Why Does My Miniature Goldendoodle Shed So Much?

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Miniature Goldendoodles are a pet owner's favorite because of their cute and fluffy faces, and they don’t tend to shed much, making them a popular breed.

So if your miniature Goldendoodle is starting to shed much more than usual, this is a cause for concern. It typically indicates something is wrong, and we will help you identify the problem to stop the excessive shedding from happening.

Your Miniature Goldendoodle sheds so much because of increased stress, poor nutrition, skin allergies, bad health problems, or inadequate grooming. This breed is not known to shed as much as other breeds, so it is easy to fix once you identify the cause for extra shedding.

If you’ve got a Miniature Goldendoodle, you shouldn't expect to deal with heavy shedding regularly. When you notice shedding starting to happen more, a problem likely needs to be identified. This guide will walk you through some of the most common questions about your pet’s coat and how to deal with shedding.

Shedding is a natural process for all dogs, but because of the coat type of a Goldendoodle, it is a bit different compared to other breeds. We will help you figure out why your miniature Goldendoodle sheds so much below.

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Why Does My Miniature Goldendoodle Shed So Much?

Miniature Goldendoodles are well known for their thick and luxurious coats. They’re one of the breeds that we often see with minimal shedding despite having a thicker coat.

They have a double coat, which means the outer layer of their fur sheds, and the softer undercoat grows back in its place. The breed has been bred to have a thick coat that stays warm during cold winters.

The texture of your dog’s coat changes with the seasons. It will be very thick in the colder months and a bit softer in the summer. So, even though it’s not wintering now, your doodle still has that thick coat.

We will cover this, but first, consider why your miniature Goldendoodle is shedding so much.

Increased Stress

Miniature Goldendoodle is a popular dog breed. They are known for their intelligence and personality while keeping shedding to a minimum.

An increase in shedding can be caused by stress or discomfort in the dog’s life. This can cause your miniature Goldendoodle to shed more than usual.

It will also have difficulty regulating its temperature, leading to health issues. When this happens, you must take care of your dog immediately so that it can get better soon.

Poor Nutrition

Your Goldendoodle’s coat relies heavily on a healthy and balanced diet for proper growth. When diet and nutrition are lacking, it can result in excessive shedding and poorer quality coat growth.

Certain diets can cause excessive shedding, too, and hair loss, which is why you need to ensure that you're feeding your dog a healthy diet with lots of vitamins and minerals.

Skin Allergies

If your dog has allergies, this can also cause them to shed excessively. This could be due to their dry and itchy skin or an overactive immune system that causes constant inflammation in the body.

Some common causes are food sensitivities, environmental factors, and contact with other animals. It can also be due to a reaction to grooming products or shampoos being used in your household.

Bad Health

Next, you should start looking into your dog's health if you notice they are shedding excessively and more than usual. Several different conditions or infections can cause this.

The most common problems that cause more shedding for Goldendoodles are dermatitis, bacterial infections, or parasite infections, leading to increased shedding.

It is best to visit your veterinarian to get an expert opinion about excessive shedding after you can rule out the less serious potential causes. They will provide you with a firm course of action that is best suited for your pet.

Inadequate Grooming

Goldendoodles have an attractive coat that is soft and fluffy. They also have long hair on their legs, tail, and chest.

The length of the hair can cause them to overheat in warm weather or shed excessively in colder weather because they cannot regulate their body temperature, as well as dogs with shorter coats.

Several factors can cause excessive shedding in dogs, one being inadequate grooming. When your dog is not groomed properly, it will shed more than usual, and this can cause problems like matting and hot spots that lead to discomfort for your dog.

Are Miniature Goldendoodles Hypoallergenic?

No breed is completely hypoallergenic, but Goldendoodles are considered very friendly to those who suffer from allergies.

The Goldendoodle's dense undercoat also helps to reduce allergens in the air and on objects around the home. The Goldendoodle has a double coat and produces less dander than other dogs of similar size.

Because of this type of coat, allergies for owners are low, and shedding is kept to a minimum unless there is some type of issue occurring with your dog’s health.

How to Brush Out Your Goldendoodle

If you’re dealing with heavy shedding from your Goldendoodle, then it’s important to brush your dog regularly. Brushing your doodle’s coat helps remove the excess hair, which means less hair on your clothes and furniture.

You can use a slicker brush to brush out your dog’s coat. It’s a sturdy brush that will remove any loose hair. Make sure to brush in the direction that the hair grows.

You don’t want to make the hair more matted than it already is. Brush your dog’s coat out every week or so, and it will help keep the amount of shedding to a minimum.

Brushing is important in caring for your dog and keeping them healthy. Regular brushing helps remove dead hair, dirt, and debris from your dog's coat and removes the risk of skin issues from developing.

Solutions for Heavy Shedding In Miniature Goldendoodles

If you notice an increase in shedding from your puppy, a change must be made. You can do a few things to help decrease the amount of hair your dog sheds.

Increase Grooming And Bathing

Bathing your dog will help remove loose hair from its coat and skin. You can also try to increase the frequency of grooming to help keep your dog’s coat cleaner with less build-up of fur for shedding.

Brush your dog’s coat

As we mentioned, brushing your dog’s coat removes loose hair and keeps it from matting. This will also help distribute your dog’s natural oils, so their coat will stay soft and shiny.

Find Ways To Reduce Stress

Being less stressed will help your dog’s coat stay healthy, and their shedding will be lighter. It is common to see dogs who experience stress and discomfort shed due to anxiety.

A stressed puppy can also lead to further health issues. Finding a way to make your Goldendoodle happier and more comfortable will only improve their overall health.

Try New Grooming Products

Shedding is a natural process that dogs go through. If your dog sheds a lot, you should try using anti-shed dog shampoo and other products to reduce the amount of hair your pet leaves behind.

Upgrading the grooming products for your miniature Goldendoodle is one of the most effective ways to deal with unexpected heavy shedding.

If shampoo isn't the problem, you can look for a metal comb instead. This is known to work better as a de-shedding tool.