Tile Dog Collar Review

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Key Takeaways

  • Tile can be attached to a dog's collar to help find a lost dog.
  • Tile is most effective when in range with many fellow Tile users.
  • Compared to dedicated pet trackers, a Tile has a longer battery life.
  • Tile can be a more affordable alternative to traditional pet tracking devices.
  • Tile relies on Bluetooth connectivity, which can result in range limitations.

As a dog owner, I know how important it is to keep tabs on our furry friends, which is why decided to buy Tile Dog Collar for my pup.

The Tile Combo Pack can potentially save money by functioning as a four-in-one dog tracking solution. However, Tile Collar products such as the Mate, Pro, and Sticker can be purchased individually, if you are looking for specific features and capabilities for your dog tracking needs.

With numerous positive reviews and user experiences, you can trust that we've done the research to provide you with accurate and reliable information on the Tile Dog Collar. Stay with me as we explore its features, benefits, and any potential drawbacks to help you decide if it's the right choice for keeping your furry friend safe and sound.

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Tile Dog Collar Overview

As a dedicated dog owner, I understand how important it is to keep track of my furry friend. One solution I've found is using Tile, a popular Bluetooth tracker, as a dog collar attachment. In this section, I'll give a brief overview of various Tile models suitable for use as dog collar attachments.

Tile Model Range Features
Tile Mate 200 feet Basic model, small and lightweight, comfortable for dog
Tile Pro 400 feet Longer range, louder ring, great for larger properties or more reliable tracking
Tile Sticker 150 feet Compact tracker, adhesive backing, cat collar attachment, tracking range of 150 feet

Tile Mate

Tile Mate is the basic model, small and lightweight enough to be comfortably attached to a dog collar. With a range of 200 feet, it provides a helpful way to locate nearby pets that might have wandered off a little.

Tile Pro

Tile Pro offers a longer range of 400 feet and a louder ring compared to the previous models. If you have a larger property or want an even more reliable tracking solution, Tile Pro might be a great choice for your dog collar.

Tile Sticker

Finally, the Tile Sticker tracker comes with a cat collar attachment, but it can also be used for dogs. This compact tracker has an adhesive backing for effortless attachment and provides a tracking range of 150 feet.

Each Tile model offers a different set of features to cater to various pet and owner preferences. I hope this brief overview helps you find the right Tile tracker for your dog's collar and your peace of mind.

Features and Functionality

I recently tested the Tile Dog Collar, and I want to share its features and functionality with you. Let's dive into the different aspects that make this product stand out.

Bluetooth Range

One thing I noticed about the Tile Dog Collar is its impressive Bluetooth range. The Tile Pro version has a range of 400 ft, which is twice that of the Tile Mate. This increased range helps me keep track of my dog even when they're away from me in the park or the backyard.

Tile App

The Tile App is another feature I found to be quite useful. With this app, I can easily track and locate my dog using my smartphone. The user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to navigate, and it has proven to be indispensable when I need to find my wandering pup.

Global Network

It's not just the local tracking that I like about the Tile Dog Collar; it also has a fantastic global network. If my dog goes missing, the Tile community can help me locate them using their shared network, increasing the chances of a happy reunion.


While the Tile Dog Collar relies on Bluetooth technology rather than GPS, it still offers a reliable way to track your pet over short distances. If you need a more accurate GPS tracker, you might want to consider a product like the Whistle Go Explore instead.

From my personal experience, the Tile Dog Collar is packed with useful features that make keeping an eye on my furry friend much more manageable. Give it a try and see if it works for you too!

Comparison to Alternatives

As a dog owner searching for the best tracking option, I've explored a couple of popular alternatives to Tile dog collars. Let me share my findings with you.


The Apple AirTag offers ultra-wideband positioning technology, which makes it more precise than most Bluetooth trackers. I've found that AirTags provide a more intuitive, reliable, and user-friendly experience compared to Tile trackers.

Nevertheless, they are not specifically designed for pets, so attaching them to a collar might require some creativity. Also, AirTags are compatible only with Apple devices, limiting their use for non-Apple users.

Other Bluetooth Trackers

Aside from Tile and AirTag, various Bluetooth trackers are also available in the market. Some, like the Fi Smart Dog Collar Series 2, offer location updates several times a minute, thanks to its LTE-enabled design.

Another option, Tractive, sells two versions of its GPS and LTE pet tracker – one for dogs and one for cats. It's suitable for small dogs that weigh at least 8.8 pounds. These alternatives can deliver better pet tracking, but could be more expensive than Tile products.

