Labrador play in snow with girl.

How Long Can a Lab Play in the Snow?

There’s no doubt that Labrador retrievers are well-adapted for cold climates – it’s in their DNA! You might have noticed how much they enjoy playing in the snow. This leads to an important question: how much time can your Lab spend playing in the snow? A Lab shouldn’t play in the snow for very long, … Read more

What is the ideal temperature for a Labrador?

What is the Ideal Temperature for a Labrador? Health and Safety Info

Living in north Florida, we experience both the extreme heat of the summer and pretty cold temperatures in the winter. Soon after getting Molly, I started to worry about those extremes and wondered what the ideal temperature is for Labradors? The ideal temperature for a Labrador is between 50° and 80°F (10° to 26°C). Labradors … Read more

labrador in the snow

Do Labradors Get Cold in Winter?

Being one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, Labradors live in various weather conditions around the globe. Many pet owners are concerned about how their Lab will handle winter. If you also want to know whether your Labrador needs to be safeguarded in winter, you’ve come to the right place. Labradors don’t … Read more