Labrador play in snow with girl.

How Long Can a Lab Play in the Snow?

There’s no doubt that Labrador retrievers are well-adapted for cold climates – it’s in their DNA! You might have noticed how much they enjoy playing in the snow. This leads to an important question: how much time can your Lab spend playing in the snow? A Lab shouldn’t play in the snow for very long, … Read more

What is the ideal temperature for a Labrador?

What is the Ideal Temperature for a Labrador? Health and Safety Info

Living in north Florida, we experience both the extreme heat of the summer and pretty cold temperatures in the winter. Soon after getting Molly, I started to worry about those extremes and wondered what the ideal temperature is for Labradors? The ideal temperature for a Labrador is between 50° and 80°F (10° to 26°C). Labradors … Read more