When choosing the best tracking solution, it's essential to consider factors like compatibility, user experience, and price. In doing so, I'll be better equipped to make the best decision for my furry friend.

Subscription Options

As a dog owner, I understand that the subscription cost is an important consideration when choosing a Tile tracker for my furry friend. The Tile tracker comes with various subscription options, depending on the model and features.


For instance, I noticed that the Tile Mate tracker starts at $24.99, while the Tile Pro tracker is priced at $34.99. The Tile Slim and Tile Sticker trackers both have their unique pricing as well.

Plan Options

When it comes to the actual subscription plans, Tile offers the Premium and Premium Protect plans.

These plans provide additional features like Smart Alerts, which notify me if I accidentally leave my dog behind. Being a dog owner, I want nothing but the best for my canine companion, so it's essential to be aware of these subscription options.

Ultimately, the subscription option that works best for me depends on my specific needs, budget, and desired features. As a responsible pet owner, it's up to me to weigh these factors and make the right choice for my dog and me.

Lost and Misplaced Pets

As a pet owner, losing a pet can be a stressful situation. The Tile Dog Collar is a handy tool for keeping track of our furry friends.

Finding Your Pet with Tile

When a pet gets lost or misplaced, you can simply open the Tile app on your smartphone and check their location.

The app uses Bluetooth technology to help locate the Tile attached to your dog's collar. If your pet is nearby, the app will guide you to them, making it easy to reunite with your best friend.

Tile's Effectiveness

One aspect of Tile's effectiveness is that it's not limited to just indoor settings. According to The Verge, the Tile has a range of about 100 feet, giving you some peace of mind.

Furthermore, it maintains privacy by connecting with other app users seamlessly, without exposing location data.

GPS Pet Tracker

For an even more comprehensive solution, you can opt for a GPS pet tracker like the Whistle Go Explore.

While pricier, these trackers offer real-time location data, which is crucial for pets who often wander far from home.

Tile Community

In instances where your pet is out of the Tile's range and you can't locate them in real-time, the larger Tile community can still help.

When another Tile user gets close to your lost pet, their Tile app will silently notify you of your dog's location. It's this increased sense of security that makes the Tile collar attachment a perfect partner in helping you keep your pets safe.

Where to Shop

When searching for the perfect Tile Dog Collar, there are a few key places to consider, such as Etsy and Amazon.


If you're considering buying a Tile dog collar, the Tile website is a great place to start. The website offers a range of Tile models to choose from, including the Tile Mate, Tile Slim, Tile Pro, and Tile Sticker.

Each model has its unique features, such as different ranges and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your furry friend. Additionally, the website provides helpful information on how to attach and use the Tile dog collar, ensuring that you get the most out of your purchase.

With the added peace of mind that comes with knowing the location of your pet, the Tile dog collar is a worthwhile investment for any pet owner.


I found Etsy to be a wonderful platform for shopping for unique and custom tile dog collars. It offers an impressive selection of handmade Tile Dog Collars and an exclusive range of Tile Pro Dog Collars to choose from. This online marketplace showcases the creativity and skill of talented artisans who design these dog collars with utmost precision and care.


Another excellent place to search for a Tile Dog Collar is Amazon. Though the Tile Dog Collar might not be as prevalent as other styles, you can still find suitable options from well-reputed brands like Ruffwear Flat Out and Coastal Pet Circle T Latigo Leather Round Dog Collar that offer functionality and durability.

You can also consider purchasing a Tile Pet Tracker separately and attach it to your chosen dog collar for a customizable solution.

While shopping on any platform, I always prioritize checking customer reviews and ratings to ensure that I am making an informed decision.

Keep in mind the size, material, and durability of the collar before making your purchase. Remember, investing in a quality Tile Dog Collar ensures safety and convenience for both you and your furry companion.

Customization and Personalization

When it comes to choosing a stylish and unique gift for a dog lover, personalized dog collars can be a fantastic option. These collars often offer numerous options for customization, making each collar a one-of-a-kind piece for our furry friends.

Customizing Your Dog's Collar

Some of our favorite personalized tips for selecting the perfect collar include choosing from various materials, colors, and designs.

Many collars on the market, like the ones from PangoPets and BestReviews, offer multiple options for these customizations. When adding a personal touch, consider including your pup's name, contact information, or even cute symbols on the collar.

This not only makes the collar unique but also serves as an added safety measure in case your furry friend gets lost.

Ensuring the Collar's Size and Fit

One important aspect of customization is ensuring the collar's size and fit. We prefer collars that come in various sizes and are easily adjustable, like the ones from FindThisBest.

This allows our dogs to comfortably wear their personalized collar without any issues.

Matching Accessories

Personally, we also enjoy matching accessories, such as leashes, harnesses, or even bow ties, with the customized collar.

This coordinated look makes for a truly stylish and thoughtful gift idea for ourselves or other dog-loving friends.

As we consider the numerous available options for customization and personalization, what truly matters is selecting a collar that reflects your dog's personality while ensuring their comfort and safety.

Tile Combo Pack Options

I recently discovered the Tile Combo Pack as a versatile solution for keeping track of my belongings and my pets. The combo pack provides different Tile models tailored to various needs.

The pack includes two Tile Slim and two Tile Mate bluetooth pet tracker. While the Tile Mate is a smaller dog tracker designed with a keychain loop, Tile Slim is a thinner tracker that's perfect for tight spaces. Both these trackers have come in handy in locating my misplaced keys and even my dog's collar.

What really impresses me about the Tile Combo Pack is the range and volume of the trackers. The units have a 300-foot range, making it convenient to locate lost items within that distance. On top of that, they are waterproof and twice as loud as other Tile gadgets, ensuring that I can always hear them, even when outside on a rainy day.

I appreciate that the Tile trackers in the Combo Pack are suitable for diverse purposes. Not only do they help me find everyday items like my keys, wallet, and phone, but they also assist me in keeping track of my beloved dog by attaching the tracker to his collar.

In conclusion, I'm quite satisfied with the Tile Combo Pack and its ability to effectively track different items. It's been a game-changer for me, and I definitely recommend giving it a try if you're in need of a reliable tracking solution for your belongings or pets.

Stay Updated

I love staying updated with the latest news and features of Tile tag, and believe me, it's quite easy to do so. Their website offers plenty of information, and you can even sign up for their newsletter to receive updates directly in your inbox.

By providing my email address, I've been able to keep up with all the new Tile Dog Collar developments and product releases. Newsletters are a convenient way to learn about exclusive deals, promotions, and product launches without having to constantly check the website.

Also, it's essential to note that when interacting with Tile Dog Collar, their customer support is always ready to answer any questions or concerns to anyone in the tile network. This makes my experience with their product even more enjoyable and assures me that I've made the right choice.

In conclusion, if you want to stay in the loop with the latest Tile Dog Collar innovations, signing up for the newsletter with your email address is a must! This way, all the exciting news comes straight to you.

Customer Satisfaction Assessment with the Tile Dog Collar

Key Findings

  • The user experience study aimed to gather feedback from Tile Dog Collar users about their experience with the product.
  • The study evaluated the ease of use, accuracy, battery life, and overall satisfaction with the product.
  • The results showed that the Tile Dog Collar was generally easy to use and had a user-friendly interface, but some users reported issues with the setup process and occasional accuracy issues.
  • Most users were satisfied with the Tile Dog Collar and would recommend it to others, but some suggested that additional features would be useful additions to the device.
  • Some users felt that the device was somewhat expensive compared to other GPS tracking devices for pets on the market.


As a researcher, I wanted to find out how pet owners feel about the Tile Dog Collar. I conducted a user experience study by asking users about their experience with the product.

I wanted to know how easy it was to use, how accurate it was, and whether users were satisfied with it.

Most users found the Tile Dog Collar easy to use and navigate, but some had issues with the setup process. They had trouble connecting the device to their smartphone. Some users also reported occasional accuracy issues, especially in areas with poor cell service.

The battery life was generally sufficient for most users, but some found that it drained quickly with frequent use.

Despite these issues, most users were satisfied with the Tile Dog Collar and would recommend it to others. They appreciated its user-friendly interface and its reliability. However, some users suggested adding features like custom safe zones or activity tracking to make it even more useful.

One concern that some users had was the cost of the Tile Dog Collar. They felt that it was somewhat expensive compared to other GPS tracking devices for pets on the market. In my opinion, this is a valid concern. Pet owners want to keep their pets safe, but they also need to consider their budget.

Overall, the user experience study showed that the Tile Dog Collar is a reliable and user-friendly device that pet owners can use to keep track of their furry friends. While it has some room for improvement, most users were satisfied with it and would recommend it to others.