Golden Retriever males and females cannot be bred too young or they may suffer health consequences.

Golden Retriever Breeding Age: Male and Female

As your dog grows and develops its own personality, you may begin to think about breeding them. It is well known that breeding a female dog before they are mature can cause health issues, but what about a male. What is the right breeding age for male and female Golden Retrievers? A male Golden Retriever … Read more

Labrador running with tail in the air.

Why Does Your Labrador Have a Curly Tail?

Labradors are known for being versatile dogs and great companions. However, they have a distinctive look that is hard to miss. But why does your Labrador have a curly tail? Labradors can have curly tails due to genetic variations. This can come about through Labradors breeding with other dogs with curly tails as a standard … Read more

Most Labradors have double coats and not a single coat.

The Differences Between Double Coat and Single Coat Labs

Labradors are known for shedding quite a bit if they’re not appropriately groomed. While it’s pretty easy to create a brushing schedule, failure to do so can lead to them dropping hair everywhere. Labs with a double coat shed much more than those with a single coat, but how are you supposed to know which … Read more

High energy Labrador jumping through the brush.

Do Labradors Calm Down After Being Neutered? Guidelines and Impact

Neutering your Lab has many benefits for their health. It is considered a simple solution to curbing a dog’s excessive excitability and aggression. However, many Labrador owners have questions about what to expect from the procedure and how their pet’s temperament might change after neutering or spaying. Labradors do calm down after being neutered in … Read more