Labrador Puppy Sleeping on the Floor: Is It Good or Bad?

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It's happened to all of us. Your Labrador puppy sleeps on the floor instead of the cozy dog bed you just bought.

But is it really a bad thing?

Generally, it isn't bad for a Labrador puppy to sleep on the floor. This behavior might be triggered by the temperatures, the bed being uncomfortable, the wrong size, or being in the wrong spot. If none of those are true, then it is possible your Lab puppy simply prefers sleeping on the floor.

Be conscious of the reasons your Lab puppy may prefer sleeping on the floor, what to do when he sleeps there, and the things to be wary of.

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Reasons Your Lab Puppy Sleeps on the Floor

It's pretty annoying spending time and money on getting the perfect dog bed, only for it to be abandoned for the floor!

While you can't verbally ask your pup why he's abandoning his bed, there are a few triggers linked to this behavior, as outlined below.

The Bed Is Uncomfortable

One of the main reasons your Lab puppy may prefer sleeping on the floor is because his bed is uncomfortable. It may be too slippery, scratchy, something is poking him, or the padding isn't right for him.

Or, your Lab might be running away from a wet, dirty, or smelly bed.

So, if your dog normally sleeps on his bed but suddenly switches to the floor, first check his bed. You can place your palm on the bed and have a feel of it. If the bed is worn out, replace it. You can also try to lure your puppy back to the bed by adding extra padding or some soft blankets.

For the longest time I struggled to find a bed for Molly that she wouldn't completely abandon or destroy. So, I finally spent just a little bit extra for a good quality Furhaven bed from Amazon.

What a difference!

Now, whenever we can't find her we know where she is.

The Bed Is Too Big or Too Small

Like humans, dogs have preferences when it comes to their beds. Some love big beds while others love small beds. Therefore, the size of the dog bed you got for your puppy might be the reason behind him sleeping on the floor.

sleeping labrador

Inspect your Lab puppy as he sleeps and observe his sleeping posture. Take note of his stretches, turns, and the area where he sleeps. Note that most puppies are insecure in large beds, as they feel exposed to threats.

Therefore, if your puppy's bed appears too big or overly small for him you should replace it.

Your Lab Puppy Is Used to Sleeping on the Floor

Another reason why your Lab sleeps on the floor is that he's already used to it.

Even after placing beds in different spots in your house, you might still find him sleeping on the bare floor. Why? Because he's already used to sleeping on the floor. It's a habit he has already been accustomed to.

This is mainly the case if you adopt an older Lab puppy that has been raised sleeping on the floor.

The Bed Is Probably Too Hot or Too Cold

Your dog sleeping on the floor may be a silent way to tell you that his bed's temperature isn't conducive. It might be a little too hot or too cold. For example, during summer, the cozy, comfy overstuffed bed may overheat, leaving your furry canine friend with no option than to lie on the floor to try to feel cooler and comfortable.

On the other hand, during winter, the bed may not be warm enough for your pup. He may prefer sleeping on the floor next to the fireplace or heater. Your Lab puppy might also be looking for an ideal spot to bask by following the sun's rays during a sunny day.

So, it's good to understand the prevailing temperatures.

Furhaven has a bed on Amazon that has a cooling gel pad within it that can help if you live in a warmer climate.

Note: I chose the egg carton foam because Molly had a history of chewing a corner of her bed and I didn't want to take any chances. Plus, we keep it pretty cold at night!

Your Lab Puppy Wants To Stay Close to You

Sometimes the bed may be a comfortable, clean, and perfect size, but its position leaves your dog sleeping on the floor. Generally, Labradors are highly affectionate and always crave the attention of their parents. 

As a result, you may find your young canine friend trying to be as close to you as possible.

The bond you have with your Lab may drive him to sleep on the floor next to your bed as you sleep or in the kitchen as you prepare meals instead of his cozy bed.

In such cases, you can get your puppy to stick to his bed by placing it in spots closer to you.

Your Dog Prefers To Sleep on the Floor

Different dogs have varying preferences. You may find that among your litter of Lab puppies, some prefer sleeping on the bed while others always crave the floor.

So, if your dog has a cozy, comfortable, and clean bed but still sleeps on the floor, it might be a matter of personal preference. Even if you force him to sleep on the bed, he'll still find his way to the floor, because it's what his heart wants.

Your Lab Puppy Is Probably in Pain

Another reason why your pup may sleep on the floor is because of underlying pain. If you notice that your Lab's tendency of sleeping on the floor is associated with weird behaviors such as whining, panting, or abnormally excessive drooling, it might be an indication of an underlying condition.

Although other reasons behind your puppy sleeping on the floor aren't causes of alarm, this reason is. So, keep a close eye on your pup as he lies on the floor. Immediately contact your vet if you notice any symptoms of pain.

sleeping black labrador

What To Do if Your Lab Puppy Sleeps on the Floor

What should you do if your puppy lies on the floor, but you want him to use his dog bed? Here are a few tips you can try:

  • Place the bed in an ideal spot. You'll know where to put the bed by observing where your puppy likes to sleep on the floor. This could be in your bedroom, kitchen or front door, or lounge.
  • Make the bed comfortable. You can make the bed comfortable by replacing it if it's worn out. Or, you could clean it, or add a soft blanket.
  • Make the bed accessible. Ensure the bed is in a location where your puppy can easily access it. It shouldn't be too far from you or placed in a secluded spot.
  • Let your puppy sleep. If you try every means possible to lure your Lab puppy to his bed but still find him on the floor, leave him to enjoy his time. After all, if he's healthy and the floor is clean and not too hard on him, then it doesn't cause him any harm to let him sleep on the floor.

Things To Be Concerned About

Even though it isn't bad for your Lab puppy to sleep on the floor, there are certain things you should be concerned about. Before leaving your puppy to continue sleeping on the floor, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Your dog sleeping on hard floors for a long time may negatively affect his health. It may trigger structural ailments such as arthritis and hip dysplasia.
  • As much as you strive to keep your floor spotless, it may not be the cleanest place for your puppy to nap. Your Lab puppy's dense coat may accumulate dirt, debris, and other strange materials that can affect his skin's health.
  • If you let your puppy sleep on the floor, he might grow thinking it's a good thing to do. As a result, he might develop a lifelong habit of sleeping on floors which might be hard to correct in adulthood.

Wrapping It Up

Generally, it isn't bad for your Lab puppy to sleep on the floor. So, it shouldn't be a cause of alarm unless it's associated with signs of pain. However, you should remember that puppies sleep between 18-20 hours a day.

Choosing an ideal spot for your Lab puppy to sleep is vital for his general well-being.

Try keeping the floor clean, and if possible, throw a soft blanket in your puppy's favorite spot to make it a little more comfortable.