Top Names For Female Yellow Labs

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Key Takeaways

  • Some of the top names for female yellow labs include Luna, Bella, Layla, Daisy, Ellie, Sadie, Lady, Bailey, Fiona, Coco, and Willow. But there are many more to consider.
  • Some funny names include Cookie, Butter, Bean, Bingo, Caramel, Pebbles, Brownie Cutey, Goldilocks, Sugar, Cinnamon, and Jellybean.
  • Many people like to choose famous names for their female yellow lab, and we like Lilo (Lilo and Stitch), Katniss (The Hunger Games), Eleven (Stranger Things), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Madonna, and Rihanna as the top names.
  • Female yellow labs are so special because they are more independent, smarter, calmer, easier to train, and so loving.
  • We recommend being unique, avoiding confusing names for training, and considering the dog’s history when choosing a dog name.

The top names for female yellow labs are typically short and easy to spell, and they match the dog’s personality, so it's easy to view them with that name.

The top names for female yellow labs include Bailey, Dolly, Daisy, Sydney, Maggie, Willow, Lola, Coco, Riley, Sadie, Emma, and Roxie. However, we also like funny names like Cookie, Caramel, Goldilocks, Pup Tart, and Mary Puppins. It’s also possible to use meaningful names like Grace or Jocelyn.

We have compiled the top names for female labs from reliable sources that rank the most commonly used dog names. This guide includes accurate information with all of the top names and some recommendations based on names we like too.

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Top Names For Female Yellow Labs

Female yellow labs have a unique beauty and one-of-a-kind personalities compared to other dog breeds. This makes naming them even more special, and any dog owner knows how important the name they choose is.

But choosing a name can be challenging, and some inspiration is needed. Female yellow labs are special animals, so we have compiled a list of the top names to consider.

Best Female Yellow Lab Names

Yellow Labs are typically playful and energetic, which is why they make good family dogs. Females have a unique attitude unlike any other breed, so choosing the right name is difficult.

We have listed what we consider to be the best yellow female lab names. Try these out and see if they fit with your dog.

Bailey Dolly Ava Ellie Blair
Daisy Sydney Lily Molly Rose
Maggie Willow Zoey Sophie Lacey
Lola Coco Ruby Abby Goldie
Riley Sadie Remi Mia Marley
Emma Roxie Layla Annie Ella

Funny Female Yellow Lab Names

Some dog owners prefer to go a different route when naming their dog, and this is done by using a less common or a funny name. Many female yellow lab owners opt to do this every day, and we can help.

Some of these names match the personality and look of a female lab best, but they all are cute and funny options that fit this dog.

Cookie Butter Bean Bingo
Caramel Pebbles Brownie Cutey
Goldilocks Sugar Cinnamon Jellybean
Pup Tart Buttons Chickpea Queen Elizabark
Mary Puppins Cupcake Cashew Tinkerbell

Famous Female Yellow Lab Names

Another approach to take to name a female yellow lab is using a famous name based on a celebrity or character. This is a popular tactic for many people who have a show or movie they love.

We have included a handful of popular names many dog owners steal. These are the ones we feel fit the female yellow lab the best, so take a look and see which one matches your personality.

Lilo (Lilo and Stitch) Katniss (The Hunger Games) Eleven (Stranger Things)
Ariel (The Little Mermaid) Madonna Rihanna
Jasmine (Aladdin) Elsa (Frozen) Taylor (Swift)
Ellen (Degeneres) Cleopatra Hermione (Harry Potter)

Meaningful Female Yellow Lab Names

Finding a name for a new puppy can be difficult. This is why it is important to find a name that matches the personality of the new furry friend while also being meaningful to the owner and family.

The following list of meaningful female yellow lab names provides some inspiration for those looking to name their new pup. We also recommend thinking about meaningful names in your own families too.

Grace: Generous (Latin) Faye: Fairy (English) Astra: Star (Greek)
Jocelyn: Joyful (Latin) Eva: Life (Hebrew) Koa: Hawaiian (Brave)
Aiofe: Beauty (Irish) Ayesha: Alive (Arabic) Yuki: Japanese (Blessing)
Luna: Moon (Latin) Della: Noble (German) Athena: Greek (Wise)

What Are The Most Popular Names For Female Yellow Labs?

Yellow Labradors are among the most popular breeds of dogs in the United States. There are a few different names for this breed, but some of the most popular names for female Yellow Labs are listed below.

This list of names is among the most popular and commonly used for this specific breed. The name ideas also change based on the dog's age and when it gets named.

Luna Lacey Autumn
Bella Misty Ava
Layla Josie Emmy
Daisy Harley Goldie
Ellie Roxy Heidi
Sadie Remi Lola
Lady Chloe Maggie
Bailey Mia Muffin
Fiona Bella Phoebe
Coco Holly Rose
Willow Riley Zoey

Tips For Naming A Female Yellow Lab

When naming a female yellow lab, it is important to consider the meaning of the name and match it with the personality of your dog. We have included some tips below to keep in mind when choosing a name.

Think About Your Dog’s Story

We recommend that owners start by thinking about their dog’s story. This is especially helpful for owners who are adopting or rescuing a female yellow lab rather than getting a new puppy.

This can make the naming process easier by thinking about where the dog comes from and anything related to the dog’s history.

Be Unique

When naming a female yellow lab, you should try to be unique. This is because many names out there get used often, so some owners prefer to stick out and think of a unique name instead.

However, this is unnecessary, and there is nothing wrong with choosing a popular and commonly used name like Bailey or Daisy.

Consider Interests And Lifestyle

The idea of naming a dog can be daunting and difficult. There are so many factors to consider when it comes to deciding on a name, such as your lifestyle and interests.

These can be great sources of inspiration for a female yellow lab name. For example, owners who loved the Marley & Me movie can name their dog after the movie or another favorite movie or TV show.

This is a common practice, and we consider it to be one of the best because it creates an even deeper bond with the dog. They now carry a name you love and respect.

Avoid Confusing Names For Training

Dogs are intelligent animals who can learn quickly and have a natural instinct to be obedient. They are also known to be able to read human emotions and respond accordingly.

However, naming your dog something that could be clearer can force them to struggle while being trained. To avoid this, keep the name as simple and short as possible, but do not make it too common.

For example, the name Cookie is common, but it can confuse when using a cookie as a reward treat during training exercises.

What Makes Female Yellow Labs So Special?

Female yellow labs are among the most popular breeds among people who want a smart and friendly dog. Some people even say that female yellow lab members have a special sixth sense about them, which helps them be more successful than other dogs.

It’s easy to spot the difference in how a female yellow lab acts too. Be sure to choose a name based on these qualities.

Faster And Easier To Train

Female yellow Labradors are great for families who want a dog that is easy to train but can still be active. They are also great for people who live in larger homes because they can run around but with discipline.

When compared to their male counterparts or other dog breeds, these females are much smarter and quicker to learn obedience commands. This can be helpful for owners with less time.

Gentle And Loving Behavior

Female yellow Labradors tend to be more relaxed and less aggressive than male yellow Labradors. The difference in temperament is also seen in other breeds of dogs as well, such as golden retrievers, beagles, greyhounds, and border collies.

They have a more laid-back personality, making them the perfect companion for children. This is why many families with younger kids opt for a female instead of a male; they are known to make less of a mess.

More Independent

The Yellow Lab is a breed of dog that is often seen as a companion animal. They are known for being very friendly and close with family members, but they also make great pets for people living alone or in apartments.

Females are much more independent than their male counterparts and less likely to suffer from separation anxiety. This is an important personality trait and can also be relevant when naming them.

Athletic And High Energy

Labradors are very athletic and have a lot of energy. They make great family dogs and are known to be friendly with children.

They can be stubborn sometimes, but they love to please their owners, so they will work hard for treats and praise.

Yellow female Labradors are still a lot of fun to play with because they have high energy levels and lots of personality. They are also very loyal and will always be by your side.


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