally. If you are too busy to play at the moment, they will make sure you don’t forget about them by coming in for the lean.

Sighing to Show Affection

After a long hard day of playing and chasing bugs, your Labrador plops down next to you and lets out a heavy sigh. Believe it or not, this is a sign of affection!

Next to you is your Lab’s favorite place in the world. The relief they feel when you are there for them is so relaxing, they can’t help but let out a big sigh.

You Are Their Favorite Playmate

Labradors never grow up. They are energetic and boisterous. No matter their age, they will use play to express their love for you.

To keep your dog mentally and physically active, play different games, and get them new types of toys. If you want to show your Labrador retriever that you love them, too, playing is one of the best ways.

Take My Slobbery Toy

Another way that dogs show affection is by giving you their toys. You may not want their dirty, damp toy, but if your Lab loves you, they can’t help but share with you.

Any time you are sitting watching TV or studying for exams, and your Labrador lays their toy in your lap, that is a great sign of adoration. They want you to have fun by spending time with them.

Rolling Over and Showing Their Belly

A Lab’s belly is one of the most vulnerable spots on its body. If they are showing you their belly, that means they trust you more than anyone else.

Yes, they want you to rub their belly, but it is because they love and trust you. It also shows that they want you to be happy. By rolling on their back, they are telling you that you are the boss.

A Dog Loves to Guard You

Does your dog have to be everywhere you are? Do they keep a lookout while you are in the bathroom? Do they watch your back while you are cooking? If so, your Labrador loves and adores you.

You are your dog’s best friend and they don’t want anything to happen to you. When they think you need an extra set of eyes, your Lab will be right there making sure no one sneaks up on you.

Sleeping With Your Dirty Clothes

When you're at work or out of the house, your Lab gets lonely. All they want to do is be next to you, so they will get something that you have worn so they can be close to your scent.

Even once a dog learns not to chew up your items, they will lie with your dirty clothes to be near you. If your Labrador sleeps with your dirty clothes it is a sign of affection.

Cuddling and Nuzzling

One of my dogs is the biggest nuzzler I have seen. He will put his head on my legs or arms and twist it side to side. This is a sign of love and affection.

If your Lab loves and adores you, it will cuddle and nuzzle you every chance they get. Even if you can’t pet them, your dog wants to be as near to you as possible.