Top 8 Reasons to Own a Lab

When looking for the right dog, there are many factors to consider: do you want your dog to be indoor or outdoor; what size of dog is best for the space you have; what kind of temperament do you want in a pet; or what kind of coat is ideal. But there are many dog owners who have additional considerations when choosing a dog, such as the need for a service animal, a hunting companion, or a dog with a hypoallergenic coat.

Whatever your needs, Labrador Retrievers are always a smart choice. They are kind, intelligent animals, and are great for families, hunters, or those with special needs. They can also adapt easily when interacting with many different animals or humans.

Below are eight reasons that Labs, dependable and loving companions that they are, could be the right choice for you.

 1.   Family Dog

With their steady personality, dependability, calm demeanor, and intelligence, Labradors are a perfect addition to any family. They interact well with kids and babies, and can offer support for the elderly. Labs know when to back off and when to interfere. They are very intuitive, and can thus provide stability and protection for your home.

Labs are also one of the most fun breeds to own. They love to play with children, play catch or fetch outside, go on long walks no matter the weather, or wrestle with an energetic child. But they rarely become aggressive. Even when deep into playtime, Labs know when to stop before they hurt their humans, something they actively try to avoid. They live to make you happy and provide stability for you and your family.

 2.   Intelligence

Labrador Retrievers are known to be one of the most intelligent breeds. They are very perceptive dogs, they have a great sense of smell and sound, and they can follow commands from humans consistently. Labs can be trained easily starting when they are a puppy with house training and basic commands like sit, stay, or come. Once they get these commands down, they’ll never forget them and will strive to make their owners happy when asked to perform.

Because Labs are so intelligent, they are also able to learn many different kinds of tricks, such as shaking with their paw, barking, lying down, spinning, or even more difficult tasks like jumping through a hoop. And the great thing is, Labs can learn new tricks at any age, not just when they’re puppies. They are always willing to learn and listen to their owners.

3.   Grooming and Hygiene

Labs are very easy to groom. Although they love being outside and getting dirty, they are very adaptable and easy going, and won’t put up a fuss when you’re trying to give them a bath. They love getting wet and being dried by a towel. They won’t mind if you brush their teeth, and since they will eat almost anything, feeding them treats that support their dental health won’t interfere with their happiness or satisfaction with the food.

To groom a Lab, all you need is a good brush or comb and dog shampoo, especially if you are taking the Lab running, hunting, or playing outside. Your Lab will love having her coat brushed or washed and will still obey your commands without a problem. This is why Labs are one of the most hygienic dogs. Their health is easy to manage because they love to please their owners and they rarely get upset when taken out of their comfort zone.

4.   Hunting Companion

hunting1Labs are known to be great hunting dogs. They are easily trained, very intelligent animals, who can follow commands and signals effectively and consistently. Their thick double coat protects them from cold weather, dirt and moisture, and even ice-cold water when fetching fowl and other game.

Labs are very good at staying still until their owners give them the signal to move, and they love being outdoors getting dirty. Labs also have heightened senses that assist hunters with a variety of tasks out in the field. For these reasons, if you’re seeking a hunting companion, a Lab is an excellent choice.

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5.   Service and Special Needs Companion

therapy dog

Labs can be trained for many different assistance services. They can assist the autistic, the diabetic, the blind, the deaf, the elderly, and those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Labs are able to remind their owners when to take important medication or alert their owner suffering from diabetes when their blood sugar is too low or high. Labs can lead the blind through a city, or alert the deaf to sounds they cannot hear. They can also provide a great deal of comfort and love to those who have emotional issues or mental disorders, such as autism and PTSD, just by being present.

The calm nature and trustworthiness of Labs contribute greatly to those who are suffering. Just by feeling love for an animal, someone struggling with depression or anxiety can feel positive feelings of love and affection. Labs are known to bring these feeling out in their owners, or even when just visiting a hospital or a nursing home.

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6.   Health

Labs usually live for 10 to 12 years, and usually do not develop any health problems until much later in life. While the size of these dogs can eventually lead to joint problems, including hip, elbow, or shoulder, their internal health is stellar for most of their lives, and as long as they are stimulated regularly, their mental health and their intelligence remains. Lab owners rarely have to worry about random expensive health costs.

7.   Exercise Companion

If you’re looking for a dog that you can take for long runs or walks, hunting trips, or bike rides, a Lab is the dog for you. Labs are very active dogs and need exercise regularly. They enjoy being outside, catching a Frisbee or ball, or running for a long period of time. Young labs are especially energetic and are ready for anything. And because Labs are easily trained, they’ll stay by your side, whether you’re on a three-mile run through the woods or taking a five-mile bike ride through a busy city.

8.   Friendly to all

When introducing your pet to other pets, new babies, or other humans, it’s important that your dog is adaptable and friendly in any situation. Labs are well-known friends to everyone, which is why they’re often chosen as additions to families or companions for the elderly.

You’ll be able to take your Lab to dog parks without worry that they’ll fight with other dogs, or introduce a new kitten or baby without fear that your dog will attack them. They love riding in the car and accompanying you anywhere you need to go, even outside in the rain or snow. Labs’ large stature may be intimidating at first, but they are one of the friendliest and most adaptable dog breeds out there.


Though there are many reasons for choosing a Lab, this article touched on many important factors that new dog owners look for in a companion. Labs are: great family dogs; very intelligent animals; easily groomed and have great hygiene; excellent hunting companions; dependable service dogs; healthy and happy dogs; great exercise companions; and always friendly to everyone.

No matter your specific needs and concerns when choosing a dog, rest assured that Labrador Retrievers will not disappoint you, and will remain dependable companions throughout their entire lives